1. R

    AMG Driving day derby

    Just thought i'd post up how impressed i was with Mercedes Derby and their AMG driving event on the 14th & 15th Nov. It was a really good way to talk to fellow AMG owners and to drive some great cars with no sales pitches in sight! My dad and i got to test drive the new S Coupe 63 along with...
  2. H

    AMG Private Loungers- AMG Performance Tour Derby (14th and 15th Nov)

    Good afternoon folks As the titles suggests, im assuming this is something issued by the AMG PL to highlight theres a performance tour going on at MB Derby on the 14th and 15th, is anyone else going to this one? Ive booked my name down provisionally for the 15th.
  3. manofgresley

    Mercedes Benz Independents near Derby

    Hi All. Can anyone recommend a good, reliable Mercedes Indy, within a 30 mile radious of Derby? Regards Ray:confused::confused:
  4. 6

    Local owners in Derby area

    Hi folks, I am new to this forum, and I am wondering if there are any local owners in and around Derby? Maybe there are meets or events as well? Shout up if your in my area :thumb: Thanks James
  5. L

    Decent Indy near Derby, or use MB? ATF

    Hi all ;) I'm waiting on a dipstick for checking my auto tranny oil. The car shifts ok, but I'm not sure it's ever had a change (89k, 17 years old). Not sure whether to get it changed or not, so I'm going to check the level and colour of the oil before deciding. I've done some reading, and...
  6. B

    Any Remapped E350's in Derby area

    Thinking about having my E350 remapped and would love to meet anyone who's had theirs done and to compare with standard car. Also chat about drivability and mpg after mods, did they have any problems with DPF.
  7. BruLan

    Specialist Derby / Burton or Stoke

    Hi, My Car needs a Service and whilst I have used WDM in Birmingham in the past and been pleased I no longer work in that direction , so wondered if any members could share their experiences in or around Derby , Burton or Stoke
  8. BruLan

    Specislists in Derby

    Hi Need a local Dealer for Servicing , also got some lacquer peeling on the Bonnet and need that fixing any ideas Burton on Trent - Derby Areas pls Thanks

    Anyone in Derby?

    Want to bid on this but it's collection only! MERCEDES G WAGON REAR DOOR SPARE WHEEL BRACKET | eBay
  10. Loza143

    New Member in Derby

    Hi just took delivery of my c180 bluemotion and was wondering if anyone had any interesting notes regarding this vehicle Thanks in advance :D
  11. Gollom

    Still looking for a C270Ci - seen one in Derby

    Anybody in the Derby area fancy taking a look at this for me over the weekend and letting me know the VIN? Bit far for me to travel on spec. It's at Auto Xchange, DE248UJ
  12. L

    New C63 owner in Derby

    Hi everyone, just ran in my new C63, Obsidian black with 19's. Still 'gelling' with car after Range which I miss (miss less as the days go on....).. Anyway "Hi", and speak later!!
  13. M

    Derby Merc specialist

    Does anyone know a none stealership merc dealer I can take my C32 to too get fixed, without being robbed? HELP PLEASE
  14. GlenQ

    Independent around Derby

    Can anyone recommend an independent MB workshop in the Derby or surrounding area please. GlenQ
  15. flango

    Accommodation needed in Derby (Area)

    As the title, Daughter going to Derby Uni and boyfriend got a job in Derby so looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom flat, apartment, house to rent for the 2 of them starting September this year. If anyone knows of anything i would appreciate the heads up. Also if anyone can advise the areas of...
  16. J

    Benz Bavarian, Derby

    Had a recommendation for these guys, so have just booked my car in with them. Feeling a tad guilty as I'm breaking its continuous MBSH but I intend to keep the car for a long time and just can't afford the dealer rates. Anyone here had any experience with Benz Bavarian? Also, I wanted to...
  17. N

    New owner from Derby

    Good evening from Derby. I've just bought a W124 E320 estate and will be looking for some advice from the gurus on this site in the foreseeable :D Immediate things that spring to mind are front wheel bearing change, squeaky fan motor and inevitable oil leak from the front cover. Before...
  18. A

    Derby Meet 18th july 11am

    Hey All , im organising a meet in the derby area where we can all meet up for a drink and maybe something to eat there is also a bar outside where we can sit and have a chat and look at each others car's and also move a few cars around to have a few photo's taken !! Here is a link to the...
  19. AbbieCadabra

    (non-MB) Derby - Dent & Paint Damage, any recommendations?

    hubby was working at someone's house & a gust of wind blew his ladder over on to their car :doh:, a Fiat Multipla. i haven't seen the damage & no pics available (sorry), but i'm told it's 5-6 inches long, on the panel under a wing mirror & the paint has been damaged/broken. to cause as little...
  20. C

    Paintshop around Derby area any recommendations?

    Hello I am wanting to get my bonnet painted on W203 due to stone chip damage, does anyone have any experiences in Derby area Its Brilliant Silver and i am very very fussy !! Many Thanks
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