1. Meldrew2

    Diabetes and Diet

    I was diagnosed with diabetes about 5 years ago - but no doubt it had been present undiagnosed for some years before then. My A1c gradually rose from around 70 to well over 90 - and three months ago my GP told me that Insulin injections were just round the corner for me ... UNLESS ... ...
  2. D-18

    Diet problem....

    Saw my GP today he told me I should watch what I eat - so I've bought a ticket for the Grand National.....
  3. W

    Mercedes E-Class to go on radical diet

    Mercedes E-Class To Go On Radical Diet - PistonHeads Headlines
  4. Noodle-Pulp

    Diet help

    Yes, yes... you're all sick of hearing about New Years resolution diets etc etc.. so am I.. however.. I know of someone who drinks around 3-4 cans of diet coke every day.. and yet they're trying to lose weight (for medical reasons, so it is a good solid valid reason imho). As a non-coke...
  5. The Boss

    I want to loose weight AND reduce my BMI to 22/24 - Diet and exercise advice please

    Ok. so as some of you are aware.. i am getting married in the next 9-15 months.. dont know yet when, but we are nailing down to discussions..:eek: Anyhow, i need to loose some weight and get .. um fit! i weight 15 and half stone, or 97kg, have a 37/38 waist and am about 5"10/11 My BMI is...
  6. Koolvin

    Atkins diet

    Anyone tried this diet? I dont mind eating Pork Chops for breakfast and lamb chops for lunch.
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