1. D

    600 SEL disappearing coolant

    Hi everyone, In March of this year, my mechanic replaced the radiator, thermostat, water pump and a number of coolant pipes as preventative maintenance on the 600. Since that time, she's been slowly loosing coolant. At first, the coolant level light would only come on during/after hard...
  2. J

    W210 Windscreen washer fluid disappearing!

    My s210 320 cdi's windscreen washer bottle is emptying itself. Fill it up with screen wash and a couple of days later it is bone dry. A bit of a pain. Any thing obvious to check? Cheers JK
  3. 2

    w210 headlamp height switch disappearing

    Hi All Apart from dealing with my brake bulbs popping, see other thread..I went to play with my headlamp height adjuster switch the other day and it disapeared into the dash.. Do I need to hire a gynocologist to put this right or is there an easy way to access this dash panel and put it back...
  4. Godot

    Disappearing Car Prank

  5. bpsorrel

    Disappearing doors!!

    What a great idea! First tried by BMW on the Z1, but this is truly superb! YouTube - Disappearing Car Door
  6. st13phil

    The strange case of the disappearing options...

    For reasons that aren't entirely clear, since the introduction of the W204 in 2007 Merecedes-Benz UK seem to have adopted a policy of providing restricted option choices on new cars, and of packaging the options that do exist which has the effect of further limiting choice. An example is...
  7. K

    parts disappearing from Inchcape?

    Priced up a rear screen seal for my 126 yesterday on mercedes-benz-parts to see how much discount I could get with a coupon code, also asked my local dealer if they could price it for me and see if they could do me any discount. For some reason they said they couldnt give me any discount on 126...
  8. M

    Disappearing coolant

    My car seems to be losing coolant, the first time I checked the expansion tank after buying it it seemed empty, so I filled it to the line with a 50/50 Anti-freeze/Water mix. I still seem to keep having to add coolant on a weekly basis, the level drops by a couple of centimeters per week. I...
  9. B

    My disappearing water problem - revisited

    Seems like it is either the gasket or a crack in the head. Any ideas on how much a new cylinder head for an e200 kompressor 2002 will be ?:confused:
  10. B

    W210and the disappearing water trick

    I know this has been discussed about, but I really am pulling my hair out. I keep losing water somewhere but no one seems to know where. The coolant system has been pressure tested and no leaks found. there is no oil in the water or visa versa. The car doesnt overheat even though I ended up...
  11. Birdman

    Disappearing Cursor

    Not a disappearing curser, which is what I am when this happens. OK - I have XP Pro and the cursor skips right off the application fairly regularly and for no apparent reason. A lot of mouse scrabbling brings it back in view. It's apparently a known fault. But does anyone have a cure...
  12. se97mlm

    Magical Disappearing Screenwash

    Finally found a fault with the C240! Filled up the screenwash (full 5 litres) till it was brimming on Thursday last week. Used two tiny squirts over the weekend, but mostly car was stationary not in use. Imagine my surprise this evening when i fired her up and the low screenwash light was on...
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