1. oldhamm

    W212 17" or 19"? Diamond or Alloy?

    I recently bought a W212 facelift saloon that came with 19" AMG alloys (A2124014702 for those so inclined) which I managed to kerb twice and then hit a pothole on the A13 at 65 mph which made me think I'd hit a wall. I resolved to revert to a set of the original factory 17" (A2124015602) which I...
  2. m.b-amg

    C43 W205 AMG Diamond Grill ( Genuine MB Part )

    Hi I have my AMG diamond grill up for grabs from my 2017 AMG. Comes with AMG front grill badge. MB star not included just use your own star. Only 2 months old no marks. Being removed this Friday. I will post in well packaged box or buyer can collect. Genuine part removed from my car. £160...
  3. I

    Suede and diamond studded CL anyone?

    Just spotted this on AT. I am struggling to understand the thought process of the previous owner!! http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201702072080913?atmobcid=soc3
  4. B

    Diamond Cut or Painted Finish advise

    Hi all I have a CLS350 with Diamond cut AMG 18" alloys, which were refurbished about 18 months ago. After about 9 months the first signs of milkiness appeared again around one of the hubs and now all four have gone again despite me following a strict cleaning, drying and polishing routine. I...
  5. C

    Sealing diamond cut wheels

    I'm about to get my AMG 7-spoke (black inlay/diamond-cut face) wheels refurbished and am thinking how to preserve the as-new finish for as long as possible. Previously polished/waxed/3 coats of PoorBoys wheel sealant several times a year plus weekly washing, but I am wondering if there are any...
  6. N

    Can I fit an SLC 'Diamond' grill on an a 2016 SLK ?

    I have a 2016 SLK, and would like to ift the grill from an SLC, the one with diamond shape insets in circular patterns. From the parts list, the bracket behind the grill is a slightly different shape, and the tabs appear to be in a different place. Has anyone here seen or done the conversion...
  7. D

    e220 sportsline convertible going cheap in ultra rare diamond white

  8. S

    Diamond White Driver's Side Mirror Cap A/B/C/E/CLS/S Class

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz Door Wing Mirror cover WITHOUT indicator lens. No cracks, scuffs or marks. Driver Side/Offside/Right Hand side. I had to purchase a whole new assembly from Mercedes as the indicator failed on my C204. Unfortunately the LED part is not sold separately so I was bent...
  9. M

    2017 Mercedes AMG E63S 4MATIC Designo Diamond White and Selenite Grey - Video

    2017 Mercedes AMG E63S 4MATIC Designo Diamond White and Selenite Grey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvAaFG3vcww [YOUTUBE HD]XvAaFG3vcww[/YOUTUBE HD] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmUyYuCkeXs [YOUTUBE HD]bmUyYuCkeXs[/YOUTUBE HD]
  10. Scooby_Doo

    Dropped my Diamond White.

    As I was about to wax the car today the thought occurred to me that as the jar was made hard plastic , I'd better not drop it . As I went to pick it up -oops- I dropped it :doh: luckily it just bounced . Went to unscrew the lid and dropped it again :doh: this time the lid split in two...
  11. John

    Diamond cut or not?

    I've read up on the definition and I suspect they are but are my current wheels categorically diamond cut?
  12. SmartMAC

    18" Diamond Cut Refurbish around Manchester

    The wife decided to kerb the brand new wheel I had replaced 3 months ago when I hit a pot hole. I don't remember the last time either of us kerbs a wheel so I can't complain too much really. Anybody can recommend a place around Manchester/ Bolton to get this sorted? I have winter wheels so I...
  13. deemi786

    Diamond Cut Alloys refurbishment

    Hello all, its been some time since my last post, but i am looking for referrals for places in or around Hertfordshire (Watford) to get my alloys refurbished at a reasonable price before the car goes back to Mercedes (had it on a 4 year lease) Also some advice please, is it worth me just powder...
  14. V

    A207 DIAMOND style grille

    I have a 2011 A207 Cabriolet with a 2 bar grille and Distronic. I know the A207 and C207 share the dimensions and suspension of the C-Class of the time, and are smaller cars, physically, than the E-Class saloons. My question is: Does anyone know if there is a diamond style grille produced for...
  15. J

    Diamond cut alloy seven spoke

    To fit a 2011 c class w204 required. Cheers
  16. M

    Alloy wheel refurb - diamond cut

    Hi, Anyone recommend me a company to have 19" alloys to be refurbished. Machine polished face. Have checked lepsons, anyone else? Much rather here from people who have had them done. Thanks
  17. G

    Diamond Cut Refurb - Pristine Wheels

    Just wanted to throw a shout out to Pristine Wheels, who refurbed one of my C63 19" wheels and did an epic job. They collected the wheel, refurbed it and returned it, for £111.60. Pics below:- Absolutely no affiliation with them at all, just really impressed with the job they did :bannana:
  18. J

    Diamond Silver facelift E Coupé

    Hi everyone, Picked up my new E Coupé 2 weeks ago. I couldn't decide which colour I wanted, but as soon as I saw Diamond Silver I knew that was the one. Different light conditions make it go from a pure silver right through to a sky blue. Found this one at a Main Dealer, low mileage, 1...
  19. Scooby_Doo

    Polar White or Diamond Silver

    Opinions Please - Thinking of changing my 2013 C207 for a new C207 "Edition". Current car is Iridium Silver so trying to decide what the new colour will be, I quite like Polar White (never had a white car) and the other half likes the Diamond Silver. Considered Brilliant Blue but I've seen a...
  20. Kal_c63

    FS - New Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick - C63 AMG New & Sealed Purchased from Mercedes Benz Collindale New and unused Includes Diamond White and clear paint Genuine Mercedes-Benz Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick - C63 AMG -New | eBay
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