1. dad4geer

    Disable map guidance instantly?

    So as most of you know I am new to Merc and still learning its different bits and bobs.. I normally use my iPhone as Sat Nav as recently it has improved so much that it gives you different routes with times by taking into account congestion etc. Yesterday though I decided to give my COMAND Navi...
  2. D

    Disable Alarm

    Hi All, I'm travelling on a ferry tomorrow. The infopack given states that the alarm should be disabled. I assume this is so that if it gets choppy, all the alarms don't start going off! Is there a way to either disable the alarm, or lock the car without activating the alarm. It's a 2005...
  3. C

    Help needed to disable MBSS

    Help please. I have a 1995 E280 estate. It has MBSS security system and a flip out key. Just recently the locking and unlocking by driver and rear door LED stopped working and so the engine immobiliser will not allow engine to start. Can anyone help? How can I remove the immobiliser and...
  4. E

    R129 SL500 -how can I disable fuel injection?

    Evenin' all. I need to do a cylinder compression test on my 1994 SL500 (base module unit, not OVP). Is there an easy way to disable the fuel injection temporarily so that it does not fuel while I am cranking the engine over?
  5. XJguy

    W124 speed limiter disable

    How does one go about disabling or removing the 135mph speed limiter on the 94 E320 W124? Do the non USA models also have this silliness? I contacted JET chips and they said it is not the ECU.
  6. poormansporsche

    Is it possible to disable bulb out warning on a w208 ?

    Alright good peoples. My car was bought with aftermarket hids and I have the bulb out warning beeping every 2 minutes or so and its driving me mad ! The wiring of the hids is a big ole mess with the original looms chopped about. Although I am minded to rip out the hids and replace the...
  7. 7om

    Command DVD player motion disable?

    Hello, I have a CLS55 with the command sat nav and DVD player. When I'm driving it has a safety feature that pops up blocking the image on screen, you just get the audio. How do I disable this safety feature (which wire do I cut) as I don't have rear screens and my passengers can't watch a...
  8. B

    Can you disable the 1st gear bypass on a W124 4-speed

    Would like to fee the car properly go through each gear from a crop, instead of the sluggish 2nd gear take-off. Any clever advise of how to have the car start from 1st gear every time? Thanks.
  9. J

    Automatic door lock disable?

    Hi, trying to tackle a problem from another angle.... Does anyone know if it's possible to disable the automatic door lock on 03 vaneo trend cdi Help would be much appreciated. Janine
  10. O

    Another W202 alarm question; how to disconnect / disable W202 C class alarm

    Hi I know there are loads of threads out there about W202 alarms that randomly go off, but non of them seem to give a definitive answer as to how to actually just disconnect the alarm. Well, except for one that tells you to disconnect the two smaller connectors on the module behind the carpet on...
  11. aquanaut

    disable remote boot opening on key

    As the title suggests, any way to do this on my C Class? It has caused me problems, including slight damage to the boot which will irritate me for life! Thanks
  12. D

    Working on brakes and suspension. do I have to disable?

    Hello Happy owner of a w221 320cdi. I have a question. If attempting to work on brakes, should one disable the electronic parking brake? If so how to do this without a star? 2) if working on bushes or joints/links. Do I have to disable the air suspension? Thank you for advice. Im...
  13. W

    Disable key-initiated tailgate opening?

    Is it possible to disable this on an E classs 212. A few times I have parked the car, gone indoors, and come back to find the tailgate open. Tonight I parked the car and went into restaurant across the street. Before entering restaurant, I turned to verify the car was ok - it was. When I...
  14. MWCLS

    Turning off cornering light function

    Quite a useless function IMO, Anyone know how I disable this or would I need to hook up to Star? Regards Michael ** CLS W219
  15. F

    Disable seat belt warning sound - W164

    Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to disable the passenger side seat belt warning sound in a 2005 W164 ML320, and if yes how. If this topic has already been covered elsewhere, could you please direct me to the thread. Many thanks.
  16. D

    How to disable the seat belt alarm

    Please can I ask the best way to disable the seat belt alarm. If you need this device then you really shouldn't be allowed on the road. I had a clio 172 before and i just pulled the clip out of the seatbelt socket and it worked a treat. I cant seem to do this it with the merc. I assume if i just...
  17. C

    Disable OLD IMMOBILISER & INSTALL NEW IMMOBILISER - '95 C124, anyone??

    Guys, Does anyone have any experience of disabling the original immobiliser on a '95 C124? Mine is giving me jip and i just want it out.. AND, has anyone put in something as an aftermarket replacement? Thanks guys..
  18. L_A

    Disable follow me home lights

    How do i disable the "follow me home" or "get me home" light option on a mercedes W211 i have been through the functions on the steering wheel however it doesnt seem to be in the menu, how can i disable these lights??
  19. AMG J

    W203 C32 - random alarm noises - need to disable

    Hello Last night whilst at Tesco my alarm started making strange noises. Not the full alarm sound, just parts of it. It started after I unlocked the car, but would not stop even when I locked the car, then unlocked it, and even with the key in the ignition. Stopped in the end randomly...
  20. anarchy-inc

    disable auto-dim mirror?

    Just took my newW203 home tonight and one thing that really annoyned me was the auto dimming rear view mirror and door mirror. Is there any way to permanetly disable them? :mad::mad: I've seen on other forums that people have suggested covering the light sensor, but this seems counter...
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