1. S

    New A45 381 bhp Differences ? And other few questions

    Hey people Long time no speak but might be on a hunt for a A45 AMG (or a GLC) to replace my C220 Coupe. So have a few questions I know the face lift model has extra 21 bhp... and a few cosmetic changes but how have Mercedes gained the extra power ? Is it just threw the ECU or is the...
  2. B

    CLS350d CLS350 Bluetec differences

    I'm contemplating buying a CLS 350 deisel coupe but i've noticed the ones around MY2015 onwards have been badged differently they were CLS350 Bluetec and now are called CLS350d from the face of it the HP has gone from 251bhp to 258bhp torque remains the same but thats all can see. Does anyone...
  3. brucemillar

    W203 C32 & C55 bumper differences?

    Folks Can anybody advise if the W203 C32 has a different front bumper from a W203 C55? I am looking to purchase a front splitter and a rear diffuser that were on a C32 AMG and want these for my C55 AMG. There seems to be some confusion about whether the front splitter will fit onto my C55...
  4. J

    Differences in going from a 7'' wheel to 8''wheel?

    I recently upgraded from 7x17'' alloys to 8x18''.... went down in profile from 45 to 40 series to keep the rolling radius the same on my '07 W245. but I think the turning either on or off power has deteriorated and the steering feels heavier now. I am still using the same width tyre of 215...
  5. E

    C63 Brake discs. The differences.

    Correct me if I am wrong please. Might be worth making this a sticky. There are 3 different specs of FRONT brake discs available for the C63 if my googling and memory has been accurate. Note it's only the fronts. Standard 457bhp C63, 2008>. Has a solid steel, cast disc. Drilled and...
  6. A

    vito 108cdi injector differences

    Hello again everyone Can anyone tell me what the differences are in the injectors in the 108cdi range. I have been told that there are 3 different injectors for the 108 and they changed throughout the series. I am still playing with my 2000 vito and have it to the point where now I can...
  7. gadget1960

    ECP parts price differences!

    Managed to get my wife to order a set of rear brake pads for my w210 from an ECP branch to be delivered to her place of work in order to be fitted by one of their mechanics, she was quoted £30, but they would not deliver them!? the mechanic said that a certain 'different' branch of ECP would...
  8. gadget1960

    MB badging differences !?

    Just a thought but why is the w210 E240 badged as a 240 when it has a 2.6 litre engine? I know certain BMW cars have a similar badging difference and was curious to know why :dk:
  9. E

    Differences between "E" and "S" with auto?

    I have a C250 CDI auto 2015. My guess is E is for Eco mode and S is sport... Am I right? One thing I have noticed however is I can have a almost 100% manual override (using either padals or stick) in E but not S... Surely if S was sport that would be the setting to have a manual over ride...
  10. S

    Amg Sport Edition 125 vs Amg Sport differences

    Hi I am thinking about purchasing my 1st Mercs, a C Class coupe - 2011, Petrol Automtic C180 does anyone know what the difference between the 125 edition and the normal Amg sports? thanks in advance
  11. C240Sport97

    Load Rating Differences

    I need to replace all 4 tyres on my CLS55. Decided on either Goodyear F1A2 or Michelin PS3. Trouble is only PS3 is available with the correct load rating on the rears. F1A2's rears are 97Y instead of 101Y (as set out in manual). Fronts: 255/40 18 99Y Goodyear F1 A2 MO 99Y – 71DB, Wet...
  12. S

    W211 Facelift Avantgarde vs Sport suspension differences

    Hi, Looking to buy a reasonably loaded facelift W211 E320CDI salon, ideally Avantgarde but thinking about considering Sport as well. Is Sport suspension even lower than Avantgarde or is it just stiffer? If it is lower, by how much approximately? I have no interest in 18" wheels, is it...
  13. J

    Model differences w204 - power steering

    I have a 14 plate c220 auto standard model. When it was in for a service yesterday I was given a 63 plate c250 amg auto courtesy car. The steering on the c250 was much lighter than mine and then went dead when the stop start kicked in. If I tried turning the wheel the engine restarted, like it...
  14. Jas C63

    C63 2012-2013 differences

    Hi everyone, Is there a difference to the interior and the colour screen between say a 12/12 model and a 12/62? Looking at a 12/12 the interior shots look different somehow especially the colouring on the display screen. I Would be grateful if someone could clarify when the facelift was and...
  15. merc85

    V Class or Traveliner? differences?

    As above, what is the differences between them? As a Vito Long edition Start at around £23k +vat and the V class £41k Sorry if the above question is silly but id like to know, the kids are growing out of the Quashqui +2, and i'm think of a traveliner this would also be benifical to my business...
  16. CutlassBill

    Sprinter engine model differences.

    Hello all I have a 2008 311CDI Sprinter. I'm surprised to learn that it's only 2.1L, seems small for the power/torque. I'm even more surprised to find that all the models up to the 316 I believe have the same size engine but different power and torque outputs. I'm guessing this is all...
  17. F

    [Question] differences m102 2.3 8v and 2.3-16

    Hi. I had to abandon the idea of making the 190 with m104 3.2, because I couldn't find a decent base 190 2.6 to do so, so now my question is about the internals of m102 2.3 8v and 2.3-16. I know the 16v engine has the head built by cosworth, but what about the rest of the internal components...
  18. I

    P31 engine differences?

    Hi there I'm new to the forum so hello to you all. I'm picking up my 2013 c63 amg estate on Saturday. Mine is the vanilla version but I was wondering what exactly are the uprated engine internals that the P31 version has? Thanks
  19. Y

    Differences between COMAND & audio 20/audio 50 etc

    Hi Just bought a 2009 E350 CDI COUPE & when reading the manual got to wondering what the differences are between the various audio systems , hoping someone could give me a brief overview of the differences if possible ?.... Not to worry if it's too long to explain , just hoping to find out key...
  20. D

    W212 spec sheet - differences in Avantgarde vs SE Model

    Hi Guys I was trying to find something that shows the differences between a Avantgarde model vs SE, been looking on Autotrader and most are SE so trying to work out if the extra premium is worth it for the Avantgarde.. regardless of the model I'm definitely looking for built in sat nav. I was...
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