1. sjmaxwell

    Red Devil about to be joined by Black Beauty!

    Watch this space! :bannana::D
  2. dronnieboy

    220ce - Red Devil

    mercedes 124 ce coupe | eBay Looks pretty clean, what do we think about the colour?
  3. W

    rear brake shoes - the work of the devil

    Brake shoes, not something I suspect a MB owner has often met, but today I did for the first time. What a absolute sod of a job. Never again will I consider changing them, I'll happily pay the garage the 2-4 hours labour and enjoy a beer in the garden instead. /vent over :)
  4. corned

    Finisterre is the devil?

    I don't know whether this should be posted here, or in PC support, or indeed in feedback and testing. I have just attempted a reply post, and the smiley panel at the side had a very strange guest appearance. Instead of the devil - :devil: - it had the following: Even the mouse-over help...
  5. J

    What the devil is going on?

    Young drivers hit 111mph on Lemon Tree Passage in tribute to dead motorcyclist | Mail Online:devil:
  6. 219

    eBay :wallbash: :devil:

    Pardon this 'rant' folks : I just feel the need to vent my annoyance at this lot ! Having used eBay for a number of years now , mainly as a buyer , with 100% positive feedback in the low hundreds , no history of disputes either with other customers ( other than one single member with dreadful...
  7. Ade B

    The Devil Ikea

    Just returned from the hell on earth that is Ikea (made more amusing by the antics of Junior B who enjoyed it immensly). Having just priced up pretty much all the loose furniture required for a 5 person office, it came to just over £500 including VAT but exluding delivery. The insane thing...
  8. Spinal

    Devil's Pit

    I realise this thread should probably be in member's gallery, but I really want to get some comments, and it definetly is motoring related ;) Now, without further ado... After cleaning the Shogun, putting a nice layer of wax on most of the car (and stripping down the bonnet to the paint...
  9. U

    The Devil in the details The guys clearly put efforts into keeping a fresh car. Never seen so many...
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