1. C

    Windscreen takes ages to demist

    Hi there Has anyone had the problem of the windscreen taking ages to fully demist on the inside. The worst part seems to be the top section on the drivers side which can take up to 10 minutes to fully clear. Had the air con regassed 2 years ago and seems to be working fine, would having...
  2. uumode

    W205 max demist button creates vibration in steering wheel?

    My W205 when the 'Max' demist button is pressed and fan on full whack, this appears to drive vibration through the steering wheel which I can feel similar to like when you run your tyres over subtle lane vibrations. Initially I thought it was the lane assistance warning me to get into...
  3. orangeboy

    Best Headlight De-Mist Technique?

    Hi there, I have a 2004 E class, and the headlights have become very misty. What´s the best way to de-mist them? Many thanks.
  4. S

    CLK 208 Rear demist relay

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where the relay for the rear window demist is hidden on a 208 Clk? The light on the button comes on but I don't hear any relay click and I don't think it's working. I have looked for previous threads but can't find anything. Thanks
  5. G

    W124 No demist function again

    Dont seem to be having a lot of luck lately with the 124. Following on from the new oil filter unit it needs a tensioner pulley for the serpentine belt. Not a big job but now the demist function has given up again. No air to the screen. It can be directed to face level or floor but nothing at...
  6. R

    Ml320 w163 screen de-mist

    ML320 W163 SCREEN DE-MIST Hi, Does anyone know how to fix a problem I have with my heater controls? It seems that the air direction is not working correctly. When I select the air to come up to the screen it seems to go everywhere but.. I have read about the temp control motor being faulty...
  7. Carrsey

    Radio & Rear demist problem..

    When i put my rear demist on it interferes with the radio big time.. I know the aerial is in the rear window but this can be normal can it.. Any cure ???
  8. developer

    Front Demist Function - any technical experts?

    On my 211 if I push the front windscreen demist button, the dual zone temperature LCD's go off and the air is directed towards to front windscreen vents. All perfectly normal. However, if I do it manually, by turning the LH and RH dials to point to the screen , increasing both temperture...
  9. Palfrem

    W203 windscreen demist boost

    On my 2006 C280 when I switch the windscreen blower / demist button on, the aircon and auto lights go out. This means that soon every window is steamed up. In every other MB the aircon has stayed on and it has routed all the blower up the windscreen. My local MB dealer seemed not to...
  10. A

    W204 - auto demist ?

    After multiple journeys up and down the M1 / M25 I've picked up two corking chips in the windscreen .. one in the drivers line of sight, so I need a new windscreen. Contacted AutoGlass (as good as any I expect) who asked a question I've never been asked before .. "does the car have auto...
  11. kps70

    w140 rear demist not working

    Hi. the rear window demister does not work on my w140 (1993). Last summer I had the window replaced in Germany because the window was delaminating at the corners and the hrw was not working. I have checked the connections behind the covers in the c pillars and they are fine. However, there is...
  12. sammysamosa

    clk 55 front demist problems

    the front passenger side front screen demister on my clk 55 amg (2003)seems to have stopped blowing, the driver's side is still a powerful blow but nothing on the other side, subsequently half the screen fails to demist ...any advice would be appreciated guys
  13. T

    Heater Fan speed low on demist

    Hi to all, trust everyone had a good Xmas. The fan speed appears very slow when windscreen de-mist is selected but, if i de-select de-mist and then select manual controls, the fan speed increases to full power. Is this normal or is there a problem?
  14. smeeeee

    W203 estate side demist not working?

    Hi All, I'm just wondering whether my side heated windows are working or if they come on under different circumstances to the rear demister, as they don't appear to be warming up when I switch on the demist. Should I check a fuse? Is it on a different circuit to the rear window? I...
  15. C

    W211 climate display goes blank on demist

    hi all, just noted an oddity: on my W211, with the "luxury" climate (Thermatronic, I think?) I've just realised that the climate display panel goes completely blank when I select the demist option. That's the front "air" demist, not the rear "wires" demist (which doesn't cause this). Is this...
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