1. CreosoteChris

    RTA & the likely demise of a C124

    Hi All – today marked the likely beginning of the end for my beloved 220CE, daily driver for the last 2 and 1/3 years, which was involved in a collision in Ripponden, W Yorks on the way home from work. The incident involved my Merc and a 2002 VW Polo at a busy junction. The other vehicle pulled...
  2. adile220

    Demise of another W124 Coupe

    Hi all Sad to see my uncles 230ce has been damaged beyond repair. It was parked on his drive, and a car lost control and slammed into it. Needless to say it will not be repaired. Hes trying to agree on a price from the insurance on it, then will likely sell it as scrap. I really loved this...
  3. dubsR33

    Rear window won't demise, what to check?

    As per title, i press the button on the dash - the light comes on but the rear window won't demise... :confused: What do i need to check? many thanks Cheers
  4. grober

    The Demise of Solid Colours

    Interesting article on Car Buyer on the cost of car paint. Not much in it really from make to make although the special paint jobs like MERCEDES designo are obviously not covered. Car paint: avoid getting ripped off | CarBuyer What is interesting however is their assertion that low cost...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    W221 Production - Counting down to its demise

    Mercedes has announced plans to slash production of the S-Class. The company's Sindelfingen factory will be cut down to one shift until the next-generation model goes into production in 2013. In the meantime, the second shift will be reassigned to C-Class production. S-Class sales have fallen...
  6. verytalldave

    The demise of the "High Street"

    I dont often visit my local high street (Orpington) as I am usually running around elsewhere like a headless chicken. But today I had cause to visit a few local shops for some bits. Thorntons chocolates has closed and so has Millets the camping shop. Many other shops stand empty and up for rent...
  7. A

    The demise of my W202... I think

    I'm actually genuinely heartbroken to even open this thread... but I think i'm going to have to break my car for spares or something... Upon returning to the UK, I had a look around the car only to find the following problems: 1. Head gasket; i drove it to the shops and back and it was...
  8. spinaltap

    4Car Website Demise

    If you didn't know (or cared), Channel 4's motoring magazine website - '4Car' - has closed-down.... The Platform4 blog - 4Car has closed
  9. B

    The Demise of MB Service Contracts?

    I made an application for Service + contract via my dealer on 04.04.2008 and duly signed on the dotted line committing to three years. I have this morning received a telephone call from my dealer stating that my application is now on hold whilst MB make a decision regarding this service and...
  10. ckember

    demise of the R Class

    Mercedes owner magazine from, for those that don't know, have a small article stating that the R class could be dropped from the current line up due to "disappointing sales" due to "Public concerns over rising fuels prices". What about MB just getting the role of the R...
  11. grober

    Demise of the A class?

    Found this hidden away on 4 CAR. May be old news to some?:confused: Mercedes is to drop the baby Benz, the A-Class, in 2011, according to German newspaper reports. The A-Class will reach the end of its current production cycle that year, and no direct replacement is planned However, the...
  12. Pietre

    Demise Of McClaren SLR

    Is this a sign of the times. McClaren makes the composite body for the SLR in Portsmouth, but a friend who no longer works on the site says they are laying off, and the site will be closed before too long, as an aside, his brother in law was working for Williams F1 until they started laying off...
  13. BenzComander

    Sad Demise of FunkySmart Forum

    Sort of Merc related, this was the first car forum I used to visit, not sure of the politics behind the closure though, but still sad as there was some great banter on there. Letter from Dave Kaye. " Dear Funkysmart members and Aviators. Early this week I made a formal statement...
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