1. M

    Audio 20 regularly resetting USB device

    I've just replaced my old A200D with a new, late 2016 GLA200D and for the most part love the improvements in the updated Audio 20 media system. One thing has been annoying me though. I regularly leave a*USB*stick in the media port, filled with music to play. In my old A200 the Audio 20 system...
  2. C

    Tune2air bluetooth device

    Has anyone tried the Tune2air bluetooth device from viseeo? I have bluetooth for my iphone calls, but keen to be able to play music from my iphone 6 too. As I want to keep the car original I thought this device may do it. Interested in any feedback, thank you. Doing a search I see there was a...
  3. D

    Dealing with speed cameras.. Need a device.

    Hello, So on previous cars I did not have sat nav built in so had my trusty tom tom which warned me of speed cameras when I ventured out of the local area. After just one day of having the merc I got nicked as command does not show cameras! What's the best device out there? Can i have...
  4. T

    Best Speed Camera Warning Device ?

    Over 43 years I have managed to avoid getting a speeding ticket but had more than a few close calls :eek: over last few years Advice and comments on the Best Standalone warning devices. -Not Got Command -Dont really want to drive everywhere with the Satnav on the screen -Like my Music so...
  5. P

    MeFitting a Bluetooth audio USB device to rcedes CLS W219.

    My Mercedes CLS came fitted with the command sat nav and Bluetooth phone system however i was unable to stream music via Bluetooth. I do however have an audio input jack fitted to the glove box but the wires were rather unsightly. For quite a while i had been using a USB Bluetooth dongle...
  6. H

    DAB 'Device Unavailable' Message

    Hi All, First post here and just hoping to get some info. My 2013 C220 had an issue a couple of weeks back where a 'device unavailable' message would pop up whilst the DAB radio is on, music goes off for a couple of seconds then reload up and come back on. This got worse and worse over the...
  7. C

    Anyone use an obd bluetooth device for data logging?

    I've had my 2012 c63 amg mapped and decided to see what was happening with throttle position with my obd bluetooth device. I know they are supposed to open 75% pre map. Mine appears to be only opening 87% now but I know for a fact the map was set for it to open 98% I've spoken to my tuner who...
  8. dowtherz

    W169 Media Interface APS 50 device not recognised issue

    Hi all I have a highly spec'd W169 which has the APS 50 command unit and media interface. However no matter what device I attach eg iPod or android, the unit won't recognise the device or the music. My MB dealer days it's to do with the sound format but I've had no problem in later model...
  9. F

    Dealer warranty affected by installation of Cat 5 device?

    Hello everyone, Would like to get your thoughts on whether Mercedes Benz could at some point cause issues with the warranty of my brand new car if I went and go a Tatcham Cat 5 security device installed. I am considering getting a Scorpion Track 5 device fitted by one of their approved...
  10. O

    MyGenius handheld device

    No longer required. Still boxed etc. Map would need to be purchased seperately but save money buying a new handheld. £50
  11. N

    Diesel Misfuel - which device is best ?

    Some help from the wise please. Having just purchased my first diesel car a CLC 220 CDI Sport and running two other petrol Mercedes in the family, Iam concerned that one of us at some point will have a lapse of concentration and end up with petrol in the diesel tank. From looking at the...
  12. K

    Went from APS 50 to Comand - navigation device problem

    Hello, I upgraded my 2002 W211 to Comand. Everything works MP3, Video, dashboard display etc. BUT... I bought Navigation Device (trunk one) and after installation (my car had all wires ready for comand from factory - fitted with APS 50 but Comand ready) Comand display says "Navigation Device...
  13. M

    W221 Unknown device

    Hi, if anyone could tell me what it could be:dk:? Mounted in the front bumper. Thanks
  14. E

    Device in the battery compartment w203

    Hello everyone, i was wondering if someone could help me find out what does the device ( module) that is located in the upper right area of the battery compartment is used for, i found a cable near it that wasn't attached to the connector and before replacing it i was hopping that someone...
  15. T

    mCar iPod/USB/BT device for W211 / W219

    Hi I have an mCar Universal Media Interface device that I have removed from my W211 for sale. It provides Bluetooth telephone and audio streaming, and also a USB connection which can be used for USB sticks or for connecting your iPod. It is a fully digital solution and the sound quality is...
  16. D

    any cheap device to measure average speed of car just like police speed gun

    is their device that measure the average speed of cars on the road. basically a DIY device to measure average speed of cars. which cheap to buy local resident committee or some how getting police to measure such speeds if it can be done any help/ideas appreciated as we have many people...
  17. S

    No Device Connected error on CD and Nav?

    HI all I recently purchased a W204 Sport estate and within a week the Nav stopped working. Tried CDs and they don't work either. The radio works fine (once or twice went off for s second but came back though). It is the Audio 50, 6 Cd, 2010 plate. I think it is NTG4 (set in dash with cover that...
  18. developer

    New Anti Theft Device

    Yup, this would do it :D... u95qouPfXHM
  19. A

    Bluetooth device for playing your phone through speakers.

    Hello I currently have this command system, no idea what model etc? it does have a 30pin iphone connector in glove box also. I've had the iphone 5 for a while and just seen this gizmo. Can I plug this into the 30 pin glove box lead and play the music through my phone. Saves reaching across...
  20. E

    Lost your keys?

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