1. alzieboy

    Tread Depth

    At what depth of tread left on tyre do you consider replacing tyres.I know the legal limit is 1.6 mm , so I was cleaning up my summer wheels and tyres to go back on car today, the rear tyres tread looked rather low so I checked them they were both 4mm across width of tyre ( P ZEROS ) . I suppose...
  2. R129Melvin

    R129 Woofer Mounting Depth

    Anyone know the mounting depth possible on the large 6.5'' woofer in the lower door on a late model R129 (door card with fabric). Also, I understand I can change that speaker without removing the whole door card, can anyone guide me on this? Thanks
  3. Scooby_Doo

    New tyre tread depth ?

    Picked the new car up yesterday and whilst having a good look around it after getting it home I had a look at the tread depth on the 235 & 255 Continentals fitted to it. I was surprised to find that they only had 7mm of tread, I checked the rear tyre depth on my wife's car (probably done about...
  4. L

    Paint Depth

    Hi all, Does anyone know what the paint depth should be on a 2007 era Merc? The current lot seem to be about 80-120 microns but what about older cars? Cheers, LL
  5. B

    Tyre tread depth issue when buying just one tyre

    Hi I'm hoping someone here can give me some advice. I replaced 2 rear tyres last month on my W212 sport. Then 2 days ago I got a screw in one of them close to the edge so had to buy another! I also have a slow puncture on the near-side front which is leaking air in 3 places so I don't want...
  6. omega1

    W204 Retrofit Head End max depth?

    Hi all, I am looking at retrofitting an audio head end unit on the W204 but am unsure about the available depth, I do not have the vehicle yet (pick it up in 10 days) but wanted to get the bits to carry this out ASAP. This is the unit I'm looking at, and wondered if anyone knew if there is...
  7. poormansporsche

    W202 Hub "Depth" ???

    Hello good peoples, Ive got some Audi spec wheels with the smaller centre bore that I need to get bored out to 66.5 mm but need to know how deep to get the boring out done. Anyone know how much the centre sticks out from the flat face of the hub ? Yes im being lazy and should just whip a wheel...
  8. omegav6i

    W202 Speaker Depth

    Currently installing new speakers etc in the C43 and was just curious about the mounting depth of the door speakers? iv read numerous threads on the speaker sizes but not really seen much about the depth, should i presume that this means there is room to maneuver? Any help and advice appreciated.
  9. Satch

    Why tread depth matters

    Been posted up a number of times that people with newer summer tyres are doing OK, how some people here chop tyes at 3/4mm remaining tread depth and how winter tyres start giving up being fully effective at 4mm. At work yesterday I had an exchange of views with someone who was moaning that...
  10. W

    Tyre tread depth poll - How low do you go?

    Tyre threads are the flavour of the month it seems :) Today whilst having some tyres fitted I saw a stack of old customer tyres. I was quite surprised how low some of the treads were, maybe 10-20% were below the legal limit. So when do you change your tyres? Please vote in the poll above...
  11. W

    MoT - tyre tread depth

    Regarding the MoT tyre tread requirements I've read: "The grooves of the tread pattern are not at least 1.6mm throughout a continuous band comprising -The central three-quarters of the breadth of tread, and -Round the entire outer circumference of the tyre" So my question is, how does the...
  12. grober

    the W124 Cabrio in depth article *****

    There is an in depth article about the W124 Cabriolet on the site. Lots of pictures, production figures you name it. A must read for all cabriolet owners I guess. Modern classics: the Cabriolets of the Mercedes-Benz 124 series (1991 to 1997) A124 E-class convertible |...
  13. W

    New winter tyre tread depth?

    I'm beginning my search for some winter tyres. New they are £40 for a budget brand or £60 for premium. On Ebay a s/h pair is £60 +P&P with 6.6mm and 7.7mm. But how much tread was on these tyres when new? I've recently read that in New Zealand winter tyres must have a minimum tread depth of...
  14. mercmanuk

    slim depth speakers

    i want some speakers to fit into the front doors on my fiat doblo van,ive removed the door cards and there is only about 1" clearance before the window obstructs a speaker,can any recommend a very slim speaker that i could use maybe include a spacer on the front chgeers all
  15. grober

    3mm minimum tread depth!

    Interesting little video clip on tyre tread depth on the autoexpress site. Evidently 3mm is minimum tread depth for decent grip in wet conditions. watch the video and make your own mind up.
  16. gary350

    2007 CLS in depth

    I must not steal from other forums, I must not steal from other forums but I have see link gary
  17. Howard

    Tyre Tread Depth Info ....

    Another quicky chaps and chapesses .... When you buy a tyre, what is the typical (new) depth of the tread before you start driving on it ? How many miles do you reckon a tyre with 7 mm of tread left has done ?
  18. C

    The most in depth C Class facelift info yet!

    If anyone is interested, I have just posted to the thread 'W203 C Class Facelift' in 'NEWS' what appears to be the most detailed info we have seen yet on the C Class facelift. It appears to list all changes per model and has some great pics. Another link suggests the auto option is down to...
  19. G

    Tread Depth

    Please don't take offence at the cross post to another site, but with my old fav. Benzsport and now our very own UK forum, I don't know where to post first! &nbsp; <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt='???'>...
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