1. W

    Where can I get this dent / scratch sorted? (pictures inside)

    Hi guys Got a bit of a dent and scratch on my C class. See pics below. Any good places I can take this in east London / Essex? And how much should it cost to sort? Thanks
  2. Headhurts

    Dent Wizard, Norfolk

    I thought a recommendation may be useful to those living in Norfolk. I had a couple of dents in the bonnet of my E350 S212. Local dealership recommended Dent Devil who did come out and quote £100 plus VAT. I also had a quote from Dent Wizard who quoted £70 plus VAT. Decided on Dent Wizard...
  3. mark44

    Dent removal?

    Just noticed a small dent below my rear wiper on the boot of my W204 wagon. I probably did it myself a while back when I had to replace the wiper arm which had pretty much welded itself to the bolt. :mad: Whats generally the safest way of dealing with it? The paintwork is not damaged, and I...
  4. carguy

    small dent interior

    Hi, I have somehow managed to dent the metal lid that covers the twin cupholders in the centre console on a 2016 E Class Cabrio. This is presumably the position in which earlier year versions of the same car had the auto gearbox & lever. If I open the metal tray, the cupholders pop-up into...
  5. jc62b

    Paintless dent removal

    Hey guys, for anyone in the Grangemouth/Falkirk area, I had a couple of supermarket dings removed yesterday by a paintless dent removal guy called Mathew Morrissey. He did a fantastic job & you wouldn't know there had been a dent there in the 1st place. He's very friendly & reasonably priced...
  6. markjay

    F1 Dents - Mobile Paintless Dent Removal - Highly Recommended

    Mobile Paintless Dent Removal - North London & Herts Thanks Jake for a great job!!! :thumb: Car looks like new :cool:
  7. c180081c

    Dent repair/reliable Bodyshop East Lancashire

    Hi guys, Any recommendations for the above? I've got a long crease down the door and some small scratches that are fairly deep. I know there's a lot of cowboys around. Are there any specifics that need to be adhered to with Mercedes paint? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. V

    Dent repair in edinburgh?

    Need a dent repaired, has anyone used or can recommend a company in Edinburgh who can do the work to a high standard?
  9. I

    Front bumper dent, cost to fix?

    :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: Don't ask me how but now I have a dent on one side of my front bumper, colour is polar silver as well which is much harder to match I assume. See image: Whats estimated cost to fix this? I assume i'll need to go with someone...
  10. greggster

    Recommendations for a dent guy, Surrey/ SW London

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good dent guy? Last one I used wasn't bad, but also wasn't great - a lot of teeth sucking etc! Have a few dints on the CLK and my wife's car, so probably a few hours work. Cheers,
  11. poormansporsche

    Recommend a mobile dent bod in SE London please !

    Like it says, If you know anyone ? Regards
  12. bassgu

    Recommended Dent removers

    hiya, can anyone recommend a Dent removal guy in West London for Mercs? I have a b200 which has a couple of "shopping trolly" dings. Thanks
  13. L

    Paintless Dent Repair near Portsmouth (Hampshire)

    Can someone recommend a good paintless dent repair specialist around the area of Portsmouth please.
  14. kianok

    Dent repair - West Yorks

    Can anyone recommend a good dent repairer in the Leeds / West Yorkshire area?
  15. H

    Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) on an S55

    Good evening all Some advice please. Ive an S55 AMG, which has a series of small dings across the front doors. I understand that PDR could do the trick here, however ive been refused by 2 companies so far today who said that they cant do it because the windows are double glazed. Can anyone shed...
  16. K

    Looking at an w211 estate with a rear Dent, can it be fixed?

    Dear All, I am looking at an w211 estate which has a minor dent next to the merc badge on the boot release panel. I was wondering if anyone knew if this can be pushed out by dent repair people if I removed the rear interior panel? Or is the rear boot on an estate double skinned? I haven't...
  17. G

    mobile dent repair help needed

    Hi has anyone had a work carried out by a mobile dent specailist, as i have not previously i am unsure as to weather they could help me the dent its self is not very big smaller than ur fist but its right on the crease line of the body can this be removed totaly { maybe not scrathes } back...
  18. furlong19

    bumper dent, new one?

    last night i had a bit of an argument with a small post in a service station car park, any advice on how and what is needed to repair this would be appreciated, or is a case of a new bumper? thanks, Rob [/URL]
  19. KennyN

    Recommended dent removal - Scotland

    As above people , I have a minor parking "ding" on the passenger door on my black CLS and would like it removed as now that I have noticed it my eye is drawn to it every time I look at the near side of the car. So can anyone recommend ,first hand, a paintless dent removal specialist that...
  20. N

    paintless dent removal

    Paint less dent removal does it work
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