1. Bobsta

    Where to sell '09 C63?

    Hi folks, After 4.5 years of ownership I'm thinking of selling my 2009 C63 PP (just done 56k miles). I've really enjoyed owning it but am thinking it's time for a change. The challenge is working out where to sell it and how much for. In the past I've found I got more interest on...
  2. chrisjfinlay

    Depreciation (w221)?

    I was wondering if there was a way of finding out how much my car is depreciating each month, short of ringing a dealer every month and asking fora new quote... I was looking to downsize this month (sorry guys, Mercedes ownership is just taking its toll on me and the missus and I are looking to...
  3. uumode

    S coupe depreciation forcast

    Might pick one up later at a bargain price :rock: Mercedes S-Class Coupe | Auto Express Depreciation "A quick look at some of the industry predictions for depreciation suggest the £96k S500 will be worth less than £35k second-hand over a three-year/30,000-mile cycle. Think that’s...
  4. D

    c63 amg depreciation index/table/rate?

    Anybody can provide a link or explain the c63 amg depreciation index/table? Cant find anywhere online,which is strange! Just trying to figure out if to buy the car with the loan or part own/part loan money.What resale figures will be in 2-4 years time,etc... Anybody?
  5. uumode

    Mercedes depreciation

    My car C200 AMG line premium plus has a OTR list price of £40k with options - it's just about a month old (I did not pay that) Out of curiosity I used auto traders free valuation tool And it gives a private sale evaluation of just £28,150 A drop of £12k in one month :) I plan to keep...
  6. The _Don

    Top ten cars for beating depreciation
  7. D

    Buying options - Best way to avoid depreciation over 2/3 years

    Hi All I had purchased a W211 E220 approved used less then a year ago, spent money to ensure it was maintained perfectly (changed ATF etc), unfortunately its now been written off due to a non fault accident, really liked the car, the whole experience has put me off buying another nice car :(...
  8. D

    2011- CLS350 Vs. CLS63 AMG Depreciation

    I would be interested to know how I can expect these two models to depreciate. The CLS350 will clearly appeal to a lot more buyers and there are a lot of them out there, so higher demand and higher supply. The CLS63 AMG is much more niche but there are are fewer out there, so lower demand...
  9. T

    Porcshe depreciation

    I have had a mini tickle about owning and driving a 911. There is no way I could afford to purchase a new one but 40-50k might be something I would look at. The thing I cannot handle is just how little these things depreciate. With most cars including prestige models, 70-90k cars drop in...
  10. c63k

    Mercedes-AMG C63 - UK Delivery vs. w204 Depreciation

    TL;DR - New guy here (hello!) - Does anyone have any information on speculative/confirmed delivery dates for the w205 C63? When would we expect them to appear in dealerships? Any thoughts on the impact upon current prices? Longer post :- Hey, This is my first post on the forum (hi!) -...
  11. developer

    Shocking AMG Depreciation

    Tricky test time. I bought my S212 E63 for £34K in late July 2013. Part ex'd by me recently - it's reappeared at a dealer. How much do you think it's up, at some 17 months later? Average mileage added by me. No cheating now :devil:.
  12. bpsorrel

    How's this for depreciation!!

    Today I sold my JDM Nissan Sylphy to a really decent couple from Nizhny Novgorod (230km from here!) The car sold (with very low mileage and in A1 condition I might add) for 203,000 rubles which is about £3383 Get this, SEVEN years ago I paid 250,000 rubles (£4166) for it! A mighty...
  13. I

    Minimising depreciation & Budgeting ?

    I run my car for work and do around 30k miles total a year, of which just under 20k are business miles. Until now my firm has paid me 45p per mile for the first 10k and 25p per mile thereafter. I ran a 2004 C180k W203 estate automatic which i bought for £7,800 5 years ago on 35k miles and...
  14. nick mercedes

    05 CL500 - £6k how much depreciation?

  15. S

    Newbie - not at fault claim - MB C250 depreciation

    Hi, In August a tanker took the side and front off my car approaching a roundabout. No probs in liability - they are 100% at fault. Car is a white C250 2011 reg and the depreciation value has been given as £2000. Does this seem about right? How do I get a non biased valuation?? Gutted....
  16. D


    What's the record? I've sold the Volvo today. it's cost me £60 in depreciation over 18 months and 35k. Not bad I think.
  17. flat6buster

    cost of mileage in depreciation

    Can the collective give me an indication of the effect of adding miles to our E320CDI in tgerms of its value? I have a fair bit of travelling to do for a work project in the next few months and it got me wondering about the cost of this in relation to depreciation on the car. It is a 2006 S211...
  18. st13phil


    OK, I confess it: the weather's rubbish, I have a horrible cold, and I'm bored :D Now, we all know that depreciation is the single largest cost of car ownership and one of the "benefits" of Mercedes ownership is that they hold their value better than many, so I whiled away 5 minutes of my...
  19. W

    Price depreciation on trade-in

    Price depreciation on trade-in Dear Members I would like to ask for comments/advice on my current dealings with Mercedes Direct. 7 Months ago i bought a CLK 320 sports coupé on a 56 plate complete with all the whistle and bells. A very clean and tidy car with 2 year Tier 1 warranty Cost...
  20. wobbly

    10% Depreciation

    CLK Black Series.:devil: Mercedes : MERCEDES CLK 63 BLACK SERIES 2008 £100k new, 90k after 3 years and 21000 miles. 10% depreciation.:cool: Whats it really worth ?
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