1. 2

    Comand Online Destination rename

    Does anyone know how you can rename a destination on the W213 Comand online system. If you save as a global favourite then you can rename but that clutters up the Favourites menu bar. If you send the destination from your phone using ME it comes up as 'from the phone' or if you select a...
  2. Z

    Google Maps - Destination Sharing

    Hi all. I got a notification from the Mercedes Me app saying that I could now share destinations from Google Maps with the Mercedes Me. I find using Google maps to plan a route much more intuitive than sitting in the car and planning via Comand, so Id love to be able to plan a route on my...
  3. U

    Satnav destination by co-ordinates

    I've got an NTG4 satnav and I can't seem to find how to program a destination by using co-ordinates. It doesn't seem to be in the manual either unless I missed it. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  4. D

    Alpine summer destination

    We are planning our summer holiday, and would like any pointers as to where summer snow can be found. Ideally we'd like to stay somewhere near a lake that has a cable car / furnicular access to a mountain with a bit of snow on top for the kids. Any ideas would be most welcome Thank you
  5. ChrisA

    Favourite Holiday destination

    Let's see who's been where and how they rated it........ Penang - Casuarina Beach Hotel (New Hotel now built after Tsunami destroyed it) Fantastic place, great food and beautiful beaches :thumb:
  6. J

    Comand Nav - setting home destination

    Can anyone advise me how to set up "HOME" on my nav? My manual tells me you should be able to do this by pressing a soft key beside HOME at the top left of the main NAV display, but I don't see it. I only have three options on the left hand side: STC, MODE and SETTING. Thanks for you...
  7. Palfrem

    Distance to destination on display

    I have a wide screen comand on my 2003 CL500 Any idea how I get the distance to destination to display at the bottom of the map please? I used to get it on a 2006 E class but I can't find any reference to it in the book Thanks
  8. A

    Navigation. Speaking the destination.

    Hi guys, I have COMAND in my W204 C250CDI, and trying to get to grips with the linguistic function that lets speak the instructions. Is it possible for me to say the destination? Ie, "Navigate to Mum and Dad's" ? At the moment, all I can get working is "Navigate", and then I get prompted with...
  9. jeffwebb

    Italy as a Holiday Destination?

    I know there are some watch enthusiasts on this forum so I'm hoping this may save someone some grief. SHMBO and I decided we would like to tour Italy. Naples, Rome, Bologna, Venice and then into France. We are both semi-retired and get about as much as we can which has perhaps led to us becoming...
  10. st13phil

    Short Break Destination / Hotel Suggestions

    OK, thought about a short break for me and Mrs Phil in Liverpool at the end of the month (and thanks to those who suggested Hotels) but having second thoughts, mainly coz wandering around sightseeing in the rain is dull and boring... So suggestions please for a location and hotel for a break...
  11. basalt2003

    comand not showing destination?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone who has the latest v9 disc has had any issues with certain roads not showing up in destination entry. I bought what would appear to be a genuine disc with foil seal intact (of ebay- - I know) but when I try to enter Beckett's Lane Chester in it wont show. However it is...
  12. Surf Blau

    You have reached your destination.

    Recently I decided to install a Comand 2.0 unit in my car. It is of course a 163-unit without Can-Bus. I also opted for the FiberOptic (FO) CD-changer, both because the CD-slot up front is used by the navi-CD, but also because I heard rumours saying that the laser would wear out sooner due to...
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