1. m2mb

    depressed t-rex likes Audi fuelled by his ancestors lol I hope this does not come around. Audi could be :doh:on my shortlist. (Not really.)
  2. Cleggmeister

    Acceleration better with pedal not fully depressed W124 200E

    I'm guessing this is a linkage issue but would appreciate the reassurance... My 1990 W124 200E accelerates more rapidly with the pedal pressed to approx 3\4 maximum. Pressing the pedal fully down reduces the acceleration by a noticeable, but not massive degree. All is running well, good...

    Had a gut’s full, depressed and the cars going to cost a fortune!

    Slightly Peed off gents…..had a f++k full lately, now the mobile sprayer ****d my bonnet up on the CLK it’s going to need doing again! (prob at my cost because I don’t want a ****e job again) 2 new tyres required, disks and pads all round and an MOT in 3 weeks!!! Just thought I would have a...
  4. Donza

    Never buying Merc again. Pretty depressed atm..

    I refer you to the thread below The car was not delivered in good working order. Moreover, assist and dealership cant agree whether my car was clocked. Whatever happened to Mercedes? My father used to drive them growing up and today he...
  5. S


    E300 TD 1999 95kmiles. Gearbox Fault Just taken my car in to Merc-Care in Leeds for gearbox diagnostic as it can linger between changes now and again. Thought it might be the Maf. (My assumption not theres). Only to be told that the gearbox control unit is contaminted by oil. So I need the...
  6. S

    Brakes Whistling until brakes pedal depressed C270CDi Auto

    Any Ideas ? After lifting my foot off the brake pedal - say after sitting at lights - there is a continuos high pitched whistling ( seemingly insided the car -or poss through vents ? ) This whistling immediately stops when the brakes are applied . then when brakes are released the whistling...
  7. Thmsshaun


    Feeling generally down at the minute why oh why did I bother to look what the C43 is worth £8495 is the top private price according to What Car with £7295 on the trade in. Thats a loss of £400 & month since September. Anyway an interesting note on the Mercedes Sealed for life gearbox...
  8. Howard


    Anyone else depressed now that Christmas, the New Year and all the fun that goes with them are over ? :(
  9. kbhogalW126

    Depressed. She has to go!

    ive got a dilemma. I either spend loads of money on her to get her repainted (£1600) or use her for 6 months then see from there. She is mechanically perfect. She is a joy to drive and so relaxing. Has a bit of rust on the front RHS wing (£150 to replace painted). I have been advised...
  10. R


    Just thought I'd share this with you guys/gurls....I bought a 36inch widescreen tv 2 years ago, 1 year warranty. Was wathing recorded master football last night and tele went pop!!!!. It's busted!!!!!!.. Got no tv and the kids have just started their 6 week hols!!!!...... GRRRRRRR
  11. L

    Just found I'm depressed

    I was just wandering around my PC and found this picture of my old Merc, I MISS IT SOOOO MUCH no matter what problems you have boys and girls DON'T sell your beasts :( :(
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