1. R

    Just put a deposit down on this E Class...thoughts?

    MERCEDES E CLASS 3.0 E350 CDI BLUEEFFICIENCY SPORT for sale from Woodcroft Motors Ltd Cleveland It's got specialist and Mercedes dealer history and the gearbox oil was changed last year. Nice car do you think?
  2. S

    Just put a deposit on a 2015 E63 estate

    I drove a 2015 E63 a few days ago and it completely blew me away , the combination of luxury, stunning performance and sound are simply mind blowing:thumb: Without doubt , the best car I've driven in my life (and I've driven some stonking motors) ! Anyway, deposit now placed on a 2015 E63...
  3. MercedesDriver

    Is the deposit refundable?

    The story is: The buyer buys my Mercedes on eBay and pays the deposit by Paypal. He comes with his wife to pay the rest (bank transfer) and to collect the car. Everything goes well, they are happy with their purchase, and she pays by BT to my account. Because of security checks bank calls her...
  4. M

    Car not available after deposit payment..!!!

    I am facing a strange situation with a Merc main dealer as I paid deposit for a specific spec of new E Class Estate and now the dealer says there was a mix-up of inventory and the car I paid deposit is no more available and requesting me to accept same spec but different color, which I didn't...
  5. D

    zero deposit, 0% finance alloy wheels site

    Don't know if anyones interested, but are doing zero deposit, 0% interest finance on all wheels. Used them before, always good service. Worth checking out. :thumb:

    E320TE - Deposit paid - thoughts?

    Hello all - i put down a deposit on this lovely machine today. A growing baby finally made sell my beloved SWB G Wagon (just didn't work out with a baby seat!) and I was hankering after a nice 124 estate having owned a few coupes before. I mulled over a few euro-boxes such as Golf GTi, Mini...
  7. G

    Granddad put deposit down on car - Changed mind!

    My elderly granddad 78 years old, went to see a car at a dealer out in East Herts. I searched Auto-trader and found him a decent low mileage 07 Renault Megane hatch-back for £1800. Told him to go and have a look and let me know, I couldn't make it to go with him, but he ended up putting down a...
  8. H

    Deposit paid, spec changed. Can i get money back?

    Hi, I paid a deposit on a car with a bunch of options. Car not yet ordered, but have been told that multi-contoured seat is no longer available. I'm after dealer adding Drivers Assistance Pack, but they will not longer apply same discount they applied on overall package. Another dealer will...
  9. D

    Eye opening deposit query for Contract Hire Purchase...?

    Hi everyone. Just been on the phone to my GAP company and found out some useful / interesting information...Well to me anyway Apparently if you lease a car on Contract Hire Purchase, the deposit you put into the deal is not covered under your GAP policy. When I asked them if they did a...
  10. A

    Deposit down!

    Evening, After about a year of indecision I finally put down a deposit on a 2012 calcite coupe. As luck should have it I will be picking it up from MB birmingham at the end of this month. Question is - should I go straight to MSL for the remap on the day of collection!?:devil: I had tested a...
  11. 1

    Just put deposit on C63 AMG PPP EV11 AMG

    Hello after looking at getting a C63 AMG for a long time I've now put a deposit down on a white calcite C63 AMG PPP on a private plate being taken of EV11AMG shame as its a great plate for it. Has plenty of options on it was it any ones on here or any one know the car. Looking forward to C63...
  12. 5

    W124 500E - put a deposit down.

    Hello all After years of looking and even more years of seeing rough and overpriced examples, I've finally put a deposit down on a silver 744 1992 500E and hoping to collect it either next weekend or the weekend after. It's this one on eBay: MERCEDES 500E FRESH JAPAN IMPORT ZERO RUST...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    Deposit on Car via PayPal

    Got a buyer for my CLK who wishes to pay a deposit via PayPal, anything wrong with doing this instead of Bank Transfer? I can see its safer for the buyer, but myself? eg: funds can be retracted at a later stage. Cheers!
  14. Silver CL55

    Done it! Deposit paid on this W216 CL500

    Tanzanite blue, savanah (I think) leather. 20" AMG's with AMG bodykit Used Mercedes-benz Cl Coupe Cl 500 2dr Auto in Heswall, Wirral | J Stuart & Co - Garages - Ltd
  15. J

    Put Deposit on CLS GE but no service book??

    I have just put a deposit on a 2010 CLS GE today and have dealt with the MB Dealer over the phone. I can still back out but am seeing the car Monday on my way up north. One thing I was unaware of was the digital service book?? I asked if they had a fully stamped book and they said they...
  16. 6

    just put a deposit down on a C350 CDI (2010)

    As per title. Did the deed today. Tried a 2011 C250, found it rough as nails. A few things need to be confirmed, but should have it in the next week or so. Didn't find it massively more powerful than the 250, but it sounded much nicer. Anyone know if I can fit 16" C200/220 wheels on it for...
  17. A

    Dealer returned deposit!

    My friend went into Brooklands last weekend and thought she had bought a second hand car. The car was being advertised by another dealer so the sales women at Brooklands emailed the manager at the other dealership and got confirmation the car was still for sale. On Monday my friend was...
  18. I

    Just put a deposit on a used GL420CDI...

    Seduced by the silky smooth and lusty nature of the Mercedes 4 litre v8 diesel, I have succumbed to peer (aka Wife) pressure and put a deposit on a used GL420CDI today. It's a single owner FMBSH car with just over 100,000 miles on the clock and has (from the look of the invoices with the...
  19. J

    Just put a deposit on a W202 230k :)

    Just put a deposit on this: Now need to work out how to get to Hemel Hempstead from Wales :) and hope the thing is what I have been told :)
  20. C

    First Post - Deposit Paid on first MB

    Very excited. C200 CDI Executive BE. 6.5k miles on 2010/60 plate. Diesel Auto Any tips?
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