1. M

    Detachable towbar for W211 estate

    I am looking for a detachable towbar for my 2009 w211 e class estate I just wondered if anyone had one they have removed and no longer Need Thanks Mike
  2. T

    W210 E class Estate Detachable Towbar

    Detachable Towbar ( Westfalia ) for E Class Estate (W210) only used 4 X 50ml journeys per Year taking Boat & Van to Permanent site . Fixings & Instructions Included No Reasonable offer Refused Boyd
  3. Doc matt

    Detachable exhaust tips

    Hi does anyone know if the square AmG exhaust outlet tips are welded to the exhaust pipe behind or bolted on like the range rovers are? Car is a 2012 CLS63 Amg Ta :cool:
  4. Haven't a clue!

    Best VFM detachable tow bar & 7 pin electrics for late 2012 C220

    Hi, looking for suggestions from anyone with experience of above for a Nov 12 w204, it's a saloon (AMG Sport) variant. I live in east Midlands area and would look for it to be fitted, now out of warranty. Appreciate the bodykit makes slightly more difficult but presume with a detatchable...
  5. Felstmiester

    C class detachable tow bar

    Are all w204 c class's equipped for detachable tow bars? Cheers guys
  6. motodrb

    Detachable Tow Bar W212

    Hi Guys How can I confirm if Westfalia one for estate S212 fits my saloon w212 e220 2014? If its from estate its probably different? Anyone selling one for W212? Thanks. md
  7. M

    FS: Brand new detachable Tow bar for ML w164 and w166

    As per the title I have a brand new (obviously never been fitted) tow var and electrics (just the 7 pin) for the mercedes ML it'll fit both the w164 (2005-2012) and the w166 (2012-) model. It's a tow trust tow bar. Detachable swan Neck for Mercedes M ML Class 2005 20012 W164, 2012on W166 |...
  8. P

    Detachable bonnet star

    Has anyone got one of these. ? Mercedes accessories, Mercedes emblem, mercedes badge Libelleq
  9. Seanposs

    Detachable towbar

    I have mercedes c class 320 CDI saloon advantgrade year 06 I'm after a detachable tow bar where can I get 1 from bran new just after the tow bar as can get it fitted. Just 1 electric on it. Does anyone know any dealers round the Lincolnshire area ? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  10. Bereavement

    Detachable Tow Bar help - Bristol

    Hello All, So..... My last question was answered and solved on COMAND stuff so thanks for those that helped. NEXT. Are they any guidelines/rules of thumb on having a removable tow bar fitted to my R-class? Anything to watch out for and any ideas on the kind of price I should expect to...
  11. D

    Detachable tow bar for mercedes ml

    Can anyone tell me if they sell the coupling for the swan neck no 163-315-03-99 thank you
  12. R

    My W211 Detachable Tow Bar on ebay

    Mercedes W211 detachable towbar, plus car specific dedicated wiring kit. | eBay
  13. R

    W211 Saloon Detachable Towbar For Sale.

    I have a Westfalia detachable towbar, complete with a car specific wiring kit (originally from PF Jones, Part No 19040503rc) for sale. It is suitable for a saloon. The bar was only used for 6 months, I do have pics, but they show the bar liberally coated with waxoil lol. The lot cost me...
  14. johnsco

    Tow bar - detachable - swan-neck

    This detachable swan neck was removed from my wrecked E300TD (E Class W210). The part that it clicks into is missing. I have never used the swan neck, and it looks as if the previous owner used it very little. NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED. PM me.
  15. 300CE

    Mercedes 190 SL Roadster/Coupe with Detachable Hardtop RESTORATION PROJECT

    Mercedes 190 SL Roadster/Coupe with Detachable Hardtop RESTORATION PROJECT | eBay
  16. R

    w211 Westfalia Detachable Towbar For Sale

    I have a six month old Westfalia detachable towbar, complete with a car specific wiring kit for a w211 for sale, cost to me was £350, yours for £ 225 ono. PM if of any interest.

    detachable tow hitch info

    Ijust bought a GL420,must say i am very pleased with the car,i have had Range Rovers,Toyota Landcruiser,and briefly owned other lesser 4x4s but the GL with the v8 diesel is awesome and certainly the best driving 4x4 i have driven with reasonable fuel consumption, currently enjoying 26mpg which...
  18. Mblinko

    W126 SEC detachable tow bar

    Complete kit required.
  19. ss201

    M-B/Oris detachable tow bar for sale

    Detachable tow bar hitch unit; condition as new, complete with storage cage to fit into the boot. M-B Part number 124 584 1821 Oris Part number 107 1270 255 Tow ball includes the cover. Will definitely fit all W202 models and most likely fit W124/W210 and more, but please check first. Does...
  20. C

    Westfalia detachable tow hitch

    I am in need of a Westfalia detachable tow hitch for a W210 E class estate please. Someone has borrowed mine (don't ask) :doh: Cash waiting Thanks :confused:
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