1. Wigglesworth

    W202 2.88 Differential wanted.

    As per post, I am after a good condition 2.88/2.87:1 diff for my W202. My car is a 1997 but needs a diff with the ABS sensor fitted. The later diff is no good as I can't fit the ABS sensor to it! I would like spend less than £100 and don't mind traveling within 150 miles from J30 M1 for...
  2. R

    c63 amg finned differential cooler

    Are the finned differential coolers standard on the c63 amg facelift even if it has no lsd? this is the part number: A1713510108 this is a picture of what I am talking about: https://mbworld.org/forums/attachments/c63-amg-w204/408307d1501792484-finned-differential-cooler-aimg_1422.jpg
  3. Peter Michaels

    Regarding differential fluid

    Hello Iam driving a 2002 c class t wagon. Avantgarde automatic Before I have to pay money, I would like to ask if anyone knows if this car needs differential fluid changing ? It's 15 years old and I suspect it has never been changed My mechanic told me, it might not be with these models...
  4. M

    Rear Differential noise

    Hey guys, my 06 320CDI (250k miles) has a noise in the rear. I got on the road from Savannah Georgia yesterday headed home and all at once, I started hearing a roar/grind sort of noise coming from the rear. As I drive home 4 hours, the noise would come and go with no particular relationship to...
  5. K

    cls differential filler/drain plug

    hi guys does anyone know the correct torque setting for a cls differential filler/drain plug
  6. D

    part numbers of fill and drain plugs - rear differential of W203

    Hello I am planning to replace the gear fluid of the rear differential of my 2005 W203. Could you please help me by telling me what are the parts numbers of the fill and drain plugs? What wrench sockets sizes are used, and what is the torquing NM of the plugs? Thank you very much in...
  7. H

    Differential Oil E280 CDI (7 speed tip)

    Hi My 57 plate E280 CDI with 7 speed tiptronic box has got a slight whine from the rear of the vehicle and having searched on here is sounds like a good start to change the differential oil, especially as I can not tell whether it has ever been changed. Have booked the car into the garage but...
  8. M

    Differential oil change and service plan

    Can anyone confirm the w205 c63 S differential oil change is included in the service plan? Matt
  9. Captain Smerc

    C63 OEM differential

    Hi all , wondering what the oem open diff from my 2012 C63 might be worth on the bay or similar site , I'm getting very mixed prices from those I've asked so far . Many thanks .
  10. R

    CLC350 with limited slip differential

    I recently bought a used CLC350 from a non-Mercedes second-hand car dealer in Germany. The dealer's specs were that it was an entirely standard factory CLC350 (though fully specced with sport pack, flappy paddles, parameter steering and every option listed). The car had an AMG badge on the...
  11. W

    Gearbox, differential oil and spark plugs

    Hi, googled like hell, still couldn't identify whether my car uses ATF type oil or 75W gear oil. VIN: WDB2020181A136801 Transmission: 717416 06 580086 Valvoline suggests different types depending on prod. code, which I can't find anywhere. On the same note, for differential oil, do I have...
  12. R

    Diff oil recommendations

    Hi want to change the diff oil on my 1999 R129, the parts counter at Brentford quoted me over £40 per litre! Any other options that meet MB spec and are cheaper? Thanks in advance
  13. M

    limited slip differential?

    Anyone know where I can get a lsd for my c200k w203 2000modell? A good coilover kit with TUV as well.
  14. c_200k

    whats the difference between an lsd and AMG lock differential

    As above Called Merc and they said its not the same thing? Also what is included in the performance pack p30 code for a 2012 E63 Cheers
  15. S

    Slow turn

    A159 2010 Automatic (later type W169) 30,000 miles Any ideas please. It runs perfectly generally no noises no codes but when making very slow turns eg out of a parking space or a turn in the road the front wheels seem to be losing grip and sliding if the surface is wet or loose gravel is...
  16. pnevesfoto

    DPFE (differential pressure feedback EGR) sensor

    DPFE (differential pressure feedback EGR) sensor is it prone to die? my W203 C220 CDI is starting to act up entering limp mode due to a P0401 code... valve working correctly but DTC cores keeps coming back to pending codes... is the DPFE sensor expensive? where is it located? is it a...
  17. C

    ML 270 Rear Differential

    Has anybody any experience regarding the life span of the differential, Mine makes a droning noise at approximately 50MPH above and below this speed it is relativity quiet with only the tyre/road noise coming through I have 95000 miles on the clock ! Would I need to replace the Diff ? any thoughts ?
  18. G

    W211 - Differential oil top up

    Asked a local mechanic to check the differential oil. He took the top bolt off, but oil did not seep out. He put his finger in, came back dry but a cable tie showed some oil there. He said its ok no need for top up. I wonder why he was not keen to top up. Is it a special oil needed for the car...
  19. T

    Differential Pressure Sensor - Where is it?

    Hi folks, My car is showing an error code of P3002 which I understand is caused by a faulty Differential Pressure Sensor. Can someone give me a head start on where to find this part on my car? It’s and S320 OM642 320CDI V6 engine. Thanks.
  20. 24karrat

    Gleason Torsen Limited slip differential 2.65

    Had the car on the ramps again to get the underside wax sprayed. I took a closer look to see 2.65 on the diff. Can anyone confirm if it is a Gleason Torsen Limited slip differential 2.65. Kind Regards
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