1. C

    W210 38 pin diag advise please

    Hi all i have a 2001 E320 cdi the abs bas and associated lights have just come on and im looking to find out how to read the codes i have a little hand held scanner and adaptor lead that reads there is a fault code with the engine but wont tell me what it is separate issue im looking at...
  2. R

    Star Diag on a B Class W245

    Hi All, QQ, do the fault codes stored in the car contain date time and mileage to when the fault occured? Or is it just the fault as a stored event with a description to what the fault is? Cheers
  3. B

    R129 odd lighting fault- help needed with diag.

    Hi, 1992 sl 500. All day driving lights turn on (front side, number plate, rear side lights) when car sat unused for days or weeks. No alarm fitted, keys not in. Def not leaving switch on. Runs batt flat. Had new battery. Repaired lighting monitor module (for diff issue) still doing it, I don't...
  4. B

    Star Diag

    Hi, Does anyone have access to Star diagnostic or know a decent indy garage around the Derbyshire area to do coding of the rear sam for installing facelift rear l.e.d lights on a 2009 car. TIA
  5. I

    W123 Fuse #2, pops with a noise in diag box

    Hi All, Just about to nip over and get an MoT for a 1984 280CE - hopefully. The only problem during the pre-inspection was the hazards not working - indicators OK. I pulled the boot light, interior light, antenna, radio and haz switch, put the fuse back and got a pop with a buz by the...
  6. optimusprime

    W124 boot lid interior cover fitting diag

    In the problem zone again.So i am asking if any member can find info on fixing the moulded trim to the trunk lid. My w124 never came with a moulded trim cover,.And as i had seen other w124 with one , so i wanted one . The bootlid is looking cheap with out it. .Ebay was the place i picked one...
  7. Deadly Dave

    Seatbelt wiring diag.

    Would anyone have a wiring diag. for the seatbelt butler in a 1988 300CE please. The Haynes manual doesn't have one. Thank you.
  8. P

    A Class -Engine Diag lamp on dash

    Wife not used for about two months. Battery was completely flat. Jump started it with portable charger. But light is now on. Is this normal considering its not been used? Also, how far to drive to charge battery?
  9. bob6600

    W210 diag port not working

    Finally took my car to get the limp mode diagnosed and vehicle will not talk to STAR. Tried 2x 38pin cables, checked fuses, tried another generic code reader. Managed to confirm the port has power but just will not talk to the STAR software. Before I rip it to bits, anything obvious it...
  10. D

    210 38 pin compatable diag tool

    im looking for a diag scanner for 38 pin e55 210 that can connect to airbag, esp, engine etc have had a bad experience with a supplied Chinese carsoft that hopefully will get a refund for, so will have some funds available soon. Will try another one or even a star at the right price if it can be...
  11. S

    Maxi diag eu702

    Hi all help needed i thought i would update my eu702 so i cleared out all info tests failed to clear but software ie car info ob11 was deleted and cannot reinstall pc link crashes on contact with the rar/zip file pulled hair out none left lol getting no responce from company...
  12. S

    i can fix(neutral) sbc pump in 211 (brake service visit workshop) with my star diag

    hello, i can fix(neutral) sbc pump 211, easy, with my new star diagnosis, and much more...
  13. tpwuk

    W208 Aircon Display - Diag Codes??

    Can anyone explain what all the various codes and their associated readings are? I understand code #7 is the aircon gas pressure. Mine reads 4 hence my EC light coming on, but I wondered what all the others are? TIA G
  14. S

    Help With Star Diag Please

    I have had a star diagnostics machine for awhile and i decided to try and make it work, but every time i try to communicate with the car i get a message saying : Fault (1.1)-1.501.9504 Initialization of diagnosos multiplexer failed. Possible causes: The link between the diagnosis multiplexer...
  15. gurpsingh

    Any1 with a STAR DIAG kit in London??

    Hello.. Any1 with a Start Diagnostic kit in or around East London?? Need to hook my CLK230K up... Cheers g
  16. M

    If anyone needs to get a diag Scantool connected..

    I have a Snap-On Scantool box with Mercedes cartridge. ( and most other makes ). I'm in Cambridge, so if you need to clear/ read codes etc.. just drop me a line. No charge!! Mark
  17. C

    DIAG D2B Components

    Ok Guys I have a question In the comand diagnostics screen from holding down mute and buttons 1&2, I select Diagnostic and D2B Components mine reads: POS Actual Config 000 180 1C8 001 190 0F0 OFF 000 190 OFF 000 000 OFF 000 000 Another clk meber on the forum (thanks Alex) reads...
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