1. PenelopePitstop

    Should I avoid dealer Diamondbrite free paint protection?

    I ordered new car and noticed that Bodycare Premium was thrown in for free. I checked dealer website (Jardins) and it's Diamondbrite by Jewelultra. When I bought last used car, dealer thrown in Supagard or whatever Mercedes is offering as standard and I doubt it was ever applied because car...
  2. M

    DiamondBrite Application

    Hi All, I managed to get a hold of a diamondbrite kit and was hoping for some application advice. I found a previous thread that said that the stage 1 stuff was a solvent that stripped the old wax and that the stage 2 stuff was the actual glaze. From that I assumed that the first was applied...
  3. R

    Diamondbrite on used (waxed) car.

    It's a year old car, that's been waxed several times. As the Diamondbrite stuff is supposed to bond to the paintwork, I assume that if the car's been waxed, it'll bond to the wax? Therefore, do I need to T-Cut (or similar) that wax off first?
  4. S

    Is 1 bottle (125ml) of Diamondbrite enough for the whole car?

    I bought the Diamondbrite from mercmanuk. It came in stage 1 (125ml) and Stage 2 (125ml). Hubby wants to know if the 2 bottles is enough to do the whole car. I would appreciate it if someone can confirm that is all he needs. Reading the instructions for stage 1, it said use a soft cloth or...
  5. sportyreptile

    This DiamondBrite is good stuff but...

    I'm Kn@ckered! I've certainly met the governments new guidelines on getting fit, half hour a day - try 3 hours - "wax on, wax off Mr Miagi" :bannana:
  6. M


    Just given my car a top to bottom clean inside & out & thought I'd do the diamond brite . Stage 1 went on ok Stage 2 went on ok but just as was waiting the 15 mins to let it all dry before buffing up, guess what ... it started to rain - just the very fine stuff and not heavy at all very...
  7. mercmanuk

    diamondbrite vs other brands

    hi a manufacturere of another paintwork treatment have approached me regarding their product.they say its better than diamondbrite and are sending me a free kit to try for myself.i cant remember the name of the company as ive deleted it in error.as soon as it arrives and ive tried it on my...
  8. mercmanuk

    diamondbrite kits for sale

    there seems to be a lot of interest in the jewelbrite/diamondbrite paintwork treatment.as everyone knows it costs in the region of £300 to have done at the main agents ,but its not available to the public as a diy kit.the kit consists of 2 bottles a precoat and a top coat and a scotchguard type...
  9. mercmanuk

    Diamondbrite And Supagard

    There seems to be a few people interested in the paintwork treatments diamondbrite and supagard.They are basically the same ,the diamondbrite is a two coat application,the supagard is a one coat treatment. Thesecan be read about on the http://www.supagard.co.uk/ or the...
  10. jimmy

    Diamondbrite Treatment

    After Pammy mentioned having her new car treated with Diamondbrite I was intrigued enough to do some research and ask questions. The result is that I managed to get hold of a kit and treated my car last night, the result is awesome. :bannana: Those of you who know me and have seen my...
  11. F

    Diamondbrite £65 + p&p

    Removed by Admin : any quieries please contact : fuzzer@mbclub.co.uk
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