1. A

    Dirty mats

    Hi all I often take my daughter's little fella out for walkies round the local forest. Only trouble is my car foot well gets filthy dirty with mud. Easy enough to remove with a vac and a damp cloth. Does anyone know of a foot well liner I can get or maybe a bag I can put the dog in haha only...
  2. bconnelly

    Better Dirty.

    Hi all. Just bought my first ever MB, it is a 2006 E320 CDI Sport (W211). Having come from an Audi A6 and before that a Range Rover TDV6, the Merc has impressed the hell out of me an all respects. I do have one quick question though. I took the car for a wash at the weekend, one of those hand...
  3. S

    Freshly changed oil this dirty ??

    Driven my c63 10 miles back from a service and the oil seems filthy. My experience of fresh oil changes is its a golden brown colour. The attatched pic is a dab of fresh mobil 1 and the other dab is my "freshly renewed "Mobil 1 oil. Does this seem right ?I would welcome your opinions. Thanks
  4. Crazyfool

    Who says black cars always look dirty...

    OK, the vast majority of the time it looks like this But it doesn't half scrub up well after a good wash! How about yours?
  5. Z

    very dirty s320 engine

    Heard a lot about detailing well where can I get my engine cleaned in Essex,I have a power washer but I do not think I have the guts to turn it loose on this engine,can you give me any idea of what to do or who to go too:crazy:
  6. Charles Morgan

    Engine problems - dirty fuel

    Well, it's not a Merc, but it's the season of goodwill to all men, and I hope that includes old BMWs. My newly acquired 1984 BMW M535i E28 is super, the engine pulls like a train, but after some years of non-use when the fuel tank was filled the neck had corroded and it cracked. Supplying...
  7. D

    Is Rug doctor any good for cleaning really dirty car interior

    Are they any good?
  8. KillerHERTZ

    A Dirty/Filthy Photo

    Of a P1 :D Pure car P0rn
  9. davidbilyk

    Dirty Filters....

    Afternoon guys, After my mods at MSL Jerry asked if I'd done my filters as he couldn't understand why my car made less than the others. So I thought I'd get some ordered! Thanks to Jules and an ECP offer I've now swapped them out and been back on the dyno..... Increase of 15.5 BHP which was...
  10. JohnEclass

    Dirty Car

    Well just back from another trip down to Elstree, another 5.00am start. My poor baby is filthy after 350 miles of road salt and a muddy car park on site.....no point in washing this aft i'm off to Newcastle tomorrow, so will just have to drive with my shades on to hide my embarrassment...
  11. Godot

    Dirty Car Art Gallery

    Dirty Car Art Gallery :thumb: :)
  12. bpsorrel

    Dirty CLS! :)

    I'm sure I shall offend the OCD car cleaners amongst us, but I reckon a car as beautiful as the CLS looks just as cool, if not COOLER, when really, really dirty, like here... :D:D:D Comments welcome, tagsmonkeys not! :D All taken at Whipsnade today... Nice photo of the...
  13. Palfrem

    Nigella talks dirty.

    http://www.thatvideosite.com/video/cooking_show_dirty_talk_with_nigella This is utterly, utterly, brilliant - I have actually fallen off my chair. Enjoy
  14. GlenQ

    When is an air filter 'Dirty'

    Just checked my air filters. The filter box was full of dead flies. The filters themselves did not seem too bad just a little discoloured. How do you really know when it's time to change them:confused:
  15. T

    Dirty thoughts about a 107SL

    Since the untimely demise of the C43, I've been Merc-less. My 'temporary' stop-gap car, bought whilst waiting for the insurance payout, is an Audi A4 diesel, but worryingly, it's starting to look like a permanent fixture. :ban: Lately though, the voices in my head have been urging me to buy an...
  16. M

    dirty air filters

    I was surprised to find black air filters with a car that has had full service history from the beginning :-( I thought these should have been inspected at every service!!! In the end I just changed them my shelf.. I'm loosing my trust with my mechanic. Should the air filters get this bad...
  17. H

    Quick & Dirty method to coverup some dirty (rust) work

    Afternoon people...don't shoot! just posted this also on Stroke8.org (W114/W115) specifc site that's pretty new...but I have a wedding in 4 weeks, and i'm wondering whether or not to tackle some rust that has formed up at the bottom of the doors... (i guess from water build up inside the...
  18. B

    Dirty filthy pig

    Dirty filthy pigs owned my car before me. Look at this air filter and tell me if you have ever seen one worse!:mad:
  19. Jack Wood

    Dirty Cars!!

    Anyone else have a perverse panchant for dirty cars? I've never been one for wasting time cleaning cars, and I actually prefer them with a layer of grime. Tells me it's being used.....call me weird :) However the Merc is getting a bit beyond at the moment. The recent salt spreading hasn't...
  20. oldcro

    Dirty tale

    Not tale, tail I meant.;) I've just washed my W212 saloon and after a short drive the back end of the car is filthy again. Seems as if the road dirt is being sucked up back onto the car as you drive. This has never happened to any other car I've had so wonder if it is the design of the car that...
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