1. S

    W209 Clk55 Decat pipes or pipe diameter

    Hi folks I'm the happy new owner of a 2003 Clk55,and looking to remove the secondery cats, leaving everything else stock, original single AMG rear box . Ideally someone will point me in the direction of decat pipe kit, or alternatively give me the original pipe outside diameter so i can cut...
  2. Gaz74

    C32 AMG anti roll bar diameter query.

    Hi, I need new ARB bushes on the front of my car and after searching, I thought that the bar should be 22mm thick. I've just measured the one on the car and it's 20mm thick, so has it got the wrong (or a regular W203) anti roll bar in place? Can anyone confirm the thickness it should be...
  3. W

    W209 CLK 500 - Exhaust pipe Diameter pre Back Box

    I'm hoping some can help me with this simple questions. Whats the Outside Diameter of the pipe running into the back box of the EU versions of a w209 CLK 500. I've read around various forums and am getting confused they appear to be different dependent on whether the car is EU/UK or AMG...
  4. M

    W203 C320 Exhaust Bore Diameter

    Hi all, I've done a quick search and not found the diameter of the bore on the exhaust for the C320.. I know that I could go out and measure it, but I'm too lazy and its too cold lol.. Anyone here have any idea what it is? Cheers, Mandip
  5. N

    W202 C250 TD leak off line problem - what's the diameter?

    The leak off lines on my car are popping off with really annoying frequency, three times in the last week, once on a trip to Bristol. The boys on Biopowered - vegetable oil and biodiesel forum - Index say nylon tubing is 100% bulletproof & once on is a bitch to try to remove so little chance of...
  6. O

    2000 W208 clk430 front brake disc brake discs rotor rotors size diameter thickness

    Hi, so it's time for new front brakes for my CLK430 and I'm looking through what eurocarparts.com has to offer. Problem is (the same problem I had with my last CLK430, but I can't remember what I found out back then), they offer 2 different sizes. I'm pretty sure I either found, or made a thread...
  7. E

    W124 Diesel fuel hose diameter?

    Hi guys, I've got an air leak somewhere and want to replace the current 23 year old rubber fuel hose under the bonnet with new clear hose. Does anyone know the internal or external diameter of this hose please?
  8. M

    W210 E55 Exhaust Diameter

    Hey All, As per the title, has anyone verified what the diameter for the stock exhaust is?
  9. Supacool1

    Do all w202 have the same diameter brake discs

    As above please...I thought they were all the same diameter that being 280mm...? Please can someone comment? Thanks
  10. Charles Morgan

    Radiator hose - internal diameter size question

    Not a Merc, but having fitted a new water pump to the flathead Ford V8 in my Allard, the cooling hose to the radiator base from the pump is now about an inch too short. To fit a new one I need to spec a hose which will fit over a 47mm diameter flanged pipe, which then tapers to 44mm immediately...
  11. T

    W208 CLK 230K. Exhaust Piping diameter ?

    Hi. Does anyone here know what the diameter of the exhaust piping on a 4cylinder CLK 230K W208 is ? I think it would be either 2 inch (51mm) or 2.25 inch (57mm). The only one i could measure was off a CLK 430 V8 and that was 2.25 inch. Thanks.
  12. bpsorrel

    Staggered wheel sizes on S211 (diameter and width)

    Does anyone know if there's any "technical" reason why I would not be able to put 17" (245 tyres?) wheels on the rear of my S211 whilst keeping the original 16s (225 tyres) at the front? To me, it's only at the rear that the car seems a little "under-wheeled". I've seen a few cars with this...
  13. M

    pitch circle diameter?

    ive recently bought a set of wheels with a PCD of 114.3, but my PCD on my W202 is 112, how can i change this so that the wheels will fit my car? any adaptors etc available?
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