1. R

    Magical mystical colour-changing dials

    So my car has ivory dials which go black at night. It's either the devils work or there's some science involved. Am I right in thinking that the ivory face that you see in daylight is just really thin and reflective? Ooh and I found cup holders that I didn't know were in the passenger...
  2. I

    Dash Dials are spotty - damp? W126 from US

    Hi, I've seen many a merc dashboard - and a lot of them in extremely wet cars. I can't remember seeing these white freckles before. There are three cars for sale from a bloke in Pennsylvania, one of them is a Florida car and that's the one with a normal dash, the other two are local and...
  3. J

    Speedo dials

    Are there any white dial conversion kits for a 2003 w203? Thank you
  4. J

    clocks and dials change

    I'm thinking about changing my standard clocks and dials with black background in my w211 E class to the silver with chrome trim. Ive noticed you can buy the complete units on ebay and from breakers but I'm a bit unsure as to how hard it will be to do it and if it will affect any of my dials...
  5. S

    Heater dials White

    Anyone know where i can get the white heater dial backrounds for clk w208 320 elegance auto coupe 2002 51 plate. I can find the chrome rings that people put round them but no actual white background inserts or replacements.
  6. B

    SEC White Dials

    Hi all, Have a set of white dials with chrome rings for a SEC may fit other models.... £40.00 posted recorded. Cheers
  7. J

    w202 sport white dials for c200 espirit

    hi guys my 99T w202 c200 espirit has the normal black dials, i hear the white dials from the sport version will swap straight in. im wanting to keep the mileage the same so ideally just the white card insert will do? anything i need to watch out for and anyone got any sport dials for sale...
  8. Sudesh

    White/cream dials for ml w163 270cdi

    Does anyone know where I could get the white/cream dial kit for a 2003 ML 270CDI? I've seen the lockwood AMG kit, but the MPH configuration is not the same.
  9. ConvertibleCLK

    Who wants Plasma AMG Dials?

    I have been speaking to a company that produces Plasma dials for the w208 CLK. At present these dials are only available in KMPH, they WILL make them in MPH but have a minimum order of 15. Any one want to go in? In my mind the design would be similar to the W202 AMG dials. Black centres with...
  10. poormansporsche

    Well the Custom Stainless Dials have Arrived ....

    alright peeps, after a bit of a wait they have arrived, thanks to everyone who helped on the other thread :) still a fair bit of work to do as the original mercedes illumination is so dull I am going to have to deconstruct the whole cluster and bung in loads of extra leds anyway this is...
  11. poormansporsche

    Anyone fancy some Custom Stainless Steel Dials ???

    alright peeps, Ive ordered from these guys before: www.metal-monkey.co.uk And the quality of the stuff is second to none in my opinion Although Mercedes is not on the list they can knock stuff up from scratch no problem at all. Im going to be ordering a set of dials for my W202 with...
  12. F

    vito dials always backlit

    Hi, can anyone help, i have a 99 110cdi vito and for some reason the dials are permanently backlit, no millage/clock or anything just backlit and draining the battery, please help,,, thanks
  13. S

    White Dials, Black Lights!!!

    Hi Guys, Have seen White Dials for sale on fleabay and I do like the look of these but not sure how easy it is to dismantle the dash and change the dials! Anyone has done this? Good or bad idea? I have a CLK320 W209 by the way. Also, I keep looking for the new shape rear lights but none comes...
  14. NW_Merc

    White heater dials - will also fit facelift W202

  15. bigyin1

    w124 directional fan speed and direction black dials

    As it says above i'm looking for 1 x w124 black directional fan speed controller and 1 x black directional air direction controller.....
  16. Howard

    Lorinser Dials for W210 or W208

    In kmh , but still very cool .... :cool: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Lorinser-Tachoscheiben-Mercedes-W210-W208-320km-h-CLK_W0QQitemZ180249097896QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item180249097896&_trkparms=39%3A1%7C65%3A10&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
  17. ADY1983

    Genuine AMG plasma dials for W124

    I thought i'd put these up here before I ebay them. This is a genuine set of AMG dials, out of my old 300CE They cost me £140 a couple of years ago. Only used for about 6 months though, if that, considering the amount of time the car was off the road. Looking for £80. Postage is...
  18. orso

    white dials

    Hi, have recently bought my first MB: a W124 cabrio sportline E200 1995 with 125,000 KM. The car is in mint conditions and I am over the moon with it:bannana: . Just one doubt though: it has white dials. I don't like them much and was considering changing them back to black ones. Have two...
  19. J

    Has anybody got CLK dials? (W208)

    Hi guys, I am wanting some new dials for my CLK200 (W208 ), and I have found a compnay that do some really cool dials at: http://www.metalmonkey.co.uk The only thing is that as they haven't done any for a MB before they want me to send my dials to them so they can do it, but as my car is used...
  20. Gucci

    ML W163 - want to put chrome rings on dials

    Having seen pics of the ML inspiration - really like the chrome rings around the speedo/dials etc. Buying the rings are quite cheap, but how do you access the dial surface behind the 'glass'? :confused:
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