1. M

    W203 strut bearing rubber 'nubs' direction

    Hi All, Can anyone advise what direction the fat and thin 'nubs' on the strut mount should be? I recently changed both front shocks and fitted the strut bearings back as was. Currently trying to track down why the front driver side wheel has a clunk and feels like it its bobbing up and...
  2. I

    3 flash direction

    Is there any way to switch off (permanently) the 3 flash direction indicators system? I personally find them annoying and really don't see any point in them.
  3. Mike060280

    112 cdi waterpump direction belt fitted wrong??

    Seems strange but looking on different forums some have said the fan belt was fitted wrong. If my engine is running I can take the outlet pipe off the heater matrix and nothing is coming out. Likewise if I take the feed pipe off from the front that feeds the matrix I have very little if any...
  4. T

    Heater direction to foot well

    Hi all, Has anyone had a problem with trying to get heat to there feet when selected on switch? When I select heat to feet on my E320 CDI:o I have nothing... I have full blow coming from all other vents, but just not to my plates of meat for some reason:eek: Anyone any ideas??
  5. L

    E220 w125 facelift control knobs for air direction

    Hi there I am new to this forum having just bought a e220 w124 facelift 1998 mercedes. It's an import right hand drive. I was just wondering if anyone could assist, I need to find service manual and owners manual for my car as I need to sort out how and where the metal wires fit to the...
  6. M

    Programming direction/Flash light.??

    Hello agian. In the new cars when you hit the "flasher" / "blinker" / "direction light" (sorry don't know the name of it) one fast time it flash 3 times. Is that possible to get on my Mercedes E 320 Y:2000?? how do i activate it or what kind of program do i need to fix it? :) Sorry...
  7. Druk

    Water circulation direction?

    Stupid question probably but... Considering the 300TD engine in a W210 or W124D does the water pump push or pull the water around the radiator? ie. in or out the thermostat stub, remembering that the thermostat is down on the side of the pump on this engine and not on the head. It's this...
  8. The _Don

    C63 Black Series, A New Direction

  9. P

    Point me in the right direction

    Hi Guys. I know this subject has been covered on here but after spending an hour searching through the site I cant seem to find it. BIODIESEL!!! I want to run my 2008 c220cdi on it, but thought I would read up from people who might know more than me. If some one knows of a thread and can...
  10. sheepy67

    sat nav direction

    this might be a silly question, but when i use the satnav, th e map always faces north on the screen. How do i/can i change the view so the map is orientated in the direction of travel? So the pointer is always pointing up and the map rotating rather than the pointer moving. :dk: I hope...
  11. J

    why diffential causes different wheels direction?

    While waiting for the MOT to complete today, I noted this many times but couldn't comprehend why the rear wheels moved in opposite direction with the rear diffential. The MOT mechanic raised both rear wheels and started to inspect the offside tyre by spinning it clockwise. The nearside wheel...
  12. N

    Fuel flow direction

    Re. W203 220 CDI On this engine, a clear plastic pipe runs between the HP injection pump and the bulk-head end of the common-rail (just before the pressure regulating valve); anyone know in which direction fuel flows in this line?
  13. M

    C250TD (w202) - Direction of flow through heater assy?

    Hi, I have a 99 C250TD on which I'm doing a conversion to run it on vegetable oil. I have a flat plate heat exchanger to fit in parallel with the heater matrix so that the it is permanantly fed by hot coolant, but with all the duo-valves etc I can't work out where to 'Tee' into the coolant...
  14. bigyin1

    w124 directional fan speed and direction black dials

    As it says above i'm looking for 1 x w124 black directional fan speed controller and 1 x black directional air direction controller.....
  15. L

    Replacing bulb behind airflow direction dial in an W208

    Replacing bulb behind airflow direction dial in a W208 Folks, Has someone done this fix before and figured out what part is needed to do this? I'm not sure where to start. See below picture of where the bulb is......
  16. rajinder_1

    Fuel Filter Direction

    Hi Guys, Do you know which way the arrow points for the fuel filter on a SL320 2001? Should it point towards the rear of the car or the front? Raj
  17. glojo

    Judge's direction

    Are there any legal experts that could answer the following question please? If a Judge directs a jury to find a charge not proved (Or the defendant not guilty :) ), can the jury disagree? Can the jury turn round to the Judge and demand that they hear the case, or must they be like...
  18. sub_zero

    Direction Signal Arm faulty

    Hi Gurus, I have a w126 1986 ,I noticed few weeks ago that the direction indicator arm (that activates right and left direction lamps),is faulty,that is when I go right ,I just raised it up,but no signal activates,when I go left,I push it down,and it works.Does it need a fix? or should I...
  19. Alfie

    direction of rotation for continental tyres

    I've just bought a new set of wheels fitted with Continental supersport 2 tyres. There appears to be no indication on the tyres themselves as to the direction of rotation. Anyone know if it is an issue or not? thanks
  20. culpano

    COMAND map direction question

    Does anyone know how to get the COMAND map to display the direction of the vehicle and not north up. I know how to do it within a navigation route but can't seem to set it when just having the map displayed (ie with no navigation route active). Is there a hidden settings menu somewhere ?
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