1. K

    E220 Boot Won't Open As Car Battery Disconnected

    Hi there, I have a 2004 E220 CDI (W211). Yesterday, I depressurized the SBC braking system by disconnecting the battery (located in the boot/trunk of the car) in order to do some maintenance on the front disc brakes. I closed the boot when it started to rain. Now I am unable to open the boot...
  2. P

    W210 E430 ECU disconnected, rough idle

    Hi, newbie of sorts here. I've looked all over, but can't find a solid answer. I've had the dreaded ABS/BAS/ESP problem, and replaced the brake switch to no avail. I then came across several suggestions that the fan in the ECU box (behind the brake hydraulic control block) might be broken or...
  3. H

    M104 HFM cruise control. Any problems if disconnected?

    I have swapped a M104 from E320 into a W114 Coupe. It was originally a non-ASR car and 5 speed manual. Now I'm facing some problems with the engine not revving (max 1500rpm i guess) and having high idle. When idling it runs very smooth. Can this symptom be due to a disengaged cruise control? I...
  4. Mistreku

    W208 230 k - Need help with a disconnected vacuum line (where to reconnect it?)

    As per title, I need to reconnect a vacuum line which I found disconnected. The line goes from the plastic elbow (on top of the throttle body) somewhere under the intake, I think. I tried looking for possible connection points for it, but I can't see much under the intake manifold, if that's...
  5. Melk63

    Help!! Locked boot with battery disconnected!

    Help needed please for a stupid plonker! Disconnected the battery in the boot to test if it resets the dash fault code on tyre pressure monitor (don't ask!) and shut the boot manually thinking it will open with the metal part of the key, and now it won't. I cannot find anywhere from inside to...
  6. RaceDiagnostics

    R107 disconnected pipe (with pictures)

    Hi, I spotted this in the engine bay today, does anyone know what it is and where it should be connected.
  7. C

    star shows BAS 'disconnected or not installed'

    I thought all mercs were supposed to have BAS? car is a my2000 (facelift) CLK320 avantegarde. Definitely has ESP - which works! Recently though, the orange light came on and stayed on for an entire journey. A STAR quick test lists the control module, but there's no module number for it, just an...
  8. G

    Parking brake - disconnected

    My bro has an issue with is parking brake - basically no clicks/resistance when he tries to engage it... any thoughts on cause???
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Battery disconnected, reconnected now ESP/BAS/ABS Malfunctions

    Today I removed my brothers sound system from his 1999 W208, in order to remove the cabling from the Battery, I had to disconect the Negative terminal (engine switched off). Now, when I reconnected the battery, both windows didnt work (I have now reset them - working fine) and also 2...
  10. Brian WH

    Auxiliaries Disconnected?

    When driving in the fog the other day I had to put my lights onto manual because I wanted to use the fog lights. On the W211 for those who do not know you have automatic lights and also when you switch off the engine and get out there are surround lights which include the fogs and side...
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