1. I

    Any recommendations for carbon dipping wheels...?

    Does anyone know of any good places that do carbon dipping in Cheshire or surrounding areas please? Quite fancy a nice set of black wheels on my W205.
  2. C

    W212 e220 2010 mirror dipping in reverse

    Good evening all, I have an e220 2010 w212. Should I be able to set the passenger mirror to dip when I select reverse? If so how do I do it please? Or is it a special feature that not all cars have? Many thanks Jamie Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. M

    W219 CLS 2198110107 Dipping Rear View Mirror

    Just bought one of these and understand it's just plug and play. Is it just a dipping mirror or does it contain phone mics too?
  4. Felstmiester

    Anyone had any carbon dipping done?

    Has anyone had there interior trims carbon dipped? I'm going to remove the rear diffuser on mine this week and drop it off to be carbon dipped and was toying with the idea of having the trim done at same time. Never been a lover of fake carbon. But I think the quality of the carbon dipping...
  5. vijilants

    Hydra Dipping in South London anyone ?

    I'm trying to get my W204 grill Hydra Dipped but am having trouble finding anyone in South London that does this sort of thing. Can anyone recommend a company ? Many Thanks
  6. Max Shine

    Auto Dipping Door Mirrors

    I have done a search but to no avail - Does my car come with Auto Dipping Door Mirrors (when reverse is selected)?
  7. P

    Hydro carbon dipping centre console and interior door trims

    Has anyone done this? Who did it for you? Cost? What's involved? I would like to have them done for my 03 SL55. I am in Preston, Lancashire so ideally would like a firm near me to do it so they could remove, dip and fit. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Cheers Mark
  8. S

    Carbon effect / Carbon dipping

    Can anyone recommend where I can get a new (genuine) diffuser for my R172 dipped in carbon effect in the south east ? Any ideas as to how long it should take and how much I should be paying? Thanks x
  9. S

    Bi-Xenon Switch from left to right dipping

    I'm travelling to France shortly in my 2010 C250 (W204) and wish to switch my Bi-Zenon headlights from left dipping to right dipping. Is this a DIY job and if it is, how do I do it? Thanks
  10. AMGeed

    Dipping into the dark world of detailing.

    So I've been admiring all these beautifully turned out cars and thinking ....I should have a go at that. The usual wash and chamois dry followed by a polish was enough before, but the surface of my car felt rough to the touch and so I thought it time to invest in some of these detailing...
  11. kalvin928

    Hydro dipping w211 interior bits

    Hi everyone, quite content with externals of car now, but now looking at the internals... I am scratching my head about doing the wood trims in the carbon dip but due to the darkness already on the various panels it will just blend in pleasingly, however i am also looking at silver carbon...
  12. M

    w203 dipping interior mirror not working

    Hi all , the other night I noticed my interior mirror wasn't dipping and Im not sure if it ever has (had the car a year!). Now when I got the car the drivers side mirror had gone "bronzed" and doesn't dip could it be that the two are linked or even fused the same? I just wondered if it was a...
  13. charliewade

    2003 W203 Coupe Auto dipping wing mirror

    Hello everyone well ive retrofitted the self dipping rear mirror which works a dream, now ive fitted a new drivers mirror assembly complete with wiring for the dipping side mirror, ive fitted the mirror unit and this all works e.g its heated and the folding mirror and indicators work fine but...
  14. J

    plasti dipping my rear lights

    well had a fun summer so far, as the missus wanted her car plasi-dipped in matt black. and before you ask yes it just peels off. massive in america at the moment and just making its way over here. anyways had a bit of fun with my rear lenses on the w202. whats nice is you can spray the lot then...
  15. didi w203

    hydro dipping rims.

    My 17" wheels are in for a refurb. Now my mate is getting a hydro dipping do da thingy and said that I could be a guinea pig (the wheels) lol. Has anyone had this done on their wheels? And do ya think silver carbon effect would be nice? Or do I stick with standard silver?
  16. E

    W210-exterior mirror dipping

    Evenin' all. I picked up the E55 today; this is likely to be the first of several questions. Cracking car, by the way; very pleased (I think...more later). My question is, how do I stop the nearside exterior mirror from dipping down to show me the kerb when I select reverse? It's all very...
  17. Jumbojim

    Dipping Headlights?

    Hello, Can anyone tell me please, is it possible to switch CL500 headlights between Left or Right beams? If so please say how. Thanks
  18. DSLiverpool

    Auto dipping side mirror

    It's gone on the SL ( goes permanently dark) and as I'm sure a lot of you know it's £300 for a new one or £50 for a standard dipped one. Can anyone comment on any downside to fitting the cheaper mirror please.
  19. D

    New W218 (I think) ie 2011 CLS auto dipping function

    All of you with the new CLS, how are you finding the auto main beam - low beam function? On mine ever so quick to dip when sensor spots slightess glimmer of light ahead but the lights seem to take an age to return to full beam. Also when on full the throw seems too low, surely they are self...
  20. A

    W220 Heated/Dipping Driver Side Mirror

    All, When I bought my W220 it had a non-MB drivers wing mirror, non heated and non dipping. The spec on the car has a dipping heated mirror so I bought one 2nd hand of eBay. It looked fine and I fitted it. It worked ok for a day and then overnight it is like the oil inside has crazed. It...
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