1. B

    S212 E63 detailing

    I won't rubble about how wonderful E63 is. I will only say that I love my car and it is being well appreciated by my entire family, which is why we've done over 5k miles in less than 6 months travelling nowhere in particular. Unfortunately during same period we collected more stone chips than...
  2. G

    Prestige detailing luton c63

    Car built by Arl coachworks ,,,Adam Lord Detailed by Derek at Prestige detail in luton Check out facebook page for Prestige detail in luton gtechnix crystal and exo top coat
  3. Davycc

    Rattle can detailing lol

    Before I attacked the 2001 W203 with rattle cans. I know know where I can improve so will redo
  4. T

    Detailing advice for a spirited amateur

    Afternoon all, Was hoping the more experienced detailer(s) could offer me some advice on the below.... I first started getting interested in detailing, as opposed to a simple clean a few years ago, when I had a Z4 Coupe. In my enthusiastic/inexperienced state I popped down to Halfords...
  5. clk320x

    Wax before detailing spray

    I recently polished my Silver CLK. After which I applied some wipe on wipe off Sonax Brilliant Shine detailer, do I still need to apply Wax? Or is the detailer enough apparently it's does the same sealing job? Also, what's the best method of cleaning in between the panel gaps, for example the...
  6. gr1nch

    3rd party car detailing: Emporer's New Clothes?

    Hello folks, Is it the case when a car is professionally detailed, that sometimes the inexperienced owner believes it looks or is better, than if he had done it himself or even worse, no better than if it wasn't detailed at all?! As a very pleased new car and new Mercedes owner, I've wanted to...
  7. P

    Detailing services

    I have a C class estate iv just bought, metallic magnetite black and generally in v good condition. There are however some light scratches down both sides where it looks like the past owner lived down a country lane and hedged it a few times, I can't feel them with my finger nail but they are...
  8. A

    Detailing south Manchester

    Can anyone recommend a good body polishing detailer around south Manchester. Mobile or Static.
  9. gr1nch

    New car detailing recommendations? In Lincolnshire ?

    Hi folks, I'll recheck the archives for further detailing advice, but if there are fresh thoughts please share them. Also my searches didn't show anything for the gleaming guy. I'm planning to pick up my new car in early March. Its an S350d. I'm considering paint protection - are there...
  10. M

    Recommending JP Valeting & Detailing - Mobile Car Valeter in Stafford, Staffordshire

    Just wanted to put in a good word for JP Valeting & Detailing in Stafford, Staffordshire who carried out a full valet on my car yesterday. As some of you know, I've been suffering ill health for some years now and as much as I love valeting & detailing my own car it was getting a bit much for...
  11. zoros

    Detailing - load of tosh

    My brother owns (or owned) one of the biggest car valeting companies in GB until recently after 16 years building it up. One sales 'arm' was the stock they used to supply Detailers / high end distributors / main showrooms. These end users have built an empire on cleaning and polishing cars...
  12. A

    South London Detailing

    Found an excellent detailer in Croydon (Purley Way really) Just had my W204 de-loused by Mike at Minutia Detailing and the ressults are top class. He is a bit of a perfectionist though.
  13. A

    Aspect detailing

    Anyone heard or used them?
  14. nickjonesn4

    Detailing in central Scotland

    Can't recommend the job Steve Galloway just did on my Golf R highly enough. Will post pics tomorrow. He is in Livingston a couple of minutes off M8 | Protection with Perfection
  15. T

    Car Detailing South Oxfordshire

    Good morning gents. Ive been looking around for the past couple of days at a few car detailers in the area I live in and have been reading a couple of reviews. Can anyone recommend anyone in the Oxford,Didcot,Wallingford area?
  16. P

    SL55 AMG Detail write up by RemyRoc detailing

    Hi All, Following a recommendation from a fellow MBUK member I engaged James Bird of RemyRoc Detailing to carry out a full detail on my wonderful SL55 AMG. I considered the car to be in very good order before he started but could see the paint work could be brighter and generally better. Well...
  17. B

    Recommendations for new detailing starter kit?

    After a longer than expected wait I should collect my C63S on Saturday. Having subjected my current car to the horrors of my local Romanian hand car washing service (with predictable swirly results), I think I should start as I mean to go on and always clean the new car myself. This seems like...
  18. h17n dj

    Wheel Detailing

    Hi Guys, Want to give the wheels a thorough clean before the summer starts. Whats the best process with the products I have, listed below.... Iron X and Tar Remover (all in one spray) Clay Bar Super Resin Polish IPA - Panel Wipe C5 sealant. All help greatly appreciated
  19. N

    What polish after clay cloth. First time detailing

    Hi could someone recommend a polish to use after using a clay cloth. Its my first attempt as a newbie. I have this cloth from Halfords Farecla G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt But I'v read thats not the end of the process. You have to apply a polish and can't jump straight to waxing. Also how do I...
  20. B

    New car detailing query

    Has anyone taken their car to detailing straight away or actually waited a month or so before taking it? Due to receive new w205 end of the month so was considering on getting a new car detail on it while I'm at it?
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