1. thebook

    Exterior mirror dip in reverse

    Good evening, I picked up my new (to me) 2011 E350 CDI Cabriolet (A207) today. Very happy with it so far. One question (and I have searched the site) I have is: When I go into reverse should the passenger mirror automatically dip? I'm fairly sure my coupe used to back in 2009. This one...
  2. A

    2013 W212 E63 AMG - coding OS mirror to dip when reversing?

    As per title, is it possible to code the reversing wing mirror dipping function to work on BOTH wing mirrors rather than just the nearside as it the default?. Do you know how this is done, and who could do it if it possible? Regards, Alex
  3. A

    GL420 Reverse Dip Mirror

    Hi all, I have an issue with the mirror dip when putting it in reverse. When I select the left mirror and put it in to reverse the mirror will sometimes dip, sometimes dip halfway, a lot of the time try and move but won't and other times won't return to it's original position. I think it...
  4. S

    Ml55 gearbox tool. Dip stick

    Hi. I brought one of those dip stick tools and reckon its too long. Ive tried to put the dip stick in as far as possbile but it bottoms leaving a good 10inchs of sticking out of the top. Also there is no fluid registering on the other end. Starting to feel i need to add fluid. Anyone...
  5. M

    Head lightsand dip lights

    Anyone help , I just bought an e class 2010 saloon , the lights are not very bright at night , can anyone advice me what are brighter builds to install in main beam and dip much appreciated
  6. Jay2512

    Dip Mirror Error

    Hope someone can help me? When selecting reverse the passenger mirror goes up as opposed to down? Car has been in the dealers for a number of days now and it would seem when updating stuff they have somehow stuffed the mirror up! Is there a way I can reset this to save me another journey to...
  7. W

    Auto dip mirrors

    Hi Just a quick question does the w209 clk have auto dip wing mirrors for easy reversing? I have a 2003 clk240 advantgrade Thank you
  8. N

    Engine Oil Dip Stick

    High there guy's, just a quick question, can anyone point me in the right direction for finding an engine oil dip stick for my 2003, W203, Mercedes C320 Estate Auto. The car never had one when I bought her, and now its time to change the oil etc. and thought it would be easier with an actual dip...
  9. S

    Dip stick Rodney

    Has anyone got a dipstick for a w203 I could borrow in the farnborough area please
  10. CLS500 DGT

    Dip Stick

    Hi. I have a late 2005 cls500 and want to buy the dip stick tool. I want a genuine mb one to make sure everything is 100 percent. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Many thanks
  11. -Ian

    Hydro Dip

    Has anybody had their rear diffuser Hdro Dipped with a carbon fibre effect ? I've seen some cracking dipping done on side mirror covers but never a diffuser. I can't afford to stump up the cost of a real cf one plus fitment is somewhat sketchy on some of them. Failing that can anybody...
  12. Crazyfool

    Passenger mirror dip in reverse

    Does anyone know if you can get the car coded so that the passenger wing mirror drops to look at the kerb when the car is put in reverse!?
  13. zoros

    dip stick

    Enough is enough. Simple request - I have an sl55 and the dip stick is 4" long with a sensor on the end (I think?). I simply want to buy a NORMAL dip stick which actually checks the damn oil level please?:dk: Any advice? Suggestions?
  14. C

    s500 atf dip stick

    does anyone have a dip stick that they can measure for me from sump to correct fluid levels 20deg and 80deg have miss placed mine and urgently need to check fluid level many thanks in advance
  15. L

    SL 55 general questions- which tyres? no dip stick? and what wheels?

    Hi all, I wanted to rack your brains as to what the 2006 SL 55 was intended to run in regards of tyres in the UK? which model and what dimensions were fitted as stock please? My second q is iv had a look underneath the bonnet of a few of these and attempted to check the oil via the obvious...
  16. R

    R129 failed dip beam

    Everything else works okay no warning lights? Anyone else had this? Switch Relay? where should I start to look?
  17. G

    E240 avantgarde dip stick

    hi every one i need to get a dipstick for auto gearbox can anyone help with part number thanks all :doh:
  18. normanh

    Plasti Dip

    Anyone use this stuff, ive got some matt black with the gloss and Im about to do the chrome around the windows and if successful ill do the rear badges and boot chrome, so if anyone has used it practical advice is welcome and I know you tube is good
  19. kalvin928

    plastic dip

    hi has anyone has experience with this? I have done some research... I gather you can do it on chrome as well... I was thinking of doing the alloy wheels, but can this just be used as a base coating? ie. spray this and then spray and paint on top.... still have the choice of peeling away in the...
  20. L

    Viewed and now time to dip the toe in..!

    Hi to all, I’m new to the MBClub forum, although I have viewed a few threads in the past on a number of areas and now feel the need to seek some help. I’m not new to MB having owned and loving cared for my ’95 E220 Coupe for over 8 years. I must say I’ve loved every minute... a driving...
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