1. B

    Mercedes c3 with Dell laptop

    Selling as just not using anymore. Brought about a year ago, and brought the Dell laptop refurbished at same time. Works really well, has wis, epc, comes with c3 multiplex leads for 16pin obd, small round sprinter lead and older big round lead. Has developer mode with is good. Change...
  2. moonloops

    Dell Vostro windows7 PC

    Dell Vostro 230 Desktop PC · Business grade computer in black. · Dual core Intel processor @2.93Ghz · 2GB Ram · 160GB Hard drive · Windows 7 Pro · Dell 17” monitor · Mouse, Keyboard included Power and video leads...
  3. G

    Dell XPS Studio 13 laptop

    Hi, Change in personal circumstance means I have to part company with my trusty Dell windows version of a Mac - albeit a poor sibling to a Mac, it is nonetheless an excellent machine. It's on flea bay as per link below with full description, but I need cash sadly so happy to let it go to forum...
  4. mbzclk

    Dell Alienware M17x R2 Gaming Laptop

    For sale: Core i7 Q720 Processor 2x 500GB Hard Drive's 4GB RAM BluRay Optical Drive 2x ATI (AMD) Radeon HD4870 in Crossfire Webcam 9 Cell Battery Intel Wireless 6300 AGN 17" 1200p LED RGB LCD Display Running Windows 7. Includes purchase receipt - Machine cost over £1200 All working fine...
  5. A

    Alex Dell

    Hi, this is my first post. I've agreed a price for a beautiful 1965 230 SL. Can anyone recommend the best payment method arrangement that protects buyer and seller? I've heard are good but does anyone have a view or their own expereince to share? Thanks
  6. nigel cross

    Dell Poweredge 830

    Just been given one of these, are they any good for using as a home pc , as a little toy as I have an iMac?
  7. P

    Dell Laptop

    Dell Laptop. 14" screen. DVD drive. Serial port & 2 USB ports(see pix) Good little laptop that I bought to use for diagnostics but never got around to it as I already have Star and Carsoft. See pix for spec In nice condition and works really well. £60.00 + £10.00 next day delivery by courier.
  8. flango

    Laptop fire beware Dell latitude owners

    Just sat here sipping a nice shiraz when i can smell burning, just made chilli so check the cooker and hob and its cold. Go in the hall as swmbo and daughter are in bed my laptop bag at the bottom of the stairs is smouldering nicely, open it up and cant touch the laptop had to get a teatowel to...
  9. BenzedUP

    Dell laptop

    Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 1545, bought it a year and a half ago for £470, brand new replaced screen under warrenty, at the moment the screen is not working because of wiring issues. and battery would need to be replaced, it's really simple fix. Make me an offer, thanks...
  10. J

    problems with dell inspiron 1564

    9 months old and caps lock not now working.if i press it i lose the cursor for approx 5 seconds,so all my typing is in lower case just like this. second problem is that integrated webcam has packed up and p.c. keeps telling me to "please plug in a supported device" i will take it back to...
  11. T

    Anyone had problems with Dell Laptops?

    Purchased a Dell Inspiron as a Home laptop in Nov 2010. From the get go it exhibited problems - crashes a lot with 'bluescreen' errors, unresponsive and infuriating touchpad and so on. After spending hours on the phone to tech support in India (chargeable phone line) they first reinstalled the...
  12. S

    Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop 4GB RAM, 250GB H/D, Win7 64 bit, Bluetooth,

    Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop with following specification: Intel Celeron Dual Core 1.9Ghz Processor 250GB Hard Drive (5400rpm) 4 GB Memory (2x2048) DDR2 Optical Drive 8X DVD + - RW Drive 15.6in Widescreen WXGA with TrueLife Dell Intel Wireless 1397 (802.11 b g) Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD...
  13. corned

    Dell kit really is a P.O.S.

    Rant incoming... I had a load of trouble with a Dell printer recently. The situation was far from satisfactory. I posted on here about it, and a forum member who works at Dell kindly stepped in to help. He passed on my issues to a customer service person, who did actually contact me to...
  14. U

    dell dimension 4100 not powering up help please!

    I have a dell dimension 4100 which has decided to just stop working :S Its all plugged into the mains, and when you press the power button on the front you get nothing! There is a tiny light on inside the machine on the mother board as pictured. I need help pleaseeeeeee! Any ideas...?
  15. J

    Dell Inspiron 15R

    Inspiron 15R Laptop Details | Dell UK Who already got one? I already have an Inspiron 1520 with processor speed of 2G. Is it really worth to spend £480 with processor speed of just 2.3G? But it got a i3 processor instead of Core 2. I am really looking for over 3G or higher within my...
  16. M

    Dell inspiron 6400 core 2 duo Laptop WXVGA Screen, Multimedia

    £170 .ono cash on collection OR may post.... ---------------------- Dell Inspiron 6400 Centrino Duo Core 2 15.4" WXVGA High resolution & Anti glare & GLOSSY LCD Screen (1280 X800) Intel Centrino DUAL CORE 2 X 1.66GHz (3.32GHz) 256mb ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 Hypermemory Video Graphics...
  17. reflexboy

    Dell dock/Windows installer problem-HELP!

    Good evening all. I have a Dell Inspiron 1564, running Windows 7.Upon start up the DellDock bar used to appear at the top of the desktop. All I get now is a message (picture below) So I follow the instructions and try to re-install it, but it then tells me I need to uninstall the old version...
  18. M

    Dell Latitude X300 Laptop

    Hi All, I have for sale a CHEAP ultra portable laptop that comes complete with docking station and charger for only £40 o.n.o the specs, Dell Latitude X300 12.1" screen 1.4 Ghz Pentium M 640 MB RAM 40 GB HDD CD/RW DVD Wi Fi Enabled SD Reader USBs Pre installed Windows XP Pro (legit) Resized...
  19. corned

    DELL - buyer beware!

    I'm absolutely fuming. :mad::mad::mad::mad: My Dell 968 printer has just developed a problem, with the display showing an error message "Printer carrier stall - check inside for obstructions". I have checked inside and there are no obstructions, and the error will not clear. Knowing what...
  20. U

    Dell Mini 10v loading issues Help Please :S

    Well the problem i have is that the mini 10v boots upto the desktop screen but with no icons or taskbar is displayed :( - the mouse cursor is there but nothing else! can anyone advise what i could do? or why the mini 10v is doing this?
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