1. MercedesDriver

    Slightly dented

    Salvage team boards listing ship A spokesman for Jaguar Land Rover said roughly 1,200 were its vehicles. :'(
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Car dented by a Petrol Pump!

    Pulled up into the Petrol station today and the pump was on the other side of the filler cap, no problem as they will always stretch over the car. I open the cap and walk over to the pump, unhook it and walk around the back of my car, only to feel a pull and hear a bang! The Diesel pump had...
  3. Brabus SL

    Dented BRABUS Wheels (again)!!!

    Hi All, I had my BRABUS 20" Monoblock IV wheels refurbished by Diamond Styling and what a good job the did, the wheels came out lovely, I had the lip of the wheels stripped of its lacquer and highly polished, then the center (2 piece split rim) in black with chrome studs, it looks great. my...
  4. V

    The Mercedes got dented!

    About a month ago, parked in a car park, another car rolled into the back of my Mercedes. Smashed rear bumper, light unit and reflector. The other driver admitted liability. However, after a month Mercedes of Inverness are still waiting for a new light unit to arrive from Germany!! Great...
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    Super quick and dented ego? Or something else?

    Before I start please don't turn this into a cars versus bikes thread, and this is not a tale of road racing or my-car's-faster-than-a-bike. Yesterday I approached a queue of maybe 15 cars waiting at traffic lights. All cars were in the centre of three lanes which is ahead only. Left hand...
  6. D

    Dented doors and panels

    How do you guys and lasses avoided your cars being dented? Everytime I park in between two cars, there are dents on the doors or panels of my car. In order it does not happened I parked as far as possible and take the long walk instead but sometimes car parks are so cramed you cannot avoid it...
  7. nick mercedes

    ship load of new bmws get a bit dented...
  8. S

    Advice needed on dented new car

    My friend was expecting delivery of her new W203 C200Cdi on 6 May 2004. They called her later to say that there is some delay with the delivery and the car will arrive on 12 May 2004. They then called her yesterday to say the car needs to be sent to the body shop for repairs because there is...
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