1. S

    how to turn off voice directions

    I have a Nav50 in my W212 E250 and want to be able to turn off the voice guidance but leave the on-screen directions. I have been through all menus and sub-menus, but can't find a way to do it. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so, how??
  2. G

    Car changes slightly directions when going in pot holes.

    Hello guys, This problem refers to my W215 CL500 '00 Once I drive in a straight road, and I am going about 50mph if one of the front wheels enter a pot hole the car will jump parralel a few cm. It will not change direction it will continue straight, but it just feels like it jumps parallel. I...
  3. Satch

    M25 closed both directions

    Somewhere between the M3 and Heathrow owing to gas leak. My, that will be fun
  4. ckember

    muting voice directions

    :crazy:I am having problems cancelling in the voice commands on my W211 command APS with DVD version 7. If I press and hold the mute button during a direction announcement, The command will beep but no message pops up to say the voice is muted, as stated in the manual and I get the next voice...
  5. Howard


    Directions > >1.Start at Heathrow Airport. >2.Catch flight from London Heathrow Airport. 3.Catch flight from London >Heathrow to Dallas Fort Worth Airport. 4.Hire car at Dallas Fort Worth >Airport. 5.Start going toward the "Airport Exit" on "International >Parkway South" - follow for...
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