1. Chugg

    Digital service details

    Hi people, Just got an 2011 e class, and wanted to see the dealer service history, is the only way to go in to the main dealer and ask for print outs? I got a couple with it but wanted to check the full history, although the 2 print outs I got may be all of it. I was hoping to view online as...
  2. G

    W204 AMG 19" Alloys - Details

    I'm having my 19" wheels refurbed, and I'm going to change the from the silver/diamond cut finish to the black/diamond cut finish. Does anyone have any close up pics of OEM finish black 19" wheels. More specifically the paint finish and the centre caps? I've found some OE centre caps to buy...
  3. grober

    TESLA 3 details.

    And you thought the Mercedes "sticky-on the dash thing" was big!:eek: Tesla Model 3 is missing an important feature that no one is talking about ? BGR
  4. P

    new C250 Final order details

    Hi, I have finally decided to buy a new C250 Details: C250D AMG Salloon: Obsidian black metallic Premium plus Driving assistance pack 360camera Air balance pack Night package (18') . I am giving my existing car away at the end of December. The dealer called me today and said that there...
  5. A

    Recommend a details in SW London

    Does any one have first hand experience of someone good? I am in Wimbledon
  6. TKvS

    Vehicle VIN details

    A member posted a few days ago about finding a site where he could get full details of his MB car build, someone else responded with a link where you put in your VIN number, I meant to bookmark it but forgot, can anyone else point me to either the post or the link? regards and thanks.
  7. RobertoMercini

    Anyone ever lost insurance policy details?

    I took out gap insurance on my previous vehicle but despite being meticulous with paperwork normally, I can't find anything in relation to it. Is there a way I can find out who the policy was with?
  8. flowrider

    No buyer details for v5

    Anyone ever sold a car but the buyer didnt give their address details for the v5. The car was collected by a Polish shipping company and the buyer wasnt present. We still have the v5. Thanks
  9. guydewdney

    how do I find out house insurance details of neighbours?

    Like the MID is there an equivalent for houses? The normal course would be to speak to the owner but they are not there and are very 'short' on the phone. Any ideas? Guy
  10. W

    Battery details query

    Hi and happy Christmas to all The cold weather has found my battery a bit sluggish to the point where I suspect I may have to replace it. Struggled to get it started this morning even though it's garaged and was only parked up since late Christmas eve! It's an I6 320 CDi, 2002. Can someone...
  11. P

    Log book details?

    I purchased a C220 CDI AMG Sport 125 Edition Blueefficiency, September 2011 from new. The log book says, Model: C220 Sport CDI Blueeffi-cy A. The issue I have is when I try to part-ex the car, even in a Mercedes dealership. They all class it as the Sport and not an AMG sport 125. They...
  12. W

    SL500 1994 - more details to follow

    My SL might be for sale - PM me if interested and I will update below when I get a second. Just had £550 spent on the leather at D Class, Great hood, needs some tidying to make perfect and has intermittent hot start problem I have not had time to look at ... will be cheap to move quickly as...
  13. M

    Gemclean Detailing-This weeks Gtechniq top up details for MBCLUB members

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well and enjoyed some of the good weather weve had over the summer (apart from the weather now:( I havn't been on here to make any posts as its been incredibly busy at the studio with getting cars prepped for summer and shows etc. But this week has actually been...
  14. rebelrider4711

    Tracking details needed S211 2005 3.2 cdi

    Hi guys, help needed please, my car needs tracking on all 4 wheels, is there any body who knows the measurements, front and rear....:dk: hoping to get this done via laser, but would like the measurements before i go and get it done, * the nearside tyres are wearing on the insides... I...
  15. N

    Andy@EC contact details

    Hi, can anyone give me a contact number or email for Andy@EC. I'm looking for a Merc specialist near Slough/Maidenhead in Berkshire. In an old thread from last year Andy@EC says that is an area he covers, but I can't send a private message because I haven't reached the 30 post count (sorry!) Or...
  16. Dave Richardson

    original spec details

    Hi all, Could someone assist please ? I'd like to find out the spec details of my car when new, I've seen similar posts & response on the site before but unable to find out who replied or where to look. my car chassis number is WDB2037062A333650 regards & many thanks :thumb...
  17. M

    Some very recent mbclub details

    Hi there, I do apoligise for the lack of help im offering on the forum, but works very busy at the moment, but it will all be worth while as there is going to be alot on offer to you guys very soon! I have so many mbclub members cars to put up here but as you can imagine its extreamely time...
  18. P

    Mercedes Benz C126 Tailored Indoor Car Cover, by Covercraft of Europe

    Mercedes Benz C126 Tailored Indoor Car Cover, by Covercraft of Europe Mercedes Benz C126 Tailored Indoor Car Cover, by Covercraft of Europe | eBay
  19. C

    W211 Hidden Battery check/Oil quantity/VIN/Service details

    I recently suffered the woe of leaving my lights on Park and returning several days later to a very dead car. With the help of the RAC the car was started and the battery was tested and apart from needing a full charge it is OK. A quick search of the internet revealed this little trick which I...
  20. PXW

    Account details

    Friend of mine got his driveway done...poor quality bodge job, form a guy who is 'no longer working in the area'. However, he does have an address/phone number, and after much hassle the guy has agreed to refund - half now, half later. I'm sceptical that my friend will ever see the money - it...
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