1. B

    Dings in Drivers Door - Chipsaway Glasgow

    Just thought I'd share my repair experience. I purchased an approved used White C220 CDI AMG Sport Coupe, really enjoyed the first few days of owning the car but after only a week of ownership it had become the victim of car park dings on the drivers door. They looked quite deep and at the time...
  2. Ade B

    wing dings

    Something/someone has dinged my OS front wing. Its about 10cm long and has made a slight crease which has broken through the clear coat and damaged the paint. Its in an odd position, no idea how it got there... :( Looking online, it looks like most dent treatment only works where the paint is...
  3. 94mattda

    Car Park Dings

    Hi..... my better half drives an MX5and it has a few very small car park dints on the door. They are not creased but are too small to use suckers on and pull them out... does any one know where these can be removed.... found mobile auto dent removers.... just wanted to know experiences etc...
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