1. reflexboy

    Desperately arter these valve dist caps

    Hi all I'm desperately after one or more of these valve dust caps. Please PM me if you have any to sell. Many thanks Jim
  2. kurtdaley

    Part needed desperately

    My friend needs a part for his 1989 300D, the part number is R603 015 0201. Think it's a timing cover. Cheers Kurt
  3. jonnyboy

    129 alloy or alloys desperately required

    HI all Got a bit of a problem. I put my Carlssons in for refurb, he's stacked out with work and could be 3-4 weeks, I dont want to take them back as I will lose my place in his diary, he's that busy. Didnt plan things too well as I need to do other jobs on that and the various other cars...
  4. Splodge

    Desperately Seeking W123 230TE Auto

    Been searching for my first W123 and ideally have narrowed it down to the following: Preferably 230TE auto, seven seats, with leather but happy to compromise on all but the 7 seats. Any other options would be a bonus. Colour not important, condition is though - willing to pay decent money for...
  5. un1l

    Desperately Seeking Diagram/Instructions For Removing doorcard on CLK (1997 - 2002)

    Hi Guys, I have had a problem with the checkstrap on my door and now need to remove the door card to replace it. how to remove the doorcard; I remember someone on the forum having a similar problem with the CLK Convertible although the diagram they had was a little different. I really want...
  6. P

    Desperately seeking "data1.msi"

    Desperately seeking the file data1.msi. Tried to update to office 2003 from office xp which was pre installed on my machine. Now its asking for this file from the origanal disc. Tried all the usual places.
  7. C

    Desperately seeking a CLK Coupe 230\320

    Guys & Gals, I am currently on the look-out for a CLK 230\320 1999/2000, but and do please excuse my ignorance I know very little about these cars and the benefits of having one over the other, let alone the differences between the Elegance\Avantgarde\Sport...what I do know is I want one in...
  8. D

    Wanted Desperately ML320 BLACK

    Dear Forum, Havent been in for a while. I am desperately seeking an ML320 or higher mileage 430- in Black for my client. Needs to be under 50,000 miles, with side steps, privacy glass would be good. 2000 -2001. Will pay a bit more for huge specification....... I will pay upto £22,000 for...
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