1. Trickythemerc

    Battery Dilema

    My CLK is showing signs of battery failure, stone flat after 5 days parked up. It is the original one, so it has done well. Question is do I go for a premium £100.00 job or a cheapo ? Common sense says £100.00 job but the cheapo's seem to carry the same warranty as the more expensive stuff :dk:
  2. S

    2015 E63amg tyre dilema

    Just found a big screw in a front tyre , gutted as the car has only covered 5k miles and there is loads of tread left :doh: I've found the standard tyre for sale at just over £130 (bargain! ), but before I order I was wondering if anyone had tried other brands on the E63 ? I'm a big fan of...
  3. brucemillar

    Commuting Dilema. Or me being silly?

    Folks What to do. Following fairly recent major life changing surgery, I am now well and back at work. Whilst there is absolutely no doubting that I look well (outrageously handsome). Internally life has changed and will take years to recover. This means that on occasions I really do have...
  4. developer

    Another Renting Dilemma

    Today I received this, by text: "Hello. I am enquiring on whether your flat is still available in Bham. I am a 37 year old male, on benefits. I am quiet, keep myself to myself & are looking for a small, clean flat within a central location which will allow me to easily commute to family...
  5. Martin clk

    Moral dilema - need help/advice

    Needing some guidance here folks. My fiance and I took my 8yr old nephew away last weekend to a static home/caravan which had a decking area outside. We bought a couple of the cheap BBQ's from Tesco, the ones that have legs which raise them up off the ground. We put the BBQ's on a door...
  6. allias

    car swap dilema - W210 vs "something older".

    Car swap dilemma At this moment in time I drive V reg W210 320CDI and I have to say – LOVE IT ALL THE WAY. This vehicle has 140k on the clock and overall condition is 9 of 10. Its a rust bucket (as usual) as front wing needs changing and tailgate got typical rust. A lot rust points where fixed...
  7. Sbryantgb

    Stereo Dilema

    A request for a new car radio has been authorised as a Christmas gift by my lovely partner, the problem is though what to get. I don't listen to loud music in the car and I am quite happy with the overall sound of the stock speakers. So peak audio performance is not a goal. I am smitten with...
  8. P

    update to 'SLK 200 Dilema'

    You may remember me writing this:- ' Hi, I haven't posted for quite some time having sold my C180 Kompressor. I'm now in a bit of a dilema. My Wife and I are about to turn 50; she has a VW Lupo and we've been thinking of changing it or just buying, what her late Father would call a 'hobby car'...
  9. P

    SLK200 dilema

    Hi, I haven't posted for quite some time having sold my C180 Kompressor. I'm now in a bit of a dilema. My Wife and I are about to turn 50; she has a VW Lupo and we've been thinking of changing it or just buying, what her late Father would call a 'hobby car'. Not you understand referring to...
  10. S

    old car V new merc dilema

    so just had my old (01 ) 406 coupe MOt'd and its failed - couple of small bits but a problem with the steering - with a leak and excessive play in the steering wheel. had a new clutch last year but its never let me down and the bodywork is really good i have been thinking of getting an E class...
  11. gunning

    Boot lock dilema! How stupid can you be?

    Well im coming to the end of 1. my tether and 2. the project. Today we put the bootlid on.... Nicely painted, aligned properly, then my mate close the boot. What a total T*T!!! Now your most likely thinking whats the problem? Well i disconect the battery to stop it from going flat. So i cant...
  12. R

    280 CE Exhaust Dilema

    Hi, I need some advice. I found it really hard to source a middle section for my 1980 280CE. In the end, Mercedes told me they could get it for me in time for my MOT re-test. But then, when I bought it, they said they actually couldn't deliver in time. Now I have to pay for another full MOT test...
  13. tolly

    A dilema

    Hey guys I proudly own a w202 c180 elegance and i cant find out anywhere if the shocks are the same in my model as the c180 sports..... Does anyone know? And sorry that its in the wrong section
  14. The Boss

    w124 cabrio dilema...

    Im considering getting the front and rear bumper strips colour coded to the bumper green colour from the current black mount.. whats ur thoughts on it? Should i keep it as is, or get them painted?? Currently Proposed
  15. flango

    Dilema in Contraflow

    Had an interesting one today on my way home from Scotland. On the A1 and approaching a contraflow system in roadworks, full length of road works about 8 miles is covered by SPECS. About 2 miles in traffic car behind me on blues & twos. Speed limit is 50 mph, I'm at 50 mph on crusie control, I'm...
  16. S

    W124 estate rust repair dilema

    Opinions wanted on best course of action for my 124 E280 est. I can now see daylight through the inner wing under the ABS pump which will lead to certain MOT failure in a couple of months time. My problem is that I can scrap it for 2 grand, but the rest of the car is too good for that. Last...
  17. D

    dilema help

    clk 55 need some advice on suspension please so iv got a clk 55 208 iv just lowerd it on friday on h&r spring but hasent dropt enough so i thout id get thiner spring pads but not available 4 my car. So in turn i got some 1 bump pads for a clk 430 2103210184 im prety sure theyl go on but need...
  18. C

    New Dilema

    These wheels can be had really cheap with tyres now, and i was wondering what they would look like on my car, so i tried a cut and paste job to give me some sort of idea what they would look like.... Correct me if im wrong (and i probably am wrong) I could muster a Mercedes star for the...
  19. scumbag


    A couple from England were traveling thru town and stopped me to ask if there was a supermarket that sold petrol here. Now they was in one of them SL types. Not them new ones, but one of those late '70's model. Very nice in a kind of deep metal bluey colour. Was too busy looking at the...
  20. dowtherz

    M Class Dilema

    I currently having a 2006 SLK200 in black with CMD, Air Scarf etc. I'm tied in for another 40mths on the Finance Deal but could settle early. I've recently moved out to the sticks and although the terrain isn't impassable with the SLK, I feel I won't be getting value from the car especially in...
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