1. rockits

    New Development Project

    Well I have started the dialogue & process with the council pre-planning dept. This could be a short or long road but here goes. We have a 2.5 acre plot with our house on the 0.5 acre with the 2 acre bit we would like to build on which is greenbelt. Not sure why it is greenbelt as nobody can...
  2. stwat

    Mercedes w126 development #w126

    Back when they were designed tested and built the analogue way. Rather than just designed by an algorithm on a computer then built and sent out to the public for us to find out the design faults and have them gradually fixed through the cars lifetime...
  3. O

    SRS change vin

    Hello I recently had to change a faulty SRS module on 2006 CLK. The old module died. I have now fitted a second hand module. It is still showing an error but at least the other functions controlled by the module now work. As I understand, the error is a result of the module not being...
  4. fil28

    E63 required for exhaust development

    Hi everyone, I am looking for owner with a W212 E63 who would like a performance exhaust at a discounted rate. Cobra sport exhausts are based in sheffield, South Yorkshire. They are a specialist exhaust manufacturer who are developing a system for the W212 E63 and need a car to test fit a system...
  5. D

    My development thread...

    Due to popular demand (two people asked) I thought I'd start a thread on my forty acre development. (It's the part with the outline of a crow) Still in very early stages, it's more than likely going to be two developments; one side will be a dozen executive bespoke houses, the other...
  6. W

    Anyone know about Permitted Development and Extensions etc?

    Hi Gang, Would appreciate any advice/wisdom from those of you who know much about this area or have had any recent building work carried out. I live in a relatively modern (late 70's) house in Surrey. It's a typical brick built 3-bed semi/end terrace (of 3) in a nice enough area, and we...
  7. bpsorrel

    Interesting Autocar feature about Mercedes F1 engine development

    British GP preview - The brains behind Mercedes' F1 engine domination | Autocar
  8. grober

    CPAS EDU-A-CDT-3-9 PTV-4 Airdrop Parachute Development Test

    The Yanks quietly continue with their manned space program development ORION Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV)with this capsule recovery parachute test- designed to splash down in the ocean- goes back to the 60'S technology having seemingly abandoned reuseable vehicles for now. There are...
  9. PhilDR

    Looking for a 63 Bi Turbo owner to held with development

    Hi guys, We are currently working on a very special piece of kit for the 63AMG Bi turbo engines...we are looking for a car to measure. We have the operation side proven, but require a Bi turbo car for a couple of days measuring and reference....( NO MODIFICATIONS WILL BE MADE) we just need to...
  10. jumperjohn

    E500 5.5 V8 Engine development

    Hello. I'm wondering about the development of this engine, maybe a bit sad but I like to learn. I know that this engine was put into the E Class facelift from 2006 but where did it come from, i.e. a develpoment from the 90's or was it brand new? Also is this engine the exact same as in a...
  11. Spinal

    Duke Nukem Forever in Development...

    Totally off topic, but while at lunch I was chatting ot a colleague, and it would appear that the greatest vapourware of all time may actually be released this june! W00t! That's hours of my childhood wasted in front of urinal, or squishing friends in multiplayer mode after shrinking...
  12. jdrrco

    R107 development photo

    Mercedes-Benz 350 SL R107 development 1972 photo A8120 on eBay (end time 22-Aug-10 13:33:43 BST) Interesting development photo of the R107 prototype. Note the "meet in the middle" wipers.
  13. grober

    Sec coupe development video

    Quite nice video at 480p on the development of the w126 SEC coupes. Alas in German of course. :( Can't remember if I have posted this before or not.:o MnRwrYIdzZ4&feature=player_embedded
  14. W

    Omnivore - 2 stroke petrol engine development

    Initial phase of Omnivore development achieves 10% improvement in fuel consumption compared to stratified direct injection engines, also with ultra low emissions. The research signals a potential paradigm shift with engine ‘upsizing’ for increased fuel economy. Omnivore Summary The Omnivore...
  15. carnut

    A worrying Development

    Is this the way to go? The comment that police dont respond resulting in what amounts to criminal damage and vigilantism (sp?), and no doubt innocent motorists having their cars damaged (cars driving into the...
  16. verytalldave

    Development of the W204

    You might find these 4 Mercedes-Benz podcasts below interesting. Its shows the W204 in development and manufacture. Very dramatic and well produced - as you would expect........ Watch them in order to see the full story..................... Enjoy...
  17. GrahamC230K

    Driver Development (pics!)

    I had a good day out at the Warwickshire based Prodrive proving ground yesterday. Accompanied by Sym, I spent the day under tuition, on a circuit, tight handling course and a skid surface emulating black ice. If anyone is interested and I can recommend it have a look at
  18. Steve_Perry

    The latest development in vehicle protection

    The Golem :p :D Oh if only! :cool: :bannana: S.
  19. R

    Anybody good at website development?

    Hi, me and a couple of friends are trying to set up a web discussion forum (not car based). I have purchased a domain name and webhosting from and bought and downloaded a copy of vbulletin forum software. Following the instructions with the forum software I have managed to upload...
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