1. R

    Airline PR disaster

    Ryanair Passenger Charged 15 Euro For Being Dragged Off Plane ? Waterford Whispers News
  2. B

    Very Nearly a Disaster

    So there I am merrily filling up the new CLS at the BP station at the end of the road. 50 litres of Premium Unleaded in the tank when the bell rang -- I have been driving diesel cars for the last 3.5 years WHY oh WHY am I doing this. Stopped filling didn't start the engine and rang Mercedes...
  3. C

    Brake pad fitting disaster!!!!!!

    Thanks to your previous answers about new pads, discs and fitting kits. I managed to complete one side of the car tiday, however, on the other side, both pins are stuck tight at the head end, I managed to cut off most of pin but have about 2-3mm sticking out!! Can I put a little bit of heat...
  4. T


    Driving along as normal and drove onto a gravel drive, I noticed that there was a noise coming from the back wheel, thought that I might I have picked up bits of gravel in the handbrake system. After driving back on tarmac, noticed the noise was coming and going, after a couple of miles it was...
  5. P

    Disaster, please help!

    I have bought some new wheels, OEM Merc, to replace the horrible AMG replicas I have. Just come to fit them and the bolts are too short for the new wheels.... What do I need to buy? Woe is me!
  6. developer

    Disaster - max revs, pushing it very hard, then suddenly oil everywere :(

  7. Charles Morgan

    PQ17 - An Arctic disaster

    If you missed this, please watch. Jeremy Clarkson may be a prat, but with this, like his documentary on the St Nazaire raid, he has hit the ball out of the park. It is a terrible tale, of instant and protracted death in unspeakable conditions with men placed in impossible positions.
  8. Charles Morgan

    First disaster of 2013 and the year is but young

    So I set off for Waitrose in the 210 and as it hasn't rained thought I'd go the quick way via the ford. Water was higher than normal, but not deep enough to cause problems (or so I thought). Go through it, get up the hill into Gerrards Croos and there is a flapping/chugging noise that appears...
  9. Z

    c63 squeaking disaster

    Hello guys, I know this is a very popular feature of most c63's but I grew tired and frustrated of this horrible sound. Whenever I try to enjoy my car, it starts to squeal. Few days ago I took it to the dealership but as I expected they didn't come up with anything, saying that "MB Germany is...
  10. H

    C240 Drive belt disaster averted !

    Last saturday, I decided to check the engine fluids before embarking on a journey, then noticed half the drive belt had disintegrated ! Thankfully replacing the belt was quick and easy, with the help of some instructions I found on the net, I replced thye belt in under 30 minutes...
  11. O

    Are early MLs a disaster?

    I'm posting this for a friend who's wanting to buy an ML, his budget is £3500 give or take and he wants a diesel so it will leave it being a higher mileage one, I've always heard they have a few problems but if it's serviced regularly and hasn't rusted away are they more or less ok?, anything...
  12. corned

    How near to disaster do you want to get?

    Saw this a few days ago. Lucky blighter! xkwKqD9ylLo
  13. Simon_M

    S204 Electric boot Disaster

    The lovely electric boot that's standard on the current C Class estate - anyone had trouble with it? Mine seemed to get jammed although the boot did the initial clunk of unlocking leaving a 1cm gap from the bumper. It stopped there but the hydraulic ram was still pushing hard and forcing the...
  14. K

    2003 W211 E270 CDI autobox disaster - Help!

    Urgent help needed please! The gearbox on our automatic 2003 W211 E270 CDI seems to have died. When I put the car into drive (or reverse), the car drives for a feet or two, and then stops, as if it has popped back into neutral (although the gear lever is still in D (or R)). The engine revs...
  15. H

    Car Wheel Disaster this week :(

    I just wanna share my story maybe someone can help but its been pretty **** week for me.. few days ago i was home in north wales and i notice i have a slow puncture or something so i pump tyre up and all seems fine.. i drive back down to Portsmouth problem free and the next day i drive to...
  16. nicko

    Autoglass disaster

    Had a bit of a chip on my windscreen and thought i'd get it repaired before winter.I have no windscreen cover on my insurance and took it to autoglass today.This is what happened,i now need a new screen:mad:
  17. G

    Disaster !

    Had the ladder up at my porch on Sunday doing some DIY on the roof. I happened to be round the back of my house getting some bits & pieces when I heard a teriffic bang. Came round to the front to see the ladder had crashed onto my lovely v6 W202, causing a very large and ugly dent on the top of...
  18. D

    Disaster in the household.

    Dolly Dyson has died after 4 years of hard work. I'm put off by the price of new ones. I'm contemplating a Henry. The reviews seem almost 'godlike' and I am just a bit concerned that a lot of them may be from the manufacturer. Any one have any experience of these - how do they perform on...
  19. SilverSaloon

    disaster with Alfa purchase!

    disaster with Alfa purchase! - urgent advice needed! Hi i bought a 2nd hand car from a garage (not main dealer) about 2 weeks ago. It came with a new fresh MOT with the purchase and a months warranty. all seemed fine and we drove it 200 miles to visit family. Wife mentioned that it...
  20. W

    W203 - Folding Mirror Disaster

    Over the last two days I'd been getting intermittent warning in the display that i had a problem with the nearside indicator. As for the last month or two my auto dip mirror had not been working i was beginning to suspect the door module however after a poke about yesterday i discovered that...
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