1. Y

    W639 Rear diff mount bushes

    Hi. The bushes in the bracket that mounts the (rear of the) Diff to the chassis (and takes up drive torque/resists diff twisting), have perished. Are these available separate to the aluminium holder ? They have the part number (as best as I can make out) A 639 988 05 10 but googling this...
  2. Abb

    W202 C43 Subframe & Diff bush part numbers??

    As I have began to embark on the slippery slope of restoring a W202 C43, I have decided whilst I have the rear subframe removed, to replace the bushes incl the diff bush. Do any of you good peeps have the part numbers (as WIS wont work on my macbook :mad:) for all the rear subframe bushes and...
  3. A

    280/W211 Saloon Diff attachment

    My E280 has only a single bush attaching the diff (?) to the chassis cross member, even though there is a pair (left and right) of attachment points. Does this matter? Picture included, looking from rear of vehicle. View is upwards from under the fuel tank.
  4. T

    W202 final drive ratio change (diff swap?)

    Hi there, Apologies if this a a double post - I posted earlier and it disappeared into thin air. I think I'd like to do a diff swap and need some advice. My W202 (facelift, manual, C200, with ASR) screams away at 3000+rpm at motorway speed (70mph). This is all very 1999 - when cars didn't have...
  5. Mr Fixit

    w211 E55 transmission and rear diff mounts

    All Recently acquired my first E55 and generally loving it, had the car checked through my the local merc service centre and all clear however I keep thinking I can hear thuds and bumps in either the transmission the rear diff/sub frame area. :dk: Seems to be on picking up power and...
  6. RyanMuller

    W203 C32 AMG Part Number for Diff Drain Plug

    Hi all, As title suggests I had a google but can't seem to come across the part. Does anybody know the part number or where to order a diff drain plug from please? Thanks in advance!
  7. HB

    New C63 diff oil change

    Morning guys. Unfortunately the E63 has gone ... but, a C63 has taken it's place. Does any one have the definitive answer as to the latest C63 requiring a diff oil change at 1000 miles ? The dealer in Wakefield had no idea - yes believe me , no idea at all.
  8. D

    Drain plug size on rear diff w204

    Hi guys, am after a magnetic drain plug on the rear diff for a w204 c220 CDC sport 2007 Can any one advise the size or where to locate a good one, have looked at dimple which seem to be good but I don't know the size. Am busy cleaning sorting and getting the car up to the condition I want I...
  9. D

    Newbie what oil in rear diff

    Hi guys,have had a nice w204 c220 CDI sport for four weeks ,am getting her up to standard and want to change the diff oil,searching online gives a vast array of advice,should I just use m.b.diff oil or upgrade to Mobilube,I don't think the car has an lsd so I would think it's a straight choice...
  10. A

    2012 C63 diff oil change

    Hi all. My C63 hunt continues and has led me to researching whether a missed limit slip diff oil change is something to worry about (no not your car Eddy :thumb:) Should I be? Engine oil I guess is a different beast but this thought has cast my mind back to my old Z4M's 'running in service' at...
  11. L

    203 Rear diff seals

    Two seals for the rear axles and protective rings. In original MB packages. £20 "][/URL]
  12. cooks

    W124 coupe rear diff

    Hi been some time, like some advice or pics on rear Diff on W124 coupe. I believe mine has a slight leak, would appreciat:thumb:e the help.
  13. ivandraganov

    Diff oil for Sprinter

    What's the correct MB spec?
  14. G

    1998 E55 AMG - what rear diff oil

    I don't think these cars came with an LSD as stock. What oil should be used to replace what is in the diff please? Thanks,
  15. P

    Vito 115cdi diff ratio change

    Hello, I want to change my diff to a 36:11. I'm not sure what I've got at the moment, I'm assuming it's a 41:11. I've noted at 2k rpm I'm doing 56mph,2500k-73, 3k-86mph. Has anyone else done this before,will I have any problems if I do? Many thanks.
  16. Alex

    Complete E55 Diff with Kleemann LSD

    Complete 2003 E55 Diff with Kleemann 60% locking LSD. Good working condition. 50k miles on the car, 20k miles on the LSD. Diff p/n A211 350 50 62. £500.
  17. B

    W124 ASD diff wanted!

    Preferably 3.07. What you got?
  18. BigChap

    Oil residue on c63 rear diff casing

    Noticed some oil residue on one side of the rear diff casing, it wasn't think and wet but was still pretty fresh. It looked to be completely my from higher the the shaft seals, my mot mate reckoned it could be from a breather higher up on the casing and out of sight. Anyone had this can confirm...
  19. N

    C63 Coupe PPP (W204) with AMG Diff Lock

    The time has come to consolidate my car situation with a young one on the way and that means selling my C63 Coupe that I have had from new. It has been garaged pretty much all of it's life and has 22000 miles on the clock. There is a Mercedes-Benz Tier One Warranty on the car until Apr 2017...
  20. maxypriest

    W124 2:65:1Diff part number?

    LHD W124’s with auto box’s on the 300/250 Turbodiesels were fitted with a 2:65:1 185mm rear diff. Anyone able to find/supply a part number for the whole diff (without ASD)? The chassis codes are 124.128 and 124.133 Cheers! Max
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