1. ioweddie

    Thinking of getting metal detectors fro the grandsons for Christmas and advice

    Metal detectors!!! No idea whats what, So much choice. Please help. Need a couple for the grandsons 6 and 9 years old going on 20. Cheers Eddie:dk:
  2. HotJambalaya

    Camera/Radar Detectors

    So I've decided to invest in one, since it seems I wont be able to put camera locations into Comand, and I don't want to use my old Tom Tom for it, since it would look a little odd. Since I'm starting from scratch I'm thinking that something that is combined (ie GPS & actual detection) is best...
  3. C

    Anyone know if GPS speed Camera Detectors are legal in Republic of Ireland?

    I am going on a driving holiday next week (arriving off the ferry at Wexford and then driving along the south coast - Cork and then up towards Limerick) But I got conflicting reports about whether I could take my GPS based speed Camera Detector with me. I am pretty sure Radar Detectors...
  4. M

    Road Angel are a joke

    7 Months ago i purchased a Road Angel Speed camera detector. Anyway the free subscription ran out after 6 months. Straight away i was told by the Road Angel device and by email that the subscription had ran out and i could not update the device with the latest speed camera spots (Road Angel...
  5. plallu

    Camera Detectors- Advice

    Hi Everyone, I would like to purchase a camera detector for my car and was wondering if anyone has any advice on what brand and model to go for? Want something that will pretty much cover everything ie fixed cams, hand held lasers etc etc
  6. Benjy

    Camera Detectors

    Not saying that I am going to speed but always a handy little device when purchasing a C63. The missus is looking to buy me a Xmas pressie and I thought one of these might suffice. Any advice on the best on the market at the moment, price and functions... I am looking for one that can pick up...
  7. marcos

    Speed Trap Detectors

    Does anyone have any opinions on what is the best speed trap detector on the market at the moment. Is a GPS based one better or a laser type:confused: And are they still legal to use in this country:confused: Any help will be most appreciated as always:D
  8. W

    Smoke detectors

    Don't ask me why, but after recently buying some new smoke/fire alarms, I thought it a good opportunity to remind everyone else. If you haven't done recently, check or replace the batteries, and if you haven't got them yet, buy some!! For a few minutes or just a few quid if you need them...
  9. BenzComander

    Combined sat nav and mobile speed camera detectors

    Friend is after a combined sat nav and mobile speed camera detector.:rolleyes: Is there a sat nav unit that will alert you to the mobile speed detection units. Most have a database of the fixed sites, but he wants one that will warn when you are in the vacinity of a handheld lazer. Any...
  10. BTB 500

    RADAR detectors illegal now?

    I though the legislation proposed some time back that would have made RADAR detectors illegal in the UK got dropped in the end. But reading Top Gear mag on the train this morning (page 41, "The Grid"): Really??
  11. mercmanuk

    Carbon monoxide detectors

    can i interest anyone in a carbon monoxide detector left over surplas to requirements. these are one of the best on the market. WWW.4-WARN.COM £15 inc special delivery 5 available
  12. jay73

    Road Angel Camera Detectors CHEAP

    Go here to read about it COMPACT RRP £199.99 inc vat To MBCLUBUK forum members @ £160 each inc vat and P&P PLUS RRP £299.99 inc vat To MBCLUBUK forum members @ £265 each inc vat and P&P mail me @
  13. G

    Ultrasonic detectors for an R129 SL?

    Hi folks, Bit of a long shot here. My recent acquisition, a 1990 500SL has 2 ultrasonic detectors in the car, one on each A pillar. They are little black sensors. I believe they are part of the standard alarm system as fitted to the car. Unfortunately, one of the little holders has...
  14. J

    Radar detectors... Advice

    Hey all, I wish to purchase a radar detector and I've had 2 choices put forward to me at similar prices and I don't know how to decide... First of all is the Whistler 1740. It is offered at 75 quid and the price is not negotiable. The other one is Beltronics 936, at 57 quid there is room for...
  15. Pietre

    Banning Of Radar Detectors

    I have been pondering which detecgtor to buy, when the News broadcast to the world the other evening that the Gov't are going to make radar detectors illegal. How would I stand if I purchase one now when they are still legal to have fitted. Will I have to throw it away or take a chance on being...
  16. M

    Speed camera detectors

    Can anyone tell me if the snooper S1 is any good? Most reviews dont seem to rate it very good. I want to spend under £200 so if the S1 is no good can anyone advise a better one?
  17. joe

    Radar and Camera Detectors

    Hi Everyone, I have looked thru the postings dedicated to this subject, and was wondering what the verdict was on the various models. I can purchase Origin blue 1 (detector gps) £199.99+vat (£234.98) Snooper radar detector sp815is £129.99+vat (£152.73) Which...
  18. jimmy

    GROUP BUY GPS/Laser/Radar Detectors

    Seeing as there is a fair bit of interest in GPS & Laser/Radar detectors here, I have made some enquiries regarding a MBClub group buy or the possibility of my company becoming a dealer and offering them to members at a very favourable price. So far one company Radar Warehouse has responded...
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