1. X

    Local dealer desperate to buy.....

    My neighbour's S205 C200 Premium Plus (petrol). Numerous phone calls made. I've not heard from them about my C250. I wonder why?;)
  2. T

    EIS / CAN / SAM Issues - Desperate fior help advice!

    Hi Guys, I have an 02’ plate W210 E320 cdi that my mate managed to flood recently by leaving it sideways (nearside facing down) on top of a slipway and returning after one of the highest tides of the year and a super-moon (adding 2cm extra water for good measure!) Anyway, not a...
  3. allias

    W163 desperate alarm problem

    Hello I recently swapped my beloved W210 V reg 320CDI on to W163 X reg 320 petrol and few problems started. First and most annoying and loud is my alarm siren that goes on only at night time - yes only at night time. My neighborhoods are really delighted. After suggestions I decided to swap...
  4. developer

    MB Dealer - diligent or desperate?

    My car was MOT'd for the 1st time in July this year, on an half price offer at the dealer. Yesterday they rang me to say that, based upon my measured tyre depth in July, they thought my rears would now be due for renewal, and would I like them to obtain/fit. So, diligent or desperate?
  5. D

    Desperate for advice, bought the wrong car!

    Where to start? I have owned my W202 220Cdi for 10 happy years, but as I was considering enforced early retirement I thought that something more economical might be a good idea for the future. So I decided on an Audi A1 1.6 Diesel Sport and bought a new one. Well, 2000 miles later and I just...
  6. P

    New user in desperate need for help!!!

    Hi guys, just like to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I have a B Class B170 cvt automatic on a 2005, 55 reg and am in desperate need for a couple of parts that I can't find anywhere in the uk!! I need a front subframe and a nearside front driveshaft complete for my B Class. I am...
  7. DAS68

    Desperate Help with wires

    Hi, My 93 W202 came without a head unit. The previous owner chopped out the block conectors and all thats there are some blue cable chocks. I have a Panisoinc MP3/CD to go in and a fitting kit from halfords that will fit the CD player but I need to hard wire to the cars wirring. I am clueless...
  8. K

    desperate w126 owner

    hi im a new member to forum. ihave a w126 1986 500sel with running problems. i have owned it for 9 years. my car was laid up for a year.put new battery,points,plugs,leads,distributor and electronic coil pack on. then it was running but not quite right [slight miss at idle then slight missing at...
  9. markjay

    Must be pretty desperate to park your car against a tree....

    Captured in Central London today.
  10. R

    Desperate Houswives

    Wife's (honestly) favourite programme back on last night. Mercedes in the shape of a new E class, a CLK cabrio and an SL have made into the show. Funnily, however the big 3 pointed star on the front of the SL was blurred out...why?
  11. R

    Desperate for a club sticker

    Has anyone seen graham lately (grav888) as i,m desperate for a club sticker for my new car? Has any one got a spare???
  12. A

    I Really LIKE Desperate Housewives

    Obviously, NO WHERE near as good as The Soppranos, (Which i think has probably been the BEST Series EVER! I.M.O.)
  13. G-A-R-Y

    Still haven't found a car, getting desperate.

    I'm still looking for a w210 320CDI estate, two months now. I was going for the car with the lowest mileage (37k) but thanks to this group, it turns out that a Classic W210 doesn't exist as a UK spec car. I've rang loads, all have a funny story to tell, five owners, only had the car for a...
  14. P

    Please help with my W124, REALLY DESPERATE!

    Hi everybody got a few problems with my 1994 (facelift) W124 e220. I got the car very cheap after it spent a couple of years sat in a damp field covered in mould. A - I have a problem with starting. Sometimes, when you turn on the ignition, you get that buzz noise, then turn the key...
  15. C240Sport97

    tonight's desperate housewives

    does anyone know if Wed 10pm episodes are repeated? I have been recording the series for friends abroad and have missed tonights :eek: thanks, SEAN
  16. C

    Desperate For Help

    Hello everyone Thank you for having this forum. I have a couple of issues on my s320 1995. The first one is the passenger side climate control bulb is out and the controller along with the air vent knob are not lighting. How do I change the bulb? When I back up the rear corner...
  17. mmerc

    desperate chrome gearknob (auto)

    looking for a good link for w202 chrome gearknob for my c class . anyone selling or information on above. thank you mark.
  18. M

    exhaust fumes!! Desperate!!!

    :confused: can anny one help please? We have an old 190 that somebody has put a 2.6 engine in. We cannot open the windows as exhaust fumes pour in which is really unpleasant! Its been to the dealers who cannot help! My email is [email protected] tHANKS!! mike
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