1. P

    Discharge rate on car batteries

    Going to change my car battery, but as the battery is still sort of ok, I wanted a more precise way of determining when a battery needs to be replaced. Obviously if the voltage drops quickly over time, the battery has to be replaced. But how quickly? All batteries will have a natural decay...
  2. P

    E250TD no turbo wisle/boost, after standing over winter, and total batery discharge

    Hi, I had my merc standing for over 3moth, without touching it, and battery was totaly discharged, replaced the battery, started it up, like it was started a day ago :) but i was drive it and noticed thats no boost, and i'm not hearing turbo spinn, like it was before. Wondering if its in some...
  3. S

    W126 500 SEC battery going flat within days

    Hi The battery on my SEC goes flat within a few days The battery was replaced last week and the break down folks checked it and said it was fine Do you know of any common problems with this Merc model that could be causing the battery to discharge so quickly? Also, I hear the pump leaking...
  4. A

    want to discharge battery, if there got a problem with keyfob for c180 w202?

    I am thinking to discharge my battery during winter but is there any precaution I must aware of? This is my first car and I am dealing with w202 c180 mercedes. I read in a forum saying that its better to install Mercedes-Benz Battery Disconnect Switch so that it will not affect the key fob if I...
  5. glojo

    Static discharge??????

    I accept that I am dicing with the 'Great Mover' here and this might be an electrical question, but it does NOT relate to a Mercedes-Benz so I have placed it here. My brother-in-law has bought a new car and after a couple of days he got an electric shock when touching the ignition key. At...
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