1. mbsilver

    retro fit auto dimming rear mirror on c class w205

    I've seen a couple of posts suggesting it is possible and is easy to fit? My soon to arrive c class is SE Executive variation and annoyingly has no options for this Anyone seen any such retro fitting for a auto dimming rear mirror? Thanks in advance Ken Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  2. T

    W202 - facelift dimming RVM

    Hi guys, There's a lot of info about retrofitting the pre-facelft dimming rear view mirror (with red/green LEDs) out there, but not much on the same mod for facelift cars. From what I have seen, it's simply a case of finding a w202 (rare) or w210 (if you can live with limited trim colours)...
  3. L

    203 Auto dimming mirror

    I have for sale an auto dimming mirror glass for the 203. It is in excellent condition with no bronzing or scratches. £60 posted to UK
  4. C

    Heated dimming drivers side mirror, W211

    Hi Looking for a heated, dimming replacement mirror, W211, 2005 reg. Please let me know if you have a spare! Thanks!
  5. D

    A-Class w176 Electric seats and dimming mirror retro fit.

    Hello New to the forum, I have a 2013 A200 AMG night edition. Comes well spec'd with the hardon kardon. Two things i'd like to retro fit are Electric front seats see link MERCEDES A CLASS W176 2012-2016 AMG SPORT FULL LEATHER SEATS COMPLETE BLACK RED | eBay and the auto dimming rear view...
  6. R

    Not working dimming rear view mirror

    Been driving tonight & noticed my RVM not dimming???? It has before, could it by down to light settings on computer, :fail
  7. D

    Folding Mirror and Auto dimming rear view

    Hello, Has anyone retrofitted power folding mirrors and auto dimming rear view mirror on a W176 A Class. Would really like to get these fitted as I previously had these fitted to my old S3 8p. And sort of miss them lol. Cheers Dan
  8. mac999

    w211/W219 Self Dimming Interior Mirror & Self Dimming Exterior Mirror Glasses

    WANTED: W211/W219 Self Dimming Interior Mirror & Self Dimming Exterior Mirror Glasses Cash Waiting Contact : 07813626249
  9. R

    Faulty dimming wing mirror glass

    Hi, Looking for any guidance on replacing a faulty dimming drivers wing mirror glass on 2004 CLK coupe. Yours Hopefully.....
  10. 5

    Auto dimming mirror W124

    Hello all looking for a black auto dimming mirror for my E500, anyone got one? Major PITA sometimes without one...
  11. MancMike

    Dimming RVM not dimming anymore

    Hi, I noticed my auto dimming rear view mirror doesn't dim anymore. It stays completely bright. My drivers mirror still dims fine, so it's not the sensor. The mirror visually looks fine, it's not leaked it's liquid or anything. Is this a known problem, or what should I check first...
  12. BIG_G_1979

    auto dimming mirrors

    Hi guys I have auto mirrors on my e class but does only the drivers glass dim?
  13. wongl

    W169 Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

    Bought this to retrofit daughter's W169 A-Class. It is an easy retrofit/upgrade but to my surprise she prefers the manual control of her rear view mirror. So this mirror is up for grab if anyone is interested. I will keep it on here for a week or two before I stick it on eBay as I found this...
  14. Satch

    Auto Dimming Mirrors dark in daylight

    Pretty much what it says on the tin: were misbehaving sometime OK but tending to go fully dark at random. Sticking finger over sensor corrects problem but returns soon. Sensor problem I would think. Easy to fix?
  15. Koolvin

    W169 Dimming rear view mirror retrofit

    Was bored.... cover removed new loom loom run harness plugged into OCP and Mirror Fully installed
  16. I

    Rearview Auto Dimming Mirror Retrofit

    Does anyone knows if 2001 W203 are prewired for auto dimming mirror?
  17. honalulu

    Wanted Self dimming o/s mirror

    Wanted Self dimming o/s mirror glass for my 2001 as mine went funny so need a replacement.
  18. L

    W203 Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror Retrofit

    Hi All, I have done a search on this but my question doesn't appear to have been asked before. So....... I have purchased an Auto Dimming RVM for my CLC. It was out of a Sport Coupe but it will fit. I understand that it will not be plug and play, as MB don't install prep for options not...
  19. W

    210 driver's door mirror dimming

    I'd like to know some more about the dimming capabilities of my driver's door mirror. I know there's some dark fluid between the front pane and the back panel. So: 1) How does the dimming work? Is the current tint permanent and fixed, or does it vary according to who is in the car. :dk:
  20. jimbot1981

    Auto Dimming Mirror W203 Coupe Facelift

    Hi. I have a w203 Coupe (2006) it has the manual switch to dim it. I have been offered an auto dimming one. Does anyone know if it will be a straight swap? Any star coding required? Thanks
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