1. G

    R230 SL3520 Un-switched 12v power for Dension

    Can anyone tell me if/where there is an un-switched permanent power source in the front of a late 2005, early 2006 R230 SL350? This is needed for a Dension installation. Thanks in advance for your help with this question.
  2. HB

    Dension gateway 500 F/S

    I have a Dension Gateway from my 211 for sale. It gives full ipod control for cars with Comand. THIS IS FOR 211 FITMENT WITH COMAND ONLY £150. Gateway 500 | Dension
  3. HughSurrey

    Dension gateway

    Probably a long shot, but has anyone used or have any knowledge of this: Mercedes CLK W209 Dension Gateway 500S BT iPod iPhone USB Bluetooth Adaptor | eBay Looking to use it to get bluetooth into my 2003 CLK cab, which has Comand and the Bose upgrade
  4. E


    Anyone had any experiance with one of these units. I had one in an Idrive based 5 series before and was great for the ipod. Does anyone have any first hand experiance in a w211 e class..And/Or know a good place to ourchase and fit? :dk: Regards
  5. esprit200

    Comand 2.0, Dension Gateway 500, 6 Disc Changer

    Hello, I have these items for sale, removed from my 2003 CLK, in perfect working order. Prices are negotiable. Collection from Chelmsford, or insured delivery at £10. Comand 2.0 with 2005/2006/2007 maps discs, Part No. A 203 820 96 89 £300 Dension IceLink Gateway 500 with...
  6. decompressing

    Dension Gateway 500BT

    I've fitted this to my 2006 (facelift) E320CDi and it works (ish). I have COMAND fitted too and an unused factory-fit UHI phone cradle under the centre are. The problem I get (and I'm not 100% convinced that its not just the Dension software being crap) is that the whole set-up is very clunky...
  7. U

    MCAR versus Dension 500s

    I'm lacking a bluetooth connection and easy flow of music into the car sound system. It's been suggested I put the MCAR unit in instead of the CD changer. Thing is though, there's very very little to be found about the MCAR other than the manufacturer's site and a few comments on this forum...
  8. K

    dension gateway 300 and a R230 (05)

    is the Dension gateway 300 compatible to the comand system in my 05 SL350 (R230)? Any info asap as I've seen one very cheap, thanks
  9. donshl

    Wanted: Dension Gateway 500 (GW51MO2 GW 500 MOST dual FOT)

    Hi I'm looking for the above. If you have one for sale please contact me, Many thanks, Don
  10. S

    Dension 500s BT for SLK

    Anyone had any experience of the Dension 500s BT maybe in an SLK? Any good? worth the money? Did you install it yourself? would you recommend doing this yourself? What did you pay? Any feed back would be great Cheers
  11. Sooty_uk

    MB iPod Interface vs Dension Gateway 500

    I currently have a factory fitted iPod Interface in my W209 CLK. I find that although the sound quality is great the volume level is not as loud as I would like it to be. I have tried the Mercedes iPod Amplifier for the interface and it increases the volume quite a bit but find I loose quality...
  12. K

    Dension Gateway 500

    I have an NTG2.5 Comand in my W211. The limitations of the built in memory and SD card capacity are driving me nuts so I want a proper integrated iPod solution. I now that I can get the proper MB kit for circa £180 (plus installation) and that will allow me to operate using the...
  13. Melk63

    For Sale Dension Gateway 500 iPod kit interface for mercedess MOST systems Dual FOT

    Please see eBay auction: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  14. R

    Fitting Dension IPod Kit

    Has anybody fitted one of these kits before ? I got as far as removing the radio but wasn't sure how you connect the power lead to the radio wiring. Do you have to splice it in with scotch locks ? Also there wasn't a separate connector on the back of the radio for a CD changer. Do all Audio 10...
  15. G

    Dension 500

    I currently have Comand and an Alpine Tv tuner (t200dvb) in my w203 coupe (2005). I have been looking at the dension 500 gateway + the avr add-on to play music/videos from my iphone4, does anyone have any experience of this, is there any other better alternatives out there?
  16. amg3.6

    Dension gateway 500 comand 2

    Has anyone got as above installed on there comand 2? I want to clarify if all info such as song title etc is seen in the instrumet cluster as i have read mixed reviews some say it works with D2B and some say no txt available with D2B networks
  17. E

    Dension ipod video adapter

    Has any1 got this fitted? Universal Video Adapter for your Car - Dension IVA (iPod Video Adapter)
  18. Tan

    Dension Gateway 500

    Hi My brother had a Dension 500 installed at the weekend and we have lost the usb cable that runs up to the glovebox. We tried a USB extension that we had at home and with that we can see the USB stick and it plays but there is no sound, however when the USB stick is plugged directly into the...
  19. Burger

    SL R230 Dension AVR

    I recently ordered a Dension 500 and their AVR so I could watch ipod videos on my COMAND screen. I had every intention of purchasing the kit here in the UK from Comand Online but in the end I unexpectedly won an auction on eBay for a brand new GW 500 and the same person (from Hungary) was able...
  20. J

    Dension Gateway GWL1DB1 in CLK W209 2004

    Hi Guys I am trying to install a Dension Gateway Lite GWL1DB1 in my CLK W209. The Dension Gateway is going to replace the original MC 3010 Cd-changer located in the glove-compartment. The original connectors unmounted from the CD-changer don't fit in the Dension device. This isn't a...
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