1. T

    difficult to start

    Hi, I recently had one glow plug failure on my 2007 E280 cdi but decided to change all of them(6), I ordered the replacements from Mercedes. All has been well until a couple of weeks ago, it now will not start in the morning without having to turn over a few times after the glow plug light has...
  2. brucemillar

    Label the toolbox. How difficult can that be?

    Well my friends, here is today's 1st world problem. I have in may garage a fabulous array of mechanics tool chests. These are a variety of colours and sizes, but all with lovely roller bearing drawers. I would like to be able to label each drawer clearly and neatly so that I know the contents...
  3. B

    E280 CDI difficult cold start/white smoke

    Ever since the temperatures dropped (they are about 18*C in my garage so I wouldn't classify them as low) I started noticing the engine takes a few cranks to start. When I take the car out of the garage and the temperature is around 5-10*C, there is white smoke coming out of the exhaust the...
  4. P

    Doorlocks - Key entry DIFFicult- W124 '92

    Key will not go into the barrel / slot ie without being forced. Even one door key will NOT go in. W124 ' 92 un-garaged. Boot lock - key can be pushed in, but to turn is very heavy, very sticky. Have used WD40 - seems to give a short term improvement. Then tried...
  5. M

    A1 use to A5 use.. How difficult is the change?

    Hi - I am looking to invest in a property currently classed as A1 retail use. What would be the criteria and difficulties of converting to A5 use (hot food takeaway) in terms of planning. Many thanks in advance
  6. V

    Glowplug replacement on Vito, how difficult?

    Hey everyone :D The glow plug light comes on for a minute after starting engine so likely a bad plug or two so thinking to replace them all it's a 2009 Vito V6 3litre 120cdi (w639) cant seem to find much info on my vehicle about it, how difficult is this job to do and what tools would...
  7. M

    E commerce. Easy or difficult?

    Hi I am looking to set up a retail website to run as a side business and wanted a bit of guidance. I am in very early stages and just putting some ideas together, but would like to know if it's a long winded process to set up and run or straightforward. Also what sort of set up costs am I...
  8. S

    Difficult Starting CLk 320 CDi

    Previous owner had problems with difficult starting and all glow plugs were then changed earlier this year. I don't know if this solved the problem for him but I'm having the same difficulty now. Normally happens after car has been standing for a a couple of days and it then requires a second...
  9. Z

    CLS gearbox Scraping noise and difficult gear change

    Hi I have a CLS 320CDI 08 plate and have a scraping noise coming from what seems like my passengers side and sometimes 1st and 2nd gears change with difficulty. I'm guessing it's the gear box? Can anyone guide me as in what's the best way around it and how much it would look to cost? Thanks
  10. Silver CL55

    How difficult would it be to retrofit Distronic to a 2008 W216 CL500?

    I'd rather not have answers of "pretty difficult" or suchlike, if you don't know, don't answer. An idea of price/timescale/difficulty would be welcome. Thanks, C.
  11. W

    S210 fuel filler cap difficult to remove

    For quite a while now, i've had intermittent difficulty removing the fuel filer cap on my 210. I can always do it in the end but SWMBO sometimes has to go and find a strong man to help. The cap is basically very difficult to turn. Does anybody else experience this. Why does it happen?
  12. guydewdney

    W210 E300TD still difficult start - what next?

    T reg 150K mile E300TD usual 'difficult to start in the morning' symptom. On first turn of the key, it splutters but it takes about 30 seconds of cranking (with foot to the floor) before it fires properly, then runs lumpy for a minute or two. Lots of smoke (grey / blue) which clears when it...
  13. S

    Why do MB salesman make it difficult to buy from them?

    Back to my search for a new or near new MB E class. I ended buying a used Jaguar XF after my last search and I'm so happy with both it and dealer servcing that I'm keeping it however I still want the E class also. I've been into my "local" Jaguar showroom and been suprised, once again, at the...
  14. W124newbie

    W124 coolant - which one/where from and how difficult to renew?

    Hi guys, Hope you're all well. Towards late Summer last year I picked up some service bits for our family W124 (1989 230E) with the intention of giving the fluid/filter/plug maintenance a go myself. Didn't quite get round to it but my Dad mentioned the other day that the coolant light has...
  15. Murff

    Fuel filter change- difficult job???

    Hi I do my own basic servicing on my w211 (oil changes, Air filter and brakes). I've never changed a fuel filter or sure where it is? Any advice would be appreciated or if anyone has a link to some instructions that would be great. Cheers
  16. Druk

    211 difficult starting after filter change.

    As it says. I must have changed the fuel filter six times since I got the car. Same procedure every time. Pre-fill new filter. Pull off clips and fit new filter. Never had starting probs before but now it takes a few cranks before it fires. Once it's running you wouldn't know anything was...
  17. R

    R1 29 Difficult to fill or faulty gauge?

    Hi all, My SL seems to be a little recalcitrant when it comes to fuelling... It will seemingly only on odd occa leaving sions fill right to the top.... for example tried to brim it yesterday home and the pump just clicked and spluttered and wouldnt fill.. would barely take 11.5 litres from...
  18. B

    scary and difficult to spot tyre damage

    Hi I came out this morning this morning to find the drivers side front tyre on my S211 flat. No problem, I'll just take it to the local tyre place and see if they can repair it. When I got there and they put it on the ramp they told me "you better come and see this". The Conti Sport Contacts...
  19. tpwuk

    Are these difficult to fit?

    MERCEDES C CLK E SLK CLASS REAR WHEEL HUB NEW GERMAN | eBay UK I've been told I need one. MB are quoting £58+vat for the part, so this one seems a good price. Just wondering how difficult they are to fit. Is it a DIY job or are specialist tools required? Is it a case of old one off, new...
  20. Godot

    Difficult Job, herding all those Pussies

    JWymXNPaU7g:p:rock::bannana: The other white meat (cat):crazy::doh:
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