1. G

    For Sale: Designer iPad Leather Sleeve - original JOLI

    I have for sale an original Joli, handmade, brown leather with aqua felt lining, sleeve. Purchased for my iPad back in 2011, seen very little use, as I gifted that iPad in a few months to my dad (who never even tried to learn how to use it, I'm told). Reorganising my home office, so only...
  2. M

    Mercedes SLR McLaren imagined By a 22 year old designer

    From the article: Aritra Das, a 22-year-old designer, from wondering what it could have looked like. Combining design language elements from both brands, he created this stunning reborn Mercedes SLR McLaren. Photos - Mercedes SLR McLaren imagined By a 22 year old designer .
  3. WLeg

    web site designer

    Can anyone more webby then me see if they can, or point me in the right direction to finding the web designer who did this site ? We are looking to use a similar design and feel on a new venture....
  4. bpsorrel

    Interview with the designer of the SLS

    Quite surprised to learn the designer of the SLS (and new A class) is an English guy called Mark Fetherston.. Interesting video.. DVkLPGIwUbc
  5. moonloops

    Can anyone reccomend a web designer?

    Looking for an individual or company to design up some basic websites. Nothing complex needed just clean and modern designs. Will need to hosting for some of the sites also so recurring revenue is there also.
  6. KillerHERTZ

    FA Porsche, designer of the 911, dies at 76

    Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG mourns great designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche dies Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is mourning Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. The Honorary President of the Supervisory Board died on 5 April 2012 in Salzburg, aged 76. Matthias Müller, President...
  7. developer

    Junior Car Designer

    My youngest (14) knocked this up today during a break at school. I can see some Bentley, some SLS. I think it's pretty stylish - what say you? Bulldog Blighty
  8. BenzedUP

    New ray ban rb 8625 glasses frames designer

    As title, brand new, never used, got them as a gift last year and just never used them. they are worth £100 on eBay; NEW RAY BAN RB 8625 GLASSES FRAMES DESIGNER on eBay (end time 31-May-11 21:57:31 BST) £50 Inc P&P.
  9. BenzedUP

    Ray Ban Frames Designer.

    NEW RAY BAN RB 8625 GLASSES FRAMES DESIGNER On eBay now; NEW RAY BAN RB 8625 GLASSES FRAMES DESIGNER on eBay (end time 11-May-11 16:35:26 BST)
  10. BaldGuy

    Website designer needed plz

    Hi, I have a friend from my local who needs a good website built for his plumbing business. Can anyone help? I will put you in direct contact to sort it all out... G
  11. bpsorrel

    Hubert Lee. designer of 2012 CLS

    Interesting video featuring Hubert Lee the designer responsible for the new CLS (as well as the CL and F800..) Sound quality's not good, but is interesting seeing him work on the design and I love the little scale models! :) YouTube - New Mercedes-Benz CLS 2012 Design and Making of Video
  12. H

    Great MB Designer: Bruno Sacco

    Now some are querying Mercedes contributions to car design, this may interest some -what was said when honouring one of MB's greatest chief designers: - Automotive Hall of Fame Honours Bruno Sacco, Legendary Head of Design for Mercedes-Benz ________________________________________...
  13. coupe deville

    BMW designer defects to MB

    Phew I thought it might be Chris Bangle :rolleyes: link
  14. glojo

    McLaren suspend top designer

    :o :o Gloom and doom. Looks like we were wrong about that whiter than white red team:o :o :o John the embarrassed
  15. jaymanek

    Source for Designer Specs?

    Hi all, Anyone know where to source designer frames any cheaper than high st prices? Specifically looking at some Versace or D&G frames and wondered if there was an online supplier or if anyone knew of any outlets... Cheers Jay
  16. jaymanek

    Need a Website Designer

    Hi All, I need someone to build me a website. I know we have a few members on here with the ability, so if anyone is interested in the job, please could you pm me so we can discuss the requirements. Needs to be very professional looking and would like to see some previous work/samples...
  17. jimmy

    Website Designer Wanted

    Is anybody on the forum experienced/qualified in website design and have the time to design a small website for me? I need to update my business site Express AutoParts which I designed a long time ago. It is boring and just not very good. We just want a few pages to explain who we are...
  18. Koolvin

    Number plate designer:

    thought I'd share this with u peeps <a...
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