1. B

    Intermittent Noise - MB Can't diagnose

    So, had the GL350 (X166) for just coming up a year now and it's been great, 18,000 miles, no problems:cool: BUT..... Background.....about 4 weeks ago, first service carried out, then a few days later 2 new rear tyres put on. Car had PZero's and I went with 2 brand new Toyo's (exactly the...
  2. P

    In Austria. Help diagnose clunking

    Hi peeps. Almost at the end of our European road trip in our W204 c180 estate. Did the GrossGlockner high Alpine road yesterday and near the end of the day half way down the hair pins I started getting a fairly loud clunking every few rotations of the wheel when I turned right. Sounds like it's...
  3. PhilG

    Diagnose my ropy Nav (NTG 2.5)

    Struggled back today with phone nav as my COMAND thinks I am in the middle of the Irish sea. The engineering menu says I have a good number of satellites: Then there is this link screen - is red good? Here's the compass view Is this what is usually seen when a new antenna...
  4. A

    mercedes w211 e200k facelift a lot of problems, need star diagnose :(

    hello to everybody. I am a new owner of a Mercedes e200 kompressor 2006, facelift model. i`ve just bought the car 2 weeks ago and this is my first Mercedes I must say. First of all, I am interested where can I have a proper diagnose? (STAR if possible). I live near Oban (Highlands) but I am...
  5. Q

    LIT Table to Diagnose Suspension Noise (and other bangs etc).

    I recently fixed a mate's car's rumbles, bangs and clunks. I used an old LIT table to do this, which he'd not seen before so I thought someone else might find it useful. The LIT (Listen, Inspect, Test) table is a matrix that helps you narrow down what is making the noise in the car. The idea is...
  6. B

    a few more issues im trying to diagnose.

    Wondering if anyone can help please. My car is a w210 e200 2.0 auto estate. It's recently developed a loud noise which gets worse when engine is revved up. I'm thinking its water pump as there is a bit of water around the pump and the car does make a ticking noise at idle. The car had a bit of a...
  7. C

    Help me diagnose the problem

    Hi guys, My E320 CDI 2002 blows hot air from the centre vents even though the setting control is set to cold, have you any idea before I take it in? Don't wanna get ripped off!
  8. P

    Please help diagnose my problem, im seriously losing patience

    Hi chaps, This is my first post as I have just joined today. I am in desperate need of help to try and diagnose a problem im having starting my van, the van is a merc vito on a 52 plate. The starting problem started roughly a few months ago and got worse, I dont really use it on a...
  9. P

    what do i need to connect a laptop via Carsoft v7.4 to diagnose

    Hello, I'm looking for a DIY home diagnostics now, how could i connect my laptop or PC or whatever computer to get codes readed from ODBII in my 1998 old diesel merc , and now i have CarSoft v7.4 but i don't know what kind of cable i need to coonect from 38pin socket to a laptop ? i have a rs232...
  10. R

    Star Diagnose mods - apart from in Kent?

    Didn't want to hijack R2D2's thread so thought I'd start a new one. I can't get to Feb 11th GTG, and anyway it's a long way for a mod that may not be possible anyway on my car. So, does anybody know someone outside of SE England (ideally North West, but I travel around most of the rest of...
  11. T

    Mercedes and Smart diagnose tool

    Hi, Guys We know somone sell Mercedes and Smart workshop software and diagnosis tool, if you need them, just contact me.
  12. T

    Mercedes and Smart diagnose tool

    Hi, Guys We know someone has Mercedes and Smart workshop software and diagnosis tool, if you need them, just contact me.
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