1. Screwdriver

    Any demand for W123 OEM Mercedes Sunroof Frames

    The UK dealer cited poor demand as a reason for the part no longer being offered from Mercedes. Fortunately, I have a direct connection with a very senior MB executive and given my love for these cars, I'm always happy to push for the supply of parts to keep them running. Given that it is...
  2. Satch

    Halfords’ suppliers seek legal advice over funding demand

    I have no love for Halfords at the best of times. Even without such actions being potentially illegal, this is particularly offensive behaviour: "The retailer recently sent letters to its suppliers asking them to pay up to 10pc of their annual sales with Halfords to help fund the...
  3. The _Don

    Best month for new car sales in more than five years '63' plates and PPI drive demand
  4. NW_Merc

    Are W210's still in any demand?

    Ok, after a discussion with my dad, we decided to get rid of his W210 E230 Avantgarde. My question before I put it on sale is, what is the demand for W210 E classes these days? (I know the AMG variants are still desirable)
  5. A

    Hertz On Demand - Rent by the hour or by the day

    I needed to collect some furniture and my mate with his estate is out of town right now so I needed a van or estate at short notice for just a few hours. So I've just joined HertzOn Demand, it’s essentially a car club (which is free to join, unlike Zip car etc). Anyway, I figured, that...

    Supply and demand on MB parts prices!

    About a month ago I enquired with MB Taunton as to the price of a bumper chrome for my W126 560. I was told it was about £60 plus VAT. Rang today to order same part, was told UK out of stock, Germany out of stock and MB Heritage (whoever they are) also out of stock. In any event, the price...
  7. Birdman

    Crude Oil Tumbles Below $36 as Demand Drop Swells Inventories: $25 within sight

    Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Crude oil fell below $36 a barrel for the first time since June 2004 as declining demand created a glut of crude and the weakening economy undermined OPEC’s efforts to reduce supply. JPMorgan Chase & Co., the largest U.S. bank by assets, reduced its 2009 average oil...
  8. D

    Truckers arrive in London to demand cheaper fuel What are we doing here? we should help them too. Is Grav888 in the crowd?
  9. P

    Are Whatcar price guides reliable or is it a sale / demand issue..

    I am looking for a peugeot 106 for my son. Went to view one last night and it seemed ok.. The only problem is the price. It is a 1.6 xs, R reg ( 1997 ) and priced at £1,795... ( Insurance will be £1,500 ) !!! with 5 weeks mot left and 6 months tax. Now the sellers seem really nice and a bit...
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