1. mpc

    Rear Demister - Lines not working

    I have noted that the centre of the 2 top lines of the rear demister on my 61 plate C250 estate are not working, all the lines below and the 2 vertical lines are working but the 2 between the vertical lines at the top are not? Any Ideas if this can be fixed?
  2. DaleB

    W124 500E rear demister

    I recently bought a 1993 W124 500E. For the first time I've needed to used the rear window demister and found it not working (or possibly extremely weak at clearing). Is this a common faulty and a straight forward window swap or could it be a cheaper fix? Cheers Dale
  3. P

    CLS 320 CDI - 2006 | Melted Fuse Box | No Rear Demister | No far Remote Locking

    Hi all, My remote locking doesn't work very well at all in my 2006 CLS. It works at nighttime, close up to the handle (presumably infra-red frequency) but not during the daylight at all, and never from far away (presumably radio frequency). It's not a key issue. I noticed a melted fuse...
  4. W

    Rear Demister

    Dear All I own a 2008 W203 CLC 200 CDi Coupe. On the last service I asked for the rear screen demister to be looked as it only clears the top half of the rear screen. The service manager told me there was some corrosion around the contacts and it would be better or cheaper to get it replaced...
  5. D

    rear windscreen de-mister faulty

    I recently purchased a used cls320 and am having an intermittent fault with the rear windscreen de-mister. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Has anyone else had this problem and is anyone aware of a fix? Cheers
  6. M

    W163 ML270 demister air distribution actuator and flap

    Hi Guy's, Not sure if this is teh correct place to post so please forgive me. With this moist weather I have found my ML is suffering the classic demister actuator problem (from searches on other forums it looks to be common on a number of models (including the ML, and C class). I have...
  7. M

    Windscreen demister not working on RH side

    Evening All Hope I have posted this in the correct section. I have a 2005 SLK with thermatic controls. I have air blowing out of the top windscreen vent on the left hand side and centre but there is minimal airflow from the right hand windscreen vent. Everything else is working fine...
  8. MancMike

    w204 rear demister only clears centre portion of window

    Hi, So today was the first properly frosty morning since I've had the car and I've noticed two issues. Firstly, when the rear demister is on, the radio is just hissy noise. Can this be fixed? Is it normal? Secondly, the rear demister only clears a portion of the screen. See photo...
  9. P

    headrest, demister, central locking, causing hazzard lights to flash

    i have recently purchased a w202 c180 elegance facelift (2000) however when i press a number of the dashbord switches they dont work and simply cause the hazzard ligjts to flash. can anyone help me on how this can be rectified. its the rear windsheild demister, central locking button that cause...
  10. P

    W204 Estate Rear Side Window De-mister

    Hi, I've noticed over the last week or so that the rear side window de-mister's don't seem to work on my car. Is this normal? Is it part of an extras pack that i don't have? Many thanks in advance!
  11. D

    Rear De-mister ideas

    Hi there, does anyone have any ideas on how to get a working de-mister on my W123 300TD, I would like this especially as the thing leaks like a seive and as such gets a little cloudy inside :o The issue is that the wire is broken in multiple places due to the cargo in the boot having scratched...
  12. sinewave

    Mirror Demister Circuit?

    Got a fault listed on my nearside mirror on the demister circuit. Upon striping down I find I have a permanent 12V on the heater wires where as on the the Drivers (offside) power is only energised when instructed to via STAR. I assume that both mirrors demister circuits are controlled via...
  13. babz

    HELP!! Rear Windscreen de-mister

    hi, ive just bought a 1996 mercedes c180, and there are a few problems. one of which being my rear de-mister wont work! i think the fuse has gone but im not at all familiar with mercs :dk: can anyone tell me where to find the fuse? and better yet which fuse it is? any help will be much appreciated.
  14. 3

    ML55 front window de-mister problem

    hi all....need some advice. when I press the button to demist the front winscreen, the one above the recirc button in the middle of the fan speed dial, the fan kicked up its speed and air came out of the windscreen vents but only for around 10 seconds - it then started to blow into the car...
  15. C

    W203 Rear Demister stopped working

    My rear demister has stopped working. The demister button still lights up and after 5 mins or so turns itself off as it used to however no demisting takes place. I have checked both fuses listed on my fuse box diagram and they are both intact. I have also checked the rear window and there...
  16. A

    W210 Rear Window Demister Not Working

    I have a E240 1999 (W210). My problem is the 'Rear Window' dimister is not working. When I press the 'Dimister' button on the console the red light on button is working but the rear window does not heat up. I am a novice (and rather elderly) and would appreciate a simple remedy if there is...
  17. grufflybear

    De-mister and Radio

    Have noticed a small but odd phenomenon.... when I switch on the rear window de-mister it causes heavy interference noise if I am trying to listen to the radio.... not exactly earth shattering issue of course but annoying if you want to catch the news and the dog has steamed up the back window...
  18. Howard

    Screen demister

    Ok gang, Just a quicky. When i am trying to demist my front screen , there is no air blowing out of the vents that are directly under ( blowing onto ) the screen , doesn't matter what setting i have the controls on , no air comes out .... Whats wrong with it ? Cheers H
  19. M

    Windscreen demister

    Hi All, The windscreen dimister is more effective on passenger side of my W202. When I press the button on the climate control panel, the fan goes up to full speed and the temp dispaly goes to "Hi" (as expected) but you can see the passenger side of the screen clear much quicker than the...
  20. M

    W140. Rear demister problem & Radio

    Thanks for your help dieselman. The rear demister on my S320 does not work. I have checked the fuse and this is OK. I heard that Merc use the rear demister as an aerial for the radio . My radio does not hold a strong signal which would lead me to believe the connection to the rear demister is...
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