1. D

    W212 reverse beep disabling

    I live in Japan where cars have this really annoying feature whereby whenever I select Reverse the car start to beep, only on the inside, to warn me of the fact that I am about tho back up. I know FFS, I selected that gear! I'd like to know how to disable it using Star. I have a C3 system...
  2. c32pilot

    Disabling the auto seat & steering wheel thing...

    53 reg W203 C32 AMG. When you get in the car the seat & steering wheel go to your position & when you get out they go back. Can this be de activated at all? Only had the car a few weeks & it's doing my head in. Complete waste of my time & battery.... :wallbash: Cheers.
  3. G

    W211 - disabling SBC by disconnecting battery

    Hello, all. I need to disable the SBC (2005 W211 E280 CDI) in order to replace the brake pads. I don't have Star diagnostic to disable the SBC so I take it I would need to disconnect primary and SBC batteries. I am just concerned that disconnecting the battery may upset the car...
  4. S

    Disabling alarm on my E-Class W212 for the Ferry

    I'm shortly taking my E220 W212 across the channel on a ferry. They usually ask you to disable the alarm and any internal motion/tow away sensors. I seem to recall years ago there was a button to do this for my W210, possibly also for my W211, but after a cursory look at my current set of...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Disabling Foglights via STAR

    I think I have asked in the past, but never got 100% confirmation this could be done. Is it possible to completely disable the front foglights via STAR? Im planning to replace them with Hella DRLs (round, fit in the foglight housing) but dont want the constant dash error. As the previous...
  6. dredd32

    Disabling ignition system

    Does anyone know how to disable the ignition system on a c32 amg?? I am replacing the crankshaft pulley but I don't have the pulley holder to do the job..I've seen that if you disable the ignition system then fit the ratchet and brace it,turn the car over it will release the bolt holding the...
  7. K

    W211 facelift 220cdi egr valve disabling?

    Hi all! I've got w211 facelift 220cdi. It is with Delphi injection system, and i have heard that egr valve can be disabled with Star. I have spend lot lot time to find out where is that correct place? I' ve found where to test egr valve position etc. But that where to disable it .. I...
  8. B

    Disabling the immobiliser

    Hello, I am in the process of fitting a C36 AMG engine to my R107, see http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/90190-c36-amg-engine-into-r107-sl-project.html for project details. My question is can the car's ECU be modified so that I don't need to use the immobiliser to start the car ? I...
  9. Spinal

    Disabling Keys

    A query... I'm organising a stand for infoSec, and amongst other things want to have a laptop handy to allow people to sign-up to the rally. That said, having been to infoSec a few times before, I want to ensure that the laptop doesn't have anything more than the bare minimum keys...
  10. S

    disabling air bags on vito van (for child seat)

    i wonder if anyone can help - I have a 2005 plate Vito Van and am having problems switching off the air bag to fit a child seat. The mercedes dealer in my area doesnt seem to know how to do it either!! Does anyone know if it is possible, and if so how!! thanks
  11. E

    Disabling an air bag on an SLK

    We have recently had a baby girl and my wife would like to use a baby seat in the passenger seat of her SLk occassionally but to do this we would need to disable the airbag and Mercedes service centres won't do this and even tried calling the Mercedes head office, but still no joy. Does anyone...
  12. G

    Disabling auto wipers

    Am I alone in not liking auto wipers? Mine seem to have a mind of their own, either wiping too fast or too slow and sometimes going quite berserk. I would like to disconnect the auto function, as I believe the wiper stalk would default to intermittent wipe when switched to the 'auto' position...
  13. Carrotchomper

    Tips on disabling large digger

    Anyone here have any ideas on how to disable a large earthmover? Preferably some sort of DIY EMP weapon operable from within a 4th Floor Flat. :devil: I am currently being driven to distraction by the activities on the building site across the road- There is a large JCB with a "Sieve" sype...
  14. Spinal

    Chrysler: Disabling Immobiliser

    Sorry, not a merc yet again! That said, its a problem I've had on my merc! I changed one of the brakes today, but forgot to unlock the car before jacking it. Hence, the immobiliser activated and now the car wont start... Any ideas on how to disable it? Its a Chrysler Voyager 3.3 Petrol...
  15. S

    Disabling Airbags

    Sorry, not really sure where this thread belongs. Is there a way to disable the rear airbags in a W209? I ask as we've already got a child seat and really don't need another, so I'm loathe to pay another £300 to MB just because their seat has a transponder in it. That, or are the...
  16. W

    Disabling Passenger Airbag W210?

    A guy I work with was asking me today if I knew about the possibility of disabling the passenger airbag in a W210 E320? I don't know the implications of this but he was just asking as to whether it was possible? Can it be disabled with a key or something like many modern cars do or is it more...
  17. T

    Disabling the EGR circuit.

    Disabling the EGR. I have read articles on various forums about disabling the EGR primarily to minimise sooting up of the inlet manifold but I believe it can also give a slight increase to performance. Apart from the risk of increasing emissions in oxides of nitrogen, is there any other...
  18. 9

    Disabling brake assist

    Dear all, Advice sought re. my '98 W202 C43. Is there a simple way of disabling electronic brake assist without affecting all the other gizmos? A couple of times now I've hit the brake a little swiftly then off but have continued braking for a split second and I don't like the...
  19. N

    R129 SL500 Passenger air back disabling????

    Does anyone know whether it is possible to disable the passenger air bags on a 96 SL500? Dont want to disable the whole system if it can be avoided. If so could you let me have the info or where it might be found. Many Thanks Nigel
  20. Iyse

    Disabling IGNS with the head unit

    Is there any way to alter the confirguration of the head unit so that the key doesn't have to be in the ignition for the head unit to switch on? (98 W202)
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