1. D

    Star diagnostics in a Forfar scotland

    Just had car checked over on Star, well pleased with expertise of owner on Mercedes cars. Not all good news for me but at least I know someone competent to put car right and not at main dealer prices. | Sandemans Cars | Market Street, Forfar, DD8 3EQ Scotland | Tel: 01307 463483 |...
  2. T

    Andy at Eurocharged/Prestige Car Diagnostics

    Hi All Does anyone have any contact details for Andy at Eurocharged/PCD LTD? Been trying to get hold of him but his usual number isn't working. Thanks
  3. R

    Esp yaw rate sensor diagnostics?

    Hi guys, My replacement yaw rate sensor shows the same erratic values via diagnostics as the old one. Can you help me with diagnostic steps before I return it? How do I bench test the sensor? Thanks
  4. S

    Mercedes diagnostics required in Watford

    Hi does anyone know of a good mechanic with diagnostics equipment in the Watford, Hertfordshire area. My S350L has developed a fault on the electrical side.
  5. M

    Anyone got Star diagnostics near Aberdeen

    Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone has star diagnostics near Aberdeen that would be willing to put my SL 350 (R230) on. I am having issues with the fan blower but nothing obvious and have seen other posts from people with same fault that have had the star clear all faults and it returns...
  6. M

    Star diagnostics - West Midlands - Coventry

    Hi all, I am looking for a good mobile Mercedes mechanic in the Coventry area with star diagnostics who can check out some fault codes on my car, I have a icarsoft MB2, but some codes it is reading it can't find in it's database. Regards, Mark.
  7. S

    Star diagnostics - West Sussex - worthing

    Hi all, Does anyone know of someone that has the Mercedes STAR diagnostics within West Sussex / Worthing ? I have a ML55 and would love to connect it up and change some of the settings / clear down faults. Some of the features I want to change need Star - i,e, program new key fob, reset...
  8. M

    R129 MAS Module - car not starting / diagnostics not working

    Evening all, i have a 1991 R129 300 SL-24 and have been incurring intermittent faults which cause the car to die and leaving me stranded. When trying to re-start the car it fires briefly on first attempt and then dies again. It can be a couple of days before the car starts again without any...
  9. J

    Members with Star Diagnostics?

    Hi there, Just wondering if any members, particularly in the Essex area, have the Star diagnostic equipment? Reason I ask is because I would like to enable Xenon headlamp option before I fit a HID kit. Many thanks, James
  10. M

    Limp mode diagnostics

    Hi Having taken a gamble on buying a S210 E320 CDI which was in limp mode so i could meet the Maximum £500 purchase cost to enter it in rally to drive to rome next year i'm looking for a little help. The car is in limp mode, no rev beyond 3000 etc but has now warning lights on the dash. the...
  11. A

    W204 Carly diagnostics - ESP problem

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, so apologies in advance if I'm not following any rules. I've just bought a 2011 W204 from Mercedes Hemmel Hempsted. It does not have any obvious problems, but I decided to do a diagnostic using Carly just to double check. The report said there were four...
  12. Ala

    W208 CLK Convertible -2001 model with 38 pin - which diagnostics to buy

    Hi All. I have searched before posting but cannot find an answer that fits perfectly. My w208 has a 38 pin connector. I can use an OBD with adapter lead for basic diagnostic reads. I currently have an SRS light on. I have cleaned the terminals under the passenger seat and it has not gone...
  13. Gaz-M

    Wanted STAR diagnostics..

    Im after STAR diagnostics, even if its the "aftermarket" type as long as it works good. Anyone got or know of anything? Even a link to good known STAR you may have bought yourself? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. D

    Anyone got Launch diagnostics in Scotland

    In and around Edinburgh area? Urgent Thanks
  15. Marku


    Read recently that this was a waste of money and increasingly used by dealers as another little earner instead of just getting on and doing the job. The advice was that its about time that the public stood up to them and refused it.
  16. J

    CLS 350 - Problems Soon After Purchase - Reassurance Needed!

    Evening all. I'm in York and recently (10 days ago) bought a 2010 CLS 350 Grand with 50,000 on the clock. Bought from a Mercedes dealership (not in York) with the usual one year breakdown and warranty (just as well). Unfortunately I've hardly driven it as it was towed following a power steering...
  17. S

    Manchester Diagnostics?

    I am planning a trip up to manchester tomorrow to view a 2007 S320. I was wondering if any one was available to give the car a quick look over for me, even plugging in diagnostic machine if possible. I would obviously make it worth your while. Or if any one could recommend a garage i...
  18. C

    Diagnotic Tool advice please

    Hi All I'm looking for some advice for purchasing a diagnostic / reader / reset tool for my 2002 E220 CDi (W211) My car is permanently displaying a 'SRS' warning message and after much reading, it seems to point to the passenger seat occupancy sensor (or in that area) being at fault. As I do...
  19. E

    Star Diagnostics Needed.

    Does anyone have access to star diagnostics in the Tameside area? Dreaded visit workshop on the airmatic system - All functions appear to be working fine, raises fast, lowers okay however after X minutes it flashes up the visit workshop. Annoying thing is some journeys it doesn't do it at...
  20. F

    Auto Box recalibrate with star diagnostics

    help needed, I have replaced the conductor plate on my w203 c220 cdi.and I have been told that it needs to be calibrated to the car,hence still have the fault. is there anyone in the corby area with the star diagnostic that could help me and re set it and how much please.
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